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Setting: A beautiful clear day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the locals are thirsty. Enter one very big vending machine, filled with the best and the sugariest drinks you can possible think of. Elderly gentlemen, young women, and small children pass by it and it's awesome bearing of sugar, unawares of it's lurking evil.

Enter a young man, about 17 by the looks of it. He has shaggy black hair that is held back by a tattered yellow and black bandana. On his back he carries Japan's finest souvenirs wrapped up nicely, and a big ass umbrella. Of course, no one even gives this man a passing glance because they either are too used to seeing him or they just don't care because of their over- exposure to weirdness.

He pauses by the vending machine and looks at its contents through the glass window longingly because it has been two days since he was submitted to the sugary sweetness we call soft drinks. Putting down his huge pack, he digs through the pockets till he pulls out a 50-yen piece. Grinning, he inserts the small coin through the slit in the vending machine's side, then pushes a large button.

Patiently, he waits for the machine to react. Seconds pass and still, there is no movement inside the glass window. The young man begins to tap his foot impatiently, then crosses his arms. He pushes the button again, and still nothing happens. Now glaring at the machine, he hits it on the side, hoping to shake the soda loose from it's captor. Still nothing happens. He hits it harder this time in frustration, but surprisingly there is not even a dent in the machine.

He looks at it with amazement, then kicks it hard, soon discovering that when you kick metal machines it hurts. He jumps up and down on one foot, holding his other foot in his hands, while cursing loudly. Putting his foot down tenderly, he glares the evil death glare at the vending machine, which is still standing without even a scratch on it's shiny metal armor.

Greatly angered now, the young man pulls back his arm, curling his hand into a fist with the exception of the index and the middle finger. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" He rams his fingers into the vending machine, his face the picture of determination. However, the face of determination quickly turns to one of anguish as he realizes he just rammed his fingers into indestructible metal.

With a sigh, he picks up his pack and walks away from the vending machine, feeling sorrow that his sugar was taken away from him as well as his money.

All the while, the vending machine sits there, awaiting its next victim.

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