"I can assure you, Draco's behavior is anything but abysmal. I have no idea HOW Pansy got her information but MMMPHG!" Draco effectively shut Hermione up with a well placed kiss.

"Hermione, dear, do shut up, please. You do not need to boast about my abilities to my own Father," Draco said, his face red.

Lucius snickered. The snickers became a chuckle and the chuckle turned into roars of laughter.

Damien just pulled the door closed, leaving Lucius in the hallway to recover.

Ten minutes later, the door opened again and the three of them, fully dressed, swept into the hall. Lucius stood up from where he had been sitting against the wall. "Are you three ready?" he asked simply. Damien looked slightly confused, but Hermione and Draco nodded enthusiastically.

"Ready for what?" Damien wondered as Draco and Hermione dragged him down the stairs. "What's going on?"

"You'll see," Draco promised.

They dragged Damien into the doorway of the Grand Ballroom and Damien stopped, his eyes wide. "SURPRISE!!!" yelled over six dozen people, half of them students from Hogwarts.

"Oh, wow, this is too much," he grinned openly, staring at the massive cake and mounds of presents with awe. "Really, this is too much," he insisted as Hermione dragged him into the room.

Dean and Seamus walked over to him, grinning. "Hey, Damien," they said casually.

"DEAN??? SEAMUS??? What are YOU two doing here???" Damien gasped, his eyes wide. "They didn't kidnap you or something, did they?"

"Oh, yes," Voldemort drawled. "We had to kidnap your guests so they'd attend the party. Actually, we only had to mention that the Snapes, Voldemort and the Malfoys were footing the bill and everyone and his or her brother wanted to attend."

Dean grinned at Damien's shocked expression. "Yeah, they've filled us in. Who would have thought that Voldemort would be throwing a birthday party for the former Harry Potter?"

Seamus snickered. "Yeah, Mr. Zambini filled us in four days ago and we were all for coming here, especially when he said there wouldn't be any bloodshed tonight. We have a free pass to live it up old money style."

Damien grinned and looked around. Remus and Sirius were tormenting Peter Pettigrew, Lucius and Narcissa where slipping something into the punch bowl and his parents were sitting on an oversized couch, kissing enthusiastically.

"I think my parents have the right idea," Damien hissed to Hermione and Draco. They nodded, their faces showing matching grins. "Oh my god! NEVILLE??? LUNA???" he exclaimed. "How did they get him to come here???"

"What did they give him?" Hermione wondered, incredulous.

"Well," Dean said with a wink, "he was handed Bellatrix Lestrange pretty much on a silver platter."

"Yeah," Seamus said in awe. "It wasn't like anything we'd ever seen before. The Dark Lord appeared at Neville's house while we were there, apologizing for his Death Eater's behavior and led her in, under the Imperious. He said that, while he couldn't bring Neville's parents back, he could give him their tormentor. He also said that she had been acting without orders and had actually been going against strict orders to not kill or torture anyone. Then, he asked if we would come to your birthday party. Imagine our surprise that Harry Potter, Boy Who Bloody Lived was really the Dark Lord's grandson!!! It was so surreal!!!!"

Damien grinned as Neville walked over, taking it all in with wide eyes. "Damien, are you really Harry??" Damien obligingly turned back into Harry Potter for a few seconds before shifting back.

"Yes, it's me. But, please, call me Damien. I really can't stand being Harry Potter."

"Your grandfather told us what Dumbledore did to you and your family, and what the Dursleys did," Neville said softly.

"Speaking of which, why don't you meet my parents??" Damien said, changing the subject with a grin, and ushering them over to the couch where Lily and Severus were still making out. "Mum, Dad, these are my friends from Hogwarts."

Lily and Severus looked up. "Hi," they said in unison before going back to what they were doing. Blaise walked up and grabbed Damien's arm.

"Damien, Voldemort wants you to cut the cake," she said impatiently, tugging on his arm. Damien turned around, everyone, including Lily and Severus, joined him at the table where a towering, five layer cake stood, seventeen candles glowing brightly.

"Make a wish!!" Voldemort yelled enthusiastically.

Damien grinned. "But I have everything I ever wanted," he mused. Oh I know! I wish that I'll get to keep my family and that nothing will happen to take them away from me! With that, he blew out all his candles.

Good wish, Draco said slightly sarcastically. None of us are going anywhere, you dork.

Damien looked hurt and Hermione elbowed Draco sharply in the ribs. You dumb ass! Why do you THINK he made that wish!!! she berated him. You didn't have to comfort him last year!!!

Thank you for talking about me like I'm not here,
Damien snapped while eating his slice of cake. Mmmmm. Chocolate.

Sorry, Damien,
Hermione said, abashed, and still glaring at Draco.

