Life after Death

Authors Notes:

Contains spoilers! It is basically the end of the show here!

This is going to be a Wickfic show which will explain what happens right after Fiyero (now a scarecrow) comes back to the castle and says "It worked!" I am going to try to make it as good as possible.

I do not own any of the Wicked characters. I really wish I did though.



As Elphaba sat in the dusty trap in the castle, she could only focus her thoughts on how awful it was to set her lover aflame. The image kept playing over and over in her mind, stabbing her heart. She knew she would have to pretend to hate Fiyero, but that evil girl-what was her name, Dorothy-was not going to be easily fooled. Why did she have to set him on fire, the only thing that could physically hurt him?

The emerald-skinned girl began to think up a list of alternative ways to fool Dorothy, but before her guilt consumed her entirely, she jumped into alertness at the sound of footsteps. Was it an enemy? Was it a friend? It was more likely an enemy judging from her public title. But perhaps it was a friend. Could it be...?

"It worked!"


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