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Elphaba awoke the next day in bed still thinking about everything she had said last night to Fiyero. This time, however, she was not having a nervous breakdown about it and was sorting through everything with a calmer attitude, or as calm as she could get with the Gale Force chasing after her.

"Hey, Fabala! Sleep well?" Fiyero asked. He was already dressed and ready to start his day. This looked strange in comparison to the still-in- bed, still-in-night-clothes, and still-groggy Elphaba.

"Mmm," Elphie nodded at her love.

"I'm glad you are doing better," he said as a smile formed on his face. Elphie smiled right back.

"I'll be down in just a minute," Elphie told Fiyero. He nodded at her and left to arrange some food. Elphaba got out of bed and attempted to straighten out her very tangled hair with her fingers. She wanted to look somewhat decent for Fiyero and tried with all her might. The effort was to no avail. She threw her hands up in exasperation. Elphaba was usually able to do something with her hair, but without a brush or comb, she was out of luck. She changed into a black frock and went downstairs to meet her man.

"Um...hope you like your toast very, very crunchy," Fiyero said with a please-forgive-me look on his face. He showed Elphaba the plate of somewhat burnt pieces of bread. Elphaba merely laughed.

"I'm sorry. I'm usually a pretty good cook. The toaster just hadn't been used in a while. And I had to be super careful," Fiyero acknowledged his straw limbs and looked a bit ashamed of his ability to make toast.

"No! No! It's fine!" Elphaba assured him, "'s my favorite color! And its not even all burnt!" She took a big bit of the toast. It didn't taste that bad. For that matter there was nothing wrong with it. She took another bite and Fiyero's face rose. Fiyero took a piece too and paused, realizing that he couldn't eat it. A sad look entered his face and Elphie's guilt took over again.

"Oh, Yero! I'm sorry! I never meant..."

He cut her off.

"If you hadn't said that spell I'd be lying dead in some corn field. If you hadn't said that spell we wouldn't be here together. Even if I don't eat anymore its worth being alive here with you. And that's worth everything," Elphaba began to smile as Fiyero continued, "Heck, it might be better this way in case we start running down on food then we only need food for one person. And even if I can't eat, we can still kiss, right?" Fiyero began to eye Elphaba mischievously. Elphaba raised an eyebrow and gave in as she leaned toward Fiyero.

They kissed making themselves and the other feel as if they were back at Shiz. This created somewhat of a bittersweet atmosphere as it reminded them with a stab that they would never see their college friends again. They both tried to shove this out of their minds and thought only about this moment. Just this moment.

They broke and shy smiles broke out on Elphie and Fiyero's face. Elphaba looked back at her toast as Fiyero softly studied her face. They stayed like that for a moment and then Elphaba began to speak.

"We still need to decide what we are to do next. We need to restart our lives. So we need to figure out first where we are to go. We need to a place where we can find supplies, but no one is ever going to find us,"

They sat for a while and tried to think of a way to spend their lives together. Not an easy thing to do mind you. After some "I know!...No, no. It won't work," and "Oh wait! I got it!...Never mind!" they came to an idea that had possibility.


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