The Trix-files

I do not own the rabbit or cereal Trix. That belongs to a room of rich, Donald-Trump-look-alikes.

This is just a one shot, monologue thing I randomly thought of.

(Secret agent is sitting at his desk in his office. Secret agent voice is heard as the agent opens stuffed folder)

We've had some pretty weird attempts to give that silly rabbit Trix. I mean, not just the rabbit dressing up like a maniac (that is off the record). I mean kids trying to get the Trix to the rabbit. We have gotten letters from kids, where they verbally bash us for never given the "poor, innocent, kind rabbit" the cereal. Some kids have sent boxes of the stuff, demanding that we give it to him. Some people have even protested outside the office. We had to call the police when they got violent and started to throw the Trix at our faces. Some of these people must play baseball or softball because they threw hard. Some kids have tried to sneak into the office, or worse, the rabbit's house. They sneak in, thinking that they are the next 007. But we catch everyone. That rabbit is never going to get those Trix
But it is all for his own good. I mean, he is ALLERGIC to the stuff. And it is serious. His little throat closes up. That is what happened last time anyway. He couldn't really breathe and before we could help him, he hit his fluffy, white head and had knocked himself out. He was never the same. He didn't remember that he couldn't have them so we had to stop him at any cost from eating any of the fruity cereal. But hey, it sure makes one good commercial.

Review please. Be kind though. I know it isn't all that good.