Have you heard the legend?

It's a legend that was passed down through generations of both Toads and Mobians alike.

The legend said that the world they knew was only half of the entire world, the other half left unknown.

But the legend also said that, when worthy heroes from both worlds arise, the worlds would soon become one.

However, this was thought to be only a story, and not real. So, soon the legend was forgotten by time. And only then, did the legend become real...

Sweat poured down Mario's face as he looked at his menacing opponent: A giant purple demon with her heart clearly exposed. He then turned and looked at his brother, Luigi, who looked scared to death. They had gone through a long adventure in a land where laughter was valued above all else, but there was little funny now. Having been "defeated" once, the monster, who called itself Bowletta, had swallowed them whole, resulting in an intense battle against the heart of the beast, called Cackletta.

With his hammer clenched tightly in this fist, Mario signaled to his brother, who knew what he was implying and ran up in front of Mario.

"CHOPPER BROS!!!" Mario cried as he hammered Luigi into the ground. Luigi quickly dug through the ground and under Cackletta and then jumped up, punched the heart, and was quickly hammered back down by Mario in order to repeat the process. However, it wasn't necessary, for the demon had exploded into a cloud of smoke, forcing Mario and Luigi straight out of the monster's gullet. After being vomited back out, the brothers watched as the evil spirit rose out of Bowletta, transforming it back into it's original form: Bowser, King of the Koopas. The brothers had little time to relax, however, since Bowser would not be happy finding his archrivals, the Mario Brothers, inside his castle. As they turned to leave, Prince Peasly of the Beanbean Kingdom, who had aided them though out their journey, walked into the throne room.

"Cheers to the Mario Brothers!" he cried, "But we have little time to celebrate. I have set a bomb inside this castle, so we need to escape quickly!"

Mario stood there, shocked, while Luigi completely freaked out. Franticly, Mario grabbed Luigi by the hand and raced as fast as they could out of the castle, followed by Prince Peasly. The trio cleared the castle just in time to watch it explode from a safe place.

There was a moment of silence before anyone spoke.

"Well Luigi," Mario sighed, still very nervous, "What do you say about taking a nice, long, vacation on Island Delfineo?"

Luigi just stood there for a second, then fell over like a narcoleptic.



Sonic the Hedgehog... er, sorry... Super Sonic the Hedgehog, since he had powered himself up with the seven Chaos Emeralds, zoomed over to the giant robot modeled after himself and tried to attack it but alas, not even Super Sonic could damage the monster. After he was knocked back, his friends, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna came up to him and helped him up.

"Dang it!" Sonic screamed, "Why does Eggman's strongest robots always get so out of control, not even he can stop them?"

"He's a mad scientist," Knuckles answered, "Do you think he learns from experience?"

"I think the only way to beat Metal Sonic is to use our team blast!" cried Tails.

Sonic moaned. He was glad they wanted to help, but he really wanted to take his robotic copy down himself. After taking a moment getting over his ego, he replied, "Alright, alright. After all, we went through this whole adventure as a team, why not finish it as one?"

Soon, a glowing aura appeared around all three of them. And when Sonic yelled "SUPER SONIC OVERDRIVE!!!" they all charged at Metal Sonic.

The plan worked. They shot straight through Metal like a bullet. Before long, Metal exploded into a million pieces. All that was left in the middle of the rubble was a robot about Sonic's size, lying face down.

"If you ever want a rematch," Sonic said, while powering down to his normal, blue self, "just give me a call."

And with that, the three of them ran off, leaving Metal Sonic and a really angry Dr. Eggman behind.