Chapter 1

Dorothy sat on her porch, day dreaming as she usually did. It had been 3 years since she had her "dream" of Oz, but she still, even at 19, wanted to go back. She missed the Scarecrow, Tin man and Lion deeply. She wondered how Glinda was handling things at Oz, and especially was thinking if they had a new Wizard. She sighed and stared into the sky as she heard her name being called

"coming Auntie Em!" Dorothy yelled back and stood up. It was actually a nice day out, not a cloud in the sky and with Mrs. Gulch out of the way, there was barley a care.
"wow she just disappeared like that!?" Dorothy had exclaimed when she had returned from Oz. She found out the Mrs. Gulch had supposedly either disappeared without a trace, or moved away on short notice. But Dorothy knew what had really happened and didn't feel sorry at all. Oh how she longed to go back and make sure her friends were happy.

"What's wrong Auntie Em?" Dorothy asked as she arrived to her behind the unfinished barn.

"Your Uncle Henry never got a chance to finish this before he passed" Auntie Em said with a tear rolling down her cheek Uncle Henry had passed away a year after the twister due to a heart attack.

"I know Auntie" Dorothy said and hugged her aunt "but you've got me what do you need?"

"go to the store and pick up some eggs and bread for me?" Auntie Em asked still all dreary eyed

"of course. But you should go inside, you never know how long this nice day will last" Dorothy said guiding Auntie Em inside

"oh yes, yes of course" She said and sat down on the couch as soon as they got in.

"do be careful dear"

"don't worry about me. I'll ask Brian to look after you" Dorothy said and walked out to find Brian.

Brian was one of the new farmhands, and also the cutest they had in a long time. He had asked Dorothy out at least 6 times, but she couldn't accept. She really never had time for dates or love while she was daydreaming, thinking of new adventures and thinking of Oz. She finally found him next to a pile of hay, sitting there with a piece in his mouth

"hiya there Miss Gale" Brain said and quickly stood up

"please just Dorothy" Dorothy said and smiled at him, at least he was a charmer.

"I need you to look after Auntie Em while I'm gone, I'm going to the store"

"well, I sure will Miss Gale" Brian said and smiled "and ill watch over ya too when y'all get back"
Dorothy rolled her eyes.

"he can be such a pervert sometimes" She thought to herself as she went to get her bike. She climbed on and rode off to the west, where the store was, about 3 miles away from the farm.