Kurama's Problem

One day a fox demon and a dog demon were arguing over who should protect the girls from harm. Yoko Kurama and Inuyasha kept on arguing who was better at protecting the girls and who should lead the group. While all of this was going on Kagoma and Sirius were talking while they walked. Nyobie and Jasmine played with the fox kits and Thunder (Jasmine's wolf friend) kept growling at Yoko Kurama. Hiei and Rose-Mary were talking together saying how silly the two were being over who should do this and who should that, while they walked. About 10 minutes later Yoko Kurama screamed bloody murder after Thunder bite his ankle. One second later you could here a yelp from Thunder, because he was kicked by Yoko Kurama for biting his ankle. They arrived at the well that went to Kagoma's time about 15 minutes later. They went in pairs of two, so that they would not have problems. First was Kagoma and Inuyasha, which he gave a big smirk to Yoko Kurama for the fun of it. Then went Yoko Kurama and Jasmine, (A.K.A. me) followed by Sirius (Jasmine's half brother) and Nyobie (Yoko Kurama's sister) with their fox kits in their arms, and last was Hiei and Rose-Mary. After they all were out of the well they started to walk out of the shrine. Nyobie looked at a young girl, who was talking with Jasmine about something. Nyobie went up to were the two girls were standing at. She walked up to Jasmine and asked who the young girl that Jasmine was talking to. Jasmine bent down and whispered in Nyobie's ear, telling her who the girl was. When Jasmine finished Nyobie was shocked at what she was just told. All three of the girls started to giggle and when the tree were giggling the rest of the group turned to see what was so funny. After the group turned they saw a young girl about Nyobie's age, maybe a little older by a couple days. Inuyasha heard somebody was outside the shrine of the old well. He started to draw his sword when all of a sudden the person walked inside to see what was going on in there.

The person that came in to see what was wrong asked "who ever you are come out right now, I know you are in there, so you can not hide." Kagome yelled "mom it is just us, we came back to visit you and the family." Her mom came in only to find a suprise. She looked at the group in front of her to see that it was not just Kagoma, Inuyasha, Kurama, Hiei, and Nyobie there, but there was three more with them. Kagoma's mom finaily said "will you other three be joining us for dinner or are you just here for a few minutes?" Kagoma told her "yes they are here for dinner and we will be leaving in the afternoon tomorrow, ok," her mom shook her head in agreement. Then they all headed to the house for dinner and than they would go to bed later, after dinner was over. After dinner was over there was a big fight in the living room about something. Nyobie's fox kit ran to were the fighting was and started to growl at the people. When Nyobie heard this she ran in to see what was wrong and why her kit was growling. Just as she walked in the room she saw her brother and Jasmine yelling at each other.

Kurama yelled " I will not let him court her, he is dog demon"

She yelled " what is wrong with him and what is wrong with dog demons"

"They are not able to be trusted, just look at his neck, he is wearing pray beads like that Inuyasha"

"Well you can be trusted even after you stole things as Yoko Kurama, why not just trust him, he never stole anything unlike you"

"That was a long time and Yusuka trusted me, because I saved him and Kayko, and anyway he is a dog demon and I hate dog demons"

"Well for your information he is 50% fox demon and 50% dog demon, I have one more thing to say to you and that is that I will never bother, and never speak to you anymore, plus I am never come back here, so you only have to worry about two dog demons now instead of three." Kurama just stood there not saying a word. "Oh yeah, so you know I will hate you untill you say sorry about that rude coment you made just than, I hope you live a good life, good bye!" He was just standing there not making a move to stop her. Nyobie came up to him crying asking "why were you so mean to her, she cares for everybody that is in this house, including you" he turned his head to look at her "she does not care for me and she also hates me, that is why I was mean to her" she shook her head "not true, she does care, but you are to blind to notice, it is a plan as day, even Yoko Kurama can see she does, but you can not." After Nyobie told her brother the truth they walked into a room of shocked faces, and an angry face. Just as he walked in he was face to face with angry dog demons. Both Inuyasha and Sirius yelled "how could you be so rude, just cause you hate us dog demons did not mean you could say it to her, you stupid fox." Inuyasha was so mad he yelled "just because you hate us and you did not want Sirius to court Nyobie, did not give you the right to yell at her, she does have feelings you know that stupid," he paused than contiued "just because she is 75% dog demon and 25% human does not mean she will not have a little bit of feelings, but it does mean she will have more than you think she would," he took a breath "she acts more human than the average half demon like her." Everybody looked at Sirius and than at what Inuyasha just told Kurama. All of them were shocked to here that, but Kurama was the one shocked the most, because he remembered what she said 'you only have to worry about Two Dog Demons Now Instead of THREE!' Inuyasha looked at Kurama to see what his face looked like, it looked like he was hurt and sad for what he was told, and in his eyes you could see he was in love.

One year later after the fight between Kurama and Jasmine, the simi finials in the dark tournament was about to begin. Yusuka and the gang was about to fight a team by the name of Fox Demon Hunters. The Fox Demon Hunters came in the fighting arena followed by Yusuka's team. About 10 minutes later the score was tied and the last fighters were Kurama and The Dark Angel. Hiei felt something familar about Dark Angel and so did the rest of the team. Dark Angel had claws that could stop opponents in their track. Kurama used rose whip lash and cut the Dark Angel on their arm, leg, and on the cheek. Just two seconds later the mask the Dark Angel wear started to fall, but it did not reveal the face, yet. Kurama used his rose whip one last time and won. Just after the attack the mask fell to reveal a girl with dog ears that looked no older than Nyobie, but younger than Kurama by 2 years. Nyobie and Sirius yelled "Jasmine, Jasmine are you alright" as they ran to the arena. Jasmine turned as they said that, and started to run the opposite way from the group. Yusuka ran after her, followed by the rest of his team. She made it out only to be stopped by Yoko Kurama. He grabbed her arm and took her hood off to see that it was true, that it was Jasmine. She pulled her arm away and began to run untill she was blocked by everybody in the group. Yusuka asked "why are you running from us, you know we are all friends" she jumped up to a bar and swung up in to the stands and ran outside. When she was running she did not see Kayko and ran into her. "Sorry my falt" Kayko said, Jasmine nodded and ran only to see that Kayko was being surrounded by demons. Jasmine turned and charged at the demons with her reverse blade sword. After the fight she started to leave till Kayko said "thank you." Later Yusuka found her and asked "will you be the replacement for my team, please" she shook her head "ok, only if I do not have to talk with Kurama unless it is important." Yusuka agreed and than left with out another word and waved good bye.