Kate stood at a wooden table in the fair looking over small wooden toys and leather objects as the woman at the other side of the table told her stories of her own travel. Kate was enjoying the somewhat more civilized conversation she was having with the woman.

"Do you miss being settled as well?" The woman continued not really caring to listen if Kate had an answer or not. "My husband Wallis always had to be on the move, although I do miss having a steady home but with no children I suppose it would get awful lonely at home by my self..."

The woman continued talking and beckoned Kate to sit so she took a seat next to her on a small tool. She wasn't really listening to what the lady was saying and was content to "people watch" and enjoy the female company.

She saw a young mother dragging a toddler by the hand wile the child tried to grab at the toys on the table and an old man with a cane smoking a pipe in front of his booth.

With a content and bored sigh she rested her head in her hand and listened to the woman talk. Kate would have been working in the forge right then but she, being a woman, wasn't getting much work and wasn't in the mood to deal with any more men.

Life on the road was fun and exiting but Watt and Geoffrey constant bickering can drive a woman mad. Not to mention having to share a tent with them and the lack of personal space.

Although she did enjoy their company and was thankful for it they were a handful. Time to mingle with other women even one that she did not know the name of was well appreciated.

As the woman chatted contently along and Kate sat idly by and listened to her, she was unaware of a pair of hazel eyes watching her.

Adhemar stood at the edge of the crowd eyeing Thatcher's fairess. "So this is where Thatcher's invincible armor comes from. With breast like that it's a wonder her doesn't have her doing other things for him. I know I would." A small grin crossed his chiseled features wile he made his way over to the table.

Kate stared blankly into the crowed in a daze until her eyes focused on a tall dark and dare she say handsome man. He made his way through the bustling crowed towards her. She was shaken from that pleasant daze when she recognized his face.

A feeling of dread washed over her. "An encounter with this man could only lead to trouble." She thought. So she stood quickly hoping to avoid a situation all together.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you but I must be going. I'm already late I let time slip away from me." Kate said trying to be as quick and as polite to the woman as she could.

"It was a pleasure talking to you and I hope to do it again soon" The woman said a little sad to see her leave.

"See you soon. Goodbye." Kate turned to leave but blocking her way was Count Adhemar. "Excuse me." She said trying to maneuver a way around him.

"Perhaps I could escort you to were ever your headed, a young woman like your self should roam the streets alone. Who knows what fowl vermin could linger around the corner." Adhemar said showing of a hansom yet dangerous smile.

She mumbled under her breath, "There are none more fowl a vermin than you."

"What was that?" Adhemar asked.

"I said; as flattered as I am for your concern, I'm sure you have other places to be and I would hate to trouble you Count." Kate said, with a obvious fake smile on her face. She hoped he would just go, but she knew he wouldn't.

"Nonsense, I wouldn't have offered if you were trouble." Adhemar grabbed her arm and began leading her in the opposite direction of her camp.

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