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"God, it's good to be home." Brooke said bursting through the door with tiny Braden in her arms. Lucas was left to carry everything else up to there apartment.

"Yes," Lucas said dropping all the stuff in the living room, "Home sweet home."

"Welcome home little Braden. Let me give you the grand tour baby." Brooke danced around the apartment showing Braden around as if he would actually need to know.

"Don't worry about me. I'll put all this stuff away." Lucas mumbled to himself and began sorting the pile of things that he brought inside.

Brooke came back into the room empty handed and looking quite upset. She began pouting as she hugged Lucas tightly looking around at all they had.

"What's the matter?" Lucas asked dropping the stuff to hug Brooke back.

"He fell asleep during my tour." Brooke stuck her lip out at Lucas.

"Well I guess you'll never be a tour guide." Lucas joked nibbling on her lower lip.

"Hey!" Brooke pushed Lucas away, "You've just crushed all of my life dreams."

"You've had high hopes." Lucas pulled her back against his body.

"I got you didn't I?" Brooke hugged him again not wanting to let him go. She loved the way she felt when he held her in his arms and she couldn't believe that she was going to become Mrs. Lucas Scott.

"I'll give you that one. I am pretty damn fine aren't I?" Lucas kissed Brooke's lips lightly.

"Lucas!" Brooke hit him playfully, "You ruined the moment!"

"Hey! I'm just stating the facts." Lucas smiled that smile that made Brooke melt.

"You are pretty fine though." Brooke shrugged deciding to play his game.

"And you Brooke Davis aren't so bad yourself either." Lucas rewrapped her in his arms.

"Not so bad? Is that all I am?" Brooke snuggled into his chest.

"Make me think differently." Lucas wanted to just fall in love with her all over again.

Brooke reached her head up and kissed him very passionately. That was exactly what he wanted. Lucas wanted Brooke so bad right now. She had become so much more than the woman he fell in love with those many months before. When they met she was a party girl and he was an outcast. Then that night that Peyton was drugged she showed him a whole other side of herself; the side she fell in love with.

Loving her used to scare him so much. He had never loved anyone like he loved her before in his life. When Lucas Scott was afraid of something he ran instead of dealing with the problem. He was afraid of getting hurt because he had been hurt so much over the years. So he pushed her away, but she wouldn't take the hint. So he did the only thing that he could do; he used Peyton to push Brooke away. It worked but it hurt him so much to see Brooke hurting. He never meant to hurt her. That wasn't his intent at all.

Then came Braden; a blessing in disguise. How could he not admit his love for her? He wished he could tell her the reason why he cheated and how it was never meant to hurt her. But he knew that was the worst thing he could do right now.

"What are you thinking about, baby?" Brooke pulled out of the kiss when she realized Lucas wasn't really with her.

"What?" Lucas snapped out of his trance.

"What are you thinking about?" Brooke repeated pulling Lucas next to her on the couch.

"Nothing; it's nothing." Lucas wrapped his arms around her shoulders pulling her close to his body. She was so warm that she heated the both of them up.

"Lucas Scott, don't lie to me because you have done your fair share of lying in the past." Brooke said firmly and her brows scrunched.

"I don't think you want to hear what I'm thinking about." Lucas really hoped she didn't pry anymore because he would crack and bringing up him cheating would just upset her more.

"Of course I want to know what you're talking about." Brooke nuzzled in closer to his chest; so close that she could hear his heartbeat.

"I don't want to talk about it right now." Lucas tried to weasel his way out of talking about it.

"I want to talk about it now." Brooke was getting upset just imagining what Lucas was thinking about. Though they were together and they were getting married she still couldn't shake the idea that he could be cheating on her again.

"Brooke-"Lucas began but Braden began screaming.

"Coming sweetheart." Brooke ran through the apartment to Braden's room.

"Saved by the baby." Lucas whispered to himself.

Lucas found himself getting lonely on the couch by himself so he decided to join Braden and Brooke in Braden's room. He carefully tiptoed down the hallway so that she wouldn't even know he was there. Outside the door he could hear her having a conversation with Braden. He peeked around the corner to see Brooke sitting there with her shirt up and Braden attached to her breast. Brooke went on and on about all the things she and Lucas were going to do with Braden. She was talking to him like he was actually listening, which he probably was but she wasn't treating him like a few day old baby; she was talking to him as she would to Lucas or Haley or someone like that. Brooke and Braden were like old friends that go way back.

Lucas couldn't take his eyes off Brooke as she animatedly talked to Braden. He loved to hear her laugh and watch her smile especially with their child in her arms. Her dark hair was cascading over her shoulder, her green eyes sparkling, and her cheeks were naturally blushed; she was a picture of perfection. Lucas watched on attentively as Brooke removed Braden from her breast and carefully burped him, still carrying on her conversation. Then finally Braden let out a tiny burp and Brooke just held him in her arms, rocking him slowly and whispered things in his ear.

