--- Wayne Manor

A cool breeze blew in off the sea, as the sun sank below the waves of the Atlantic. A few birds road the air, but none came close enough to hear the voices below them.

The young redheaded man stared longingly at the fliers above him as he spoke ", So Savage could be a good guy? I don't get it. If he was a good person then, why is he at the bottom of a salt mine in Kasnia now?"

"Because he was lonely. It drove him crazy." Bruce set his coffee down carefully. After a year without caffeine, it was potent. "It is the same thing that happened to Ras'a Guld."

"Savage never told us what happened to him, did he?" Diana was just happy to be in something other than her uniform for a change. And under a blue sky. She never did adjust to the red light, even after all that time. Next to her, Bruce shook his head.

"Savage is in that salt mine because we put him back there." Kara frowned into her coffee, still confused by the timing of things. "What I still don't understand how you two could have been gone for a year, and it was only two months for us."

"Time travel is funny, Kara. I've never tried to understand it, and I really try not to do it." The silver streaks showing in his hair, Clark, once part time reporter and full time super hero and now a full time farmer, leaned forward, resting his elbows ont eh table top and his chin on his fingers. His word had been final: he was done. Even though Toyman hadn't died, it was too close to that other reality for it to be risked. "Bruce, any plans for reforming the League?"

"Yeah, Boss, are we going to get our union cards?" Barb was laying on top of a short bench, her legs across Dick's lap. With Bruce back, she knew he and Dick would need some space from each other, but she was pretty sure that she would be able to keep them talking to each other. She and Dick had already talked about living together when he moved out of the Manor again.

"I don't know if a new League is the right answer now. It's pretty badly busted up." Yawning badly, Wally stretched his arms, letting one land around Kara's shoulders. "GL and Hawkgirl on a galaxy tour, J'onn's incommunicado; what's wrong with the system we have now?"

"Nothing. A lot of people didn't trust the League because it wasn't open enough. We don't have those limits." Finally speaking after a long time spent staring at the waves, Dick Greyson looked around the patio.

"'Justice Unlimited', Master Dick?" Alfred looked a little uncomfortable, but both of his bosses had told him to take the evening off, join them as an equal. He had been such a part of the first organization created by Bruce, and then the one created by the next generation, they had wanted him to be a part of this.

"That sounds like a shady law firm." Bruce smiled, a rare enough sight for most of those at the table. "I don't know if it needs a name."

Clark looked at his long time friend and ally. Bruce was defiantly different after a year alone with Diana and Savage. He didn't know how he would have faired in the same situation. Clark had listened with horror as they told of how Savage couldn't even be sure of where he had destroyed the League; he didn't know if he could have restrained himself then. His years as a reporter spoke to him inside. "It needs a name, so that people will recognize it. And the League already has airspace rights with various countries. And the insurance policies."

"Then 'The Justice League Unlimited'? Or 'New Justice'?"

"That sounds like a soft drink. We'll figure something out." Diana picked up the list of volunteers again, looking at the names and the capability summaries next to each of them. It was a thick stack of paper, despite each page having a dozen names on it. "With this many people, we'll figure something out."

--- Elsewhen

Savage sat alone on the rebuilt park bench, looking at the statue he had refurbished. His friends. He was waiting for something, a sign that they had been successful. He knew the odds were good he wouldn't get one. This was just one possible outcome, and it would be his prison for eternity, the last man on Earth. Or maybe there was only one outcome, and they had failed this time as well. Or maybe they hadn't made it. In any case, he wasn't leaving. A thermite charge in the starship had made sure of it.

As the shattered moon rose, bathing the desert in a ghostly light, he blinked. The the cracks were fading as he watched. Slowly the night became less a blackened maroon, and more of a deep blue. The color of the night sky of his youth, before pollution. Grasses and trees slowly appeared, the scent of night blooms filling his nose. People, he could see them. Young people, old people, lots of them, solidifying. He could hear their voices, like a whisper carried on the breeze, slowly growing louder. The city, the life was returning.

He looked down at his hands, seeing through them as he his own existence faded. The last look on his face was one of joy and peace, utter rapture. They had succeeded. Thank you, my friends.

The Moon shown gently on the peaceful circle of gardens and benches, the paths leading to a simple, privative looking gate of titanium. The letters over the gate declared this place "Heroes Park". At the center of the park stood a statue of two ancient heroes, their names lost to the past but for a tiny number of scholars. And anyone who bothered to ask their connection to the network.

Two of them, standing eternal vigil. He stood looking out over the land, as she looked out over the seas and heavens, ever waiting to be called on. Under their feet were stones. Each stone has a name on it, as did many of the stones that supported other, smaller sculptures, and formed the cobbles of the paths. A stone for the greatest leaders and defenders of Earth. Not all had been born here, but this had been their home, and they had payed the ultimate price for it. Thousands of names. Superman. Wonder Woman. John Stewart, Green Lantern. Shayera Hol-Stewart. Flash. Vandel Savage.


Author's notes:
Redemption and restitution take many forms. It could be that the isolation of immortality drove a basically good and brave man mad over mellenia. What could bring him back into the light?