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Setting: It's a perfectly normal day in the small suburb of Tokyo. The street is dry and busy with shoppers, someone is balancing their food and hentai magazines in their arms, and someone is flying through the sky towards a tall, black vending machine.

CLANG! A well-built teenage boy with a long black pigtail slams face first into the vending machine, resting there for a moment before sliding down to the ground.

The people walking by ignore him, not because they are used to this type of thing, but because they are too busy. Too busy collecting their money from their friends on the bet of how long before the teenage boy went flying again.

The boy sits up and crosses his arms muttering something about a tomboy. He stands up and brushes himself off then turns to face the vending machine to check the depth of the imprint of his face. One inch means that he could probably head home about now, two inches means that he'd have to wait a while and three... then it was time for a training trip.

Looking over the vending machine, he cocks his head to the side in puzzlement. There isn't a scratch on the machine, let alone an imprint of the impact. He mutters something to himself then shrugs.

He is about to turn away when he catches sight of a little boy taking a nice long drink of soda. He shakes his head, then turns away to see a thirsty woman drinking a Fanta. He sighs then looks around for a drink when it hit him.

He turns around to face the "miracle machine" and smiles. Taking out a fifty-yen piece from his pocket, he slips it inside the coin slot then presses a blue button. The machine stands still and does nothing. Confused his presses the button again.

The machine whirrs to life and soon the young man hears the long awaited thud of a drink entering the slot. The young man smiles and bends over to pick up the drink. Taking it out of the slot he frowns, realizing this is not his drink.

Shrugging, he is about to open the can when he hears another thud of a drink. Curious, he withdraws another drink from the slot. Another thud is heard and another drink is withdrawn. The young man repeats this process three more times until his arms are full with five orange soft drinks and one Coke.

A little bewildered but taking this as a good sign for the future he turns to go home when he hears another thud. He turns and sees a Pepsi can lying in the slot, beckoning to him.

He adjusts the sodas in his arms and reaches out to get the soda when suddenly...

POP! One of the many drinks in his arms burst. In surprise, he drops the rest of them, causing a chain reaction.


The boy struggles to keep his balance in the sea of sugary sodaness, but plummets to the ground on his bottom anyway.

Realizing that he is now a she, the people around him gape at him in wonderment. They have heard of this boy's tendencies to "dress up" but never had they seen it.

The young teenage, now a very soaked sticky young girl gets up and grumbles under her breath, something about needing a bath.

And the vending machine stands by guaranteeing ice-cold soda.

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