Denying Everything

A parody to the wonderful song Defying Gravity. Idina is my girl yo! I AM ELPHABA!!!!!

Now to the song.

Elphaba was sleeping while Glinda figured out that our little Elphie is a spy (shock, disbelief, how do this be?). Elphaba has, obviously, now woken up.


Why couldn't you have been a doctor for once, instead of being a spy!

I hope you're happy!

I hope you're happy now!

I hope you're happy how you've hurt the country forever!

I hope you think you're clever!


I hope you're happy!

I hope you're happy too!

I hope you're proud how you couldn't give back my mask!

Helped my country last!

E and G:

So though I really can't imagine how

I hope you're happy now!


Elphie-just listen to me.

Just say you're sorry!

You can still be with the Feds

What you've worked and waited for

You can have all you ever wanted


I know

But I don't want it-no!

I'd rather work for the other side

Something has changed within me

Something is not the same

I'm through with playing by the rules of this domain

Not too late for second guessing

Try to go back to sleep

You have blown my cover

And now I've got to leave!

I will always have to deny everything!

I can and will deny everything!

And you can't make me talk…


Can't I make you understand, you're wanted by seven governments…?


I'm through accepting laws

'Cuz someone says they're so

Some rules I cannot change

But until I revolt, I'll never know

Too long I've been afraid of

Loosing taxes I guess I've lost

Well, if that's taxes

It comes at far too high a cost

I'll always be denying everything

Understand I will deny everything

And you can't make me talk…

Glinda—come with me. Think of what we could spy on…together


Together we're unlimited

Together we'll be the best spies

There's ever been


We could be the best


Above all the rest….

E & G:

There's nothing we cannot bug

Just you and I

Denying everything

With you and I

Denying everything


They'll never make us talk…

Well? Are you coming?


I hope you're happy

Now that you're choosing this…


You too—I hope it brings you bliss

E & G:

I hope you're won't be filled with lead

Listed as MIA or dead

I hope you're happy and don't lie

I hope you're happy, my spy.


So if you care to question

Look to the cold black sky

As someone told me lately

"Everyone could possibly be a spy"

And if I'm spying solo

At least I'm spying free

To those who'd kill me

Take this message back from me

Tell them how I'd deny everything

I'm being a spy

Denying everything

And soon I'll watch them like a hawk

And nobody in all of OZ

No wizard that there is or was

Is ever gonna make me talk!


I hope you're happy


Look at her, she's foreign!

Get her !


Make me talk!


No one mourns a spy

So we've got to make her…