What did I do?? I just wouldn't have wasted that wish like that! Draco protested.

The Hell?? Damien snapped. I spend almost sixteen years believing that I have no one and that everyone I love dies and I find out that's not the case! I'm not risking losing you!

Draco blushed slightly. Sorry.

It's all right,
Damien said, still hurt. I'm sorry I wasted that wish too. I mean, why would I want to keep you around? he asked snidely.

Draco huffed and walked off, insulted.

Hermione grinned slightly before following the sulking blond. Right, my job is damage control, she thought wryly, determined to find Draco before he sulked so hard he got worry lines or something.

She returned with Draco five minutes later, the blond still sulking but agreeable to having some cake. They stayed to watch Damien open presents, and then the two of them slipped off again, alerting Damien that they would be in their bedroom if he needed them for anything.

Damien, being the birthday person, had to stay the entire time of the party, despite the fact that Hermione and Draco had opened the mental link completely between the three of them and Damien could feel exactly what they were doing.

You evil, evil, people!! Damien snapped jealously. Wait for me!!!

I was under the impression that you didn't want me around, Snape,
Draco said smugly.

I'm SORRY!!! Damien wailed. Can I come to bed yet???

You have to make the appearance at your party,
Draco reminded him, still smug.

Damn the party and damn you!! Damien snapped weakly, his eyes glazed from the emotions and pleasurable feelings the link was invoking. He quickly opened presents, thanked the appropriate people profusely, and wondered when the party would be over.

Poor Damien, snickered Draco.

Bite me!!! snapped Damien angrily.

Ohh, kinky. Where? Hermione asked mischievously.

Damien groaned, shaking his head and attracting the attention of the people at the party. I swear as God as my witness that I'm gonna-

"Damien, is everything all right?" Lily asked, concerned.

If looks could kill she would have been roasted on the spot. "Mother, they're teasing me," he ground out through clenched teeth.

Lily smirked and Severus started laughing. "That's horrible, son," they managed to say before dissolving into giggles.

Damien scowled.

"Oh, come on. Another twenty minutes and it'll be over anyway, so would you chill out?" Lily asked once she was able to stop laughing.

Damien scowled even more. The earth began to vibrate. "Can't you hear them?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nope. Bondsmates can hear each other and keep it private. Oh, and calm down, would ya? You're floating and the floor is shaking a bit. You're scaring the guests." Lily looked around worriedly. Several people were staring at the ground with fear and fascination apparent on their faces.

Well, they're ummm- how to say this politely. They're not including me and it's pissing me off!!!

Lily choked slightly and Severus gaped at him. DRACO! HERMIONE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Lily snapped.

Do you really want to know? Draco asked, laughing mentally.

Lily closed her eyes in exasperation, just as the guests started trickling to their rooms, spending the night in order to prevent any drunken Apparation mishaps.

Voldemort glided over to his visibly angry Grandson. Go to them, Damien. Damien shot a relieved look at his Grandfather and sprinted out of the hall, dashing up the stairs and into his room.

Draco grinned at him provocatively. It bloody took you long enough.

Shut up and kiss me.


A Week Later, Riddle Manor

"My Lord, we have the Revealing Potion ready," Lucius said with a wry grin. Ron, Blaise and Angela held vials of the potion and Ron handed his to Voldemort, who studied it with a practiced eye.

"Damien, explain again to me why we need this," Voldemort said with a negligent wave of his hand, handing it back.

"The false Snape must be under it, or under several Glamours. We need to be ready. I for one want to know who he is," Damien explained again. Beside him Draco and Hermione nodded.

"And when are we going to administer this?" Severus asked calmly

"When you call him next," Draco said with an 'Isn't that obvious?' expression on his face.

"I have a better idea." Voldemort stood up and began to pace.

Damien's eyes sparkled. "Yes, Grandfather?"

"Well, how about we do this?" Voldemort kept talking for almost an hour, laying out his plan. By the end of the hour, everyone was nodding excitedly. It was foolish and hare brained and relied on luck and chance, but it would work- extremely well.

September First, Hogwarts

Dumbledore sat in front of the school and sighed, his eyes straying to the empty place where his Gryffindor Golden Trio normally sat. Those poor children, in the company of that monster. I did all I could to protect them from Voldemort, and what do I get? They wind up in his clutches. Remus, my last hope to get them out safely, is gone, joining Sirius in death. The Marauders, all but one left. Where did I go wrong? He stared at his Potions Master with twinkling eyes. At least my Heir is safe. That's all that matters.

Draco sat at the Slytherin Table next to Pansy, Greg Goyle, and Vince Crabbe wearily, wishing that he would start the Feast all ready. Come on, old man, he silently jeered. You can't be senile already, can you?