"This isn't fair," Lucas finally made his presence known, "You got to hold him for seven months and now you're hogging all the time while he's here."

"He's going to be with us for a very long time Lucas. Don't rush this." Brooke whispered as Braden drifted off to sleep in his arms.

"I'm not rushing anything; I just want to hold my son for a little while." Lucas whispered back to Brooke.

"He's so perfect isn't he?" Brooke pushed the blanket away from his face so Lucas could look at him too.

"Look who his parents are." Lucas joked running his finger over the tiny hand that had popped out of the blanket.

"Lucas, can't you be serious for, like, one minute." Brooke said sarcastically but knowing that he was right. Braden had gotten the best of both worlds.

"I was being serious." Lucas said defensively.

"He looks like a little angel, doesn't he?" Brooke tilted the sleeping Braden in her arms so Lucas could see from the angel Brooke saw him.

"He is our little angel." Lucas' voice dropped very low and serious.

"Did you hear that Braden?" Brooke whispered to the sleeping child, "You're our little angel."

"Alright put him down. Let him sleep in peace." Lucas said nudging her towards the crib.

"But-"Brooke started not wanting to let her baby boy go.

"He needs sleep and so do you." Lucas helped her out of the chair.

"Did you wise with age or parenthood?" Brooke asked dragging herself to the crib.

"Both." Lucas smiled his little half smile.

"Lucas Scott, how'd you learn how to say the right things at the right time?" Brooke asked finally setting Braden down in his crib.

"Look who my father is." Lucas joked.

"Yeah well, you're nothing like him." Brooke said seductively and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Oh yeah?" Lucas lifted an eyebrow as they walked together to their bedroom.

"Yeah." Brooke's voice was low and confident.

They left the door ajar so that they could still hear Braden in the next room even though they had the baby monitors all set up. Lucas stepped a little closer to Brooke and kissed her lips lightly. Their kiss intensified as it grew. Lucas sat down on their bed and Brooke straddled his lap, both still intently wrapped up in their kiss. Lucas laid down, slowly, with Brooke falling on top of him. Their clothes began to scatter the room as they slipped under the covers.

"Lucas," Brooke said out of breath after the deed was done, "I want to elope."

"What?" Lucas said equally out of breath.

"I don't want a big wedding here. I want to elope." Brooke stated again catching her breath.

"Can we not talk about this now? I mean come on we just had sex." Lucas sat up in bed.

"Isn't this the perfect time to talk about it?" Brooke sat up with a sheet covering her breasts.

"No." Lucas laid his head against the head board and closed his eyes.

"Let's just run away to Vegas, get married and run back." Brooke said with excitement.

"Is that what you really want?" Lucas asked remembering all the times Brooke had explained her dream wedding before they were even officially together.

"Yes, it's fast, easy and stress-free." Brooke said with an eager smile.

"We'll talk about it in the morning okay?" Lucas said sliding back down onto a pillow.

"Just promise me you'll consider it." Brooke said sliding next to him.

"I promise." Lucas said kissing her forehead before drifting off to sleep.

Brooke laid awake thinking about the two boys in her life now. She couldn't live with them and surely couldn't live without them. It was a win-win situation for her.

Morning came soon for the two lovebirds. Their alarm clock, or formerly called Braden, woke them up a two in the morning. Both Brooke and Lucas were the same. Once they were up they were up.

"So baby, did you think about my eloping idea?" Brooke said pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Just tell me that's what you really want." Lucas said snuggling up to his cup of hot coffee.

"All I want is to be Mrs. Lucas Scott and I want my wedding to be quick and hassle-free. Everything lately has been stressful and I don't want to remember my wedding as a stressful thing." Brooke began rambling.

"What about that big fantasy wedding you told me about? What happened to that?" Lucas just wanted the facts. He really didn't care what kind of wedding he got as long as he got the girl.

"I became a mother and all that doesn't matter to me anymore." Brooke said crossed legged on the floor in front of Lucas.

"How is this not going to be stressful, hun?" Lucas tried to make her see the negative side of her idea, "We'd be stuck in a car with a screaming baby for god knows how long, to get married, which is something we can do right here, and then drive all the way back?"

"Family bonding time." Brooke wasn't going to let Lucas talk her out of it. She wanted to go and elope to Vegas with her family.

"Did you get crazy with age or parenthood?" Lucas used Brooke's line from the night before.

"Both." Brooke smiled that smile that melted Lucas' heart.

"Then I guess you win." Lucas said seriously adding a sigh for effect, "We are going to Vegas to elope."

"Are you sure that's okay with you?" Brooke's eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"This is your wedding to and all I want is to make you happy." Lucas said opening his arms welcoming her into his lap.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Brooke took his invite and climbed into his lap.

"Nope," Lucas wrapped his arms around her.

"Lucas Scott, I love you!" Brooke said kissing his hands.
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