Yes, he is,
Damien and Hermione relied instantly, daring him to disagree.

It's almost time now. Are you ready?

Of course. I can't wait to shock the old man into a heart attack!
Ron exclaimed exuberantly. Draco, Hermione and Damien mentally laughed.

Dumbledore shook himself from his reverie and glanced at the students, his eyes twinkling benignly behind his half moon spectacles.

Bull shit, old man. We see right through you, Draco thought savagely.

"Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts," Dumbledore began, his brow furrowed. "I'd like to say our year will be uneventful but, sadly, that is not to be. We have lost three of our Gryffindors over the summer. Harry Potter, Ron Weaseley, and Hermione granger have been captured."

NOW! Draco snapped.

The three of them in hooded cloaks strode through the doors arrogantly, Blaise, Angela, Remus and Sirius right behind them. Dumbledore stood up in shock, his normally smiling face white with amazement. Damien (In Harry form) pulled off his hood, as did the other two former Gryffindors and Remus. The others remained hooded.

"Harry, my boy, is that you?" Dumbledore asked. "You have Hermione and Ron and REMUS!! But you're dead!!!"

"Don't forget me," Sirius said, dropping his hood with a feral grin. McGonagall passed out with a thud, and the false Snape stared at the two of them with tears falling down his face, unnoticed by anyone but the two Marauders. Dumbledore's face whitened and he started shaking.

"Or us," the two girls chimed in, dropping their hoods as well. Dumbledore stared at them in confusion, trying to place Angela, but gave up and smiled.

"I don't believe this! This calls for a celebration!" Dumbledore pulled out a party hat and streamers.

Damien held up a hand. "You misunderstood, old man."

"Harry?" Dumbledore asked, confused. He noticed for the first time that none of them were smiling, in fact they looked extremely angry.

"Damien." Damien transformed back.

"I don't understand. What happened to you?"

"You didn't break me like you had hoped to, old man," Damien mocked him. He stared at the assembled students coldly.

Draco stood up and walked over quickly, coming to stand with Damien and Hermione proudly. Hermione kissed his cheek while Damien wrapped an arm around his waist. The terrified students just stared as they called their magic, weaving it together to form an unbreakable bond. On their left, Ron, Blaise and Angela did the same, calling their magic to bond around them. Remus and Sirius looked proud in the background.

With a thought, the six of them froze the assembled students and faculties, keeping them motionless but able to hear everything said and speak if they wanted to. Damien, Draco and Hermione walked forward, Ron, Blaise and Angela walking behind them and coming to stand next to them in front of the Head Table.

"You have wronged us, old man," Angela and Damien accused. "You have taken us from the family that loves us and placed us in unacceptable conditions."

Dumbledore strained against his bonds, trying to break them. "I did no such thing! What lies have he fed you?" he gasped, beginning to feel a bit scared.

"You're lying again, old man," Hermione spat. "Tell the truth for once in your life."

Draco waved a hand, and the false Snape floated into the center of them, looking as if he were about to wet his pants. Draco snickered. "Not so brave, are you now, spy?" he asked coldly.

The professors gaped at what was unfolding before them.

Grandfather, it's time, Damien and Angela called.

From Slytherin Manor, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy Apparated with Voldemort, Lily and Severus into the Great Hall arrogantly, their hoods thrown back and their faces set.

The students as one quaked in terror, certain they were about to die. They stared back and forth between their Potions Master and the younger looking man who resembled him, terrified and confused. Neville, Dean, Seamus, and the others who had attended the party were in awe of the power displayed.

"Hello, Albus," Voldemort purred.

Dumbledore closed his eyes, and appeared to be praying. He at last opened his eyes wearily. "Hello Tom."

Voldemort grinned openly, making two students faint as well as Professor Sprout. "What a welcome," he mocked. "Hello Tom. Is that it? Couldn't you give your old protégé some words of wisdom??"

Everyone turned to stare at him incredulously, Lucius, Lily and Severus included. Damien mouthed 'Protégé??', almost falling over from the shock. Ron looked sick.

"What?" Voldemort asked. "You didn't tell anyone??? That you created me? That your actions and manipulations set me on this path fifty years ago? I'm hurt, Albus, incredibly hurt. You shared your plans with me in my seventh year, thinking I would help you on your path to madness and I realized that you were hell bent on destroying the Wizarding World. It was you that brought us to this day. You and your lying, conniving, and manipulations. We aren't a chess set. You're blind, old man."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dumbledore gasped, his eyes cold and hard. "I assure you that you'll be spending time in St. Mungo's for insanity."

Damien laughed, a cold, bitter sound. "Really, and how do you propose you're going to do that? You can't even move."

Dumbledore, tried again, valiantly, to move his hands with no success.

"Show them who the spy is, Damien," Voldemort said kindly.

"Who's Damien???" Cho asked incredulously.

"I am. Damien Alexander Snape, Grandson to Lord Voldemort. I used to be Harry Potter." Damien broke from his bondsmates' embraces and stood in front of her, a smirk firmly plastered on his face. She shuddered and passed out. Damien laughed and walked back to stand between Draco and Hermione once more. He walked over to the immobile false Snape. "Open wide," he teased, forcing the man's mouth open and shoving the potion down his throat.

Nothing happened immediately, but after a few minutes the man's face began to change. Damien stared at him in first amazement and then pure hatred as the man returned to his normal face and form.

"Well, well, well, it's James Potter," Voldemort said with a surprised smirk. "That is amazing. I thought I killed you sixteen years ago."

"You BASTARD!!!" roared Damien. "YOU ABSOLUTE SICKK BASTARD!!!!" he slammed his fist straight into James Potter's sneering face.

Sirius and Remus walked forward, their faces impassive. James stared straight at them, his expression stony. "Moony, Padfoot," he said conversationally.

Remus knocked him straight across the face, as did Sirius. "Those are for the mutt and wolf cracks, you sick fuck," Sirius said with disgust. "You're all bloody mental. Some best friend you are. Kidnapping a child, passing it off as your own, having a Metamorphegus impersonate an already married woman as your wife and then getting her killed??? Prongs, what the hell is wrong with you??"

James stared at him murderously, his mouth working. Damien quickly gagged the Headmaster, who looked as if he were about to tell James Potter to shut up.

"You all are the mental ones," Potter spat. "All of you. He," he gestured towards Voldemort, "is a lying sick fuck and has you all under his spell. He's managed to convince Harry he's another person and-"


"FINE!!!" screamed James. "That BASTARD stole the ONE woman I loved!!! I was just taking back what should have been mine!!!! You were supposed to be MY child!!!" He paused, but wasn't finished. With renewed strength, he began yelling again, twenty years of lies and deceits coming clean. "I was only taking what was MINE!!! I didn't even know which of my FRIENDS were the traitors, but now I find that ALL of them were!!! And then VOLDMORT AND SNAPE came to take you BACK!!! HOW DARE THEY!!! YOU'RE MINE!!!! And then I had to GIVE YOU UP TO THOSE FUCKING MUGGLES!!! They HATE magic!!! I didn't even KNOW you were being hurt!!!! NO ONE DID except for ALBUS!!!"

Everyone listened as he screamed for another five minutes. Dumbledore closed his eyes and opened them, the twinkle gone. His eyes stormed and seethed with fury and Wandless magic began building around him. With a roar, he slammed his magic into the bonds. The bonds held fast. He sagged back, incredulous. "What did you do to these bonds? I've never felt anything this strong," he mused.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Voldemort sneered slightly. "It is time."

Damien released the bonds on the students, and the faculty could only watch, helpless, as half of Gryffindor stood up and strode over to Voldemort. "My Lords," they intoned to the six teenagers and Voldemort. "Command us." Damien gestured for them to rise and stand behind them. They were instantly shielded from harm. The rest of Gryffindor House stared at them, confused and furious.

The entirety of Slytherin was next, repeating what the Gryffindors had done. They too stood behind the six teenagers, Voldemort, Lily, Severus, Lucius and Narcissa, shielded from harm.

Forty students from Ravenclaw were next, pledging their loyalty. Surprisingly, half of Hufflepuff followed them determinedly. "My Lord, Command us," they said as one, their voices shaking.

"Are you sure?" Damien softly asked. "You can go back and we won't do or say anything."

Susan Bones stared at him determinedly. "I speak for everyone here, muggleborns, half bloods and pure bloods alike. Muggles don't like us, at least, most of them don't. And Dumbledore lied. He took you from your family and let you be hurt so badly. He's horrible and what happened is horrible. We want this."

Damien nodded. "Then take your places." They stood up and strode to the back, their heads held high. The remaining students stared at the 'traitors' with contempt.

Voldemort smiled. "Well, that was a lovely trip down memory lane, don't you think?" he asked wryly. "Well, time to go. Come."

As one they turned and strode out of the Great Hall. James Potter fell to the floor with a thud and the teachers could move again. They stared around, terrified and angry and confused. "What do we do now?" McGonagall asked softly. "How much was the truth?"

No one answered her.

Slytherin Manor

The assembled two hundred students stood in the Grand Ballroom of Slytherin Manor. Voldemort and his Death Eaters stood in front of them, preparing to divide them into classes for schooling. They didn't know what tomorrow would bring, and they didn't care. They had made the choice, for better or worse. Which to you is the lesser of two evils? Choose wisely. They had, and that was all that mattered.

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