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Flint the Time Detective: Darkness of Time

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Episode 8: Confrontations

Tom made Julie pull away so that he could share what he had just learned. Her tears were glowing and beginning to fall but she had a smile on her face. Finally, he found his voice. "Robert? Did you call me Robert?"

Julie, or rather, Olivia, nodded at him with happiness. "It seems we finally know who we are." She raised an eyebrow. "Right?"

Robert nodded. "It seems strange, but we're here. Although I think that we're in the wrong time."

Olivia considered this. "You're right. Last thing I remember was being in the house with you and Jack, and all of a sudden, this warpy thing appeared in our kitchen and we were sucked into it."

Robert began to think about that. "Where could Jack be? I saw Sara and Tony, but Jack isn't here with them."

Olivia shook her head. "I don't know. That's what I want to know."

Robert stood up from the bed and held Olivia's hand in his. He pulled her off the bed. "Come on. We need to find Doctor Goodman, my brother, and ask him to explain all this."

Olivia nodded and together they left the room.


Meanwhile, Derek and Kurai Okosan reached the house and waited outside. Kurai turned to look at Derek. "Stay here. There's no point in the both of us going in to get the Time Shifter. It'll only cause chaos."

Derek glared at him. "Shut up. I don't have to listen to you. I only listen to Otosan no Kurai."

Kurai glared back at him but he remained quiet. Both sneaked into the house, unaware of what was about to happen…


"Doctor Goodman!" a scream ripped through the house. Doctor Goodman had again been sleeping in his chair in front of the television, just in case Ms. Gray appeared, and when he heard that yell, he fell out of his chair.

Olivia and Robert appeared before him, upside down. He straightened himself up and looked at their angry faces. His eyes widened in realization. 'Could they possibly…?'

By then, Tony, Sara, Merlock, and even Ashley (shocking but true. I'll explain this later) appeared from the rooms to see what the noise was about.

"What's wrong?" Doctor Goodman asked, actually beginning to become afraid that it might be what he feared most.

Olivia walked up to him and, with tear strained eyes, said, "Why didn't you tell us who we REALLY were?! Why did you keep it from us?!"

Doctor Goodman gulped. His worst fear had come true.

They remembered everything.

"W-What are you talking about?" Doctor Goodman asked as she snuck a peak at Tony and Sara, who looked totally clueless at what was happening.

"Don't play dumb with us!" Robert yelled. "Why didn't you tell us that we're Tony and Sara's parent's?!"

Tony and Sara gasped. "WHAT?!?!?" they yelled. They looked uncertainly at Doctor Goodman, asking for an explanation.


Not too far away, another was shocked by the news. The people who had visited him so many times in his dreams were standing right in front of him, looking as young as when he last saw them, maybe younger. But there was no mistaking it. It was them.


Doctor Goodman sighed and turned his gaze to the floor. "I was hoping you wouldn't remember. But it was inevitable. There are too many elements here that made you remember."

Robert calmed down the anger he felt so this would go in a more civilized manner. "But why did you keep it from us? We had a right to know."

"I didn't say anything because I was hoping I could figure out a solution before it was too late and the tapestry of time got destroyed." He looked at everyone. "Don't you see that in knowing the future, you can damage all of time?"

No one said anything because they knew he was right.

Olivia looked at Doctor Goodman, the tears still streaming down their cheeks. "What about Jack? Why isn't he here?"

Sara and Tony both looked at each other with puzzled gazes. Jack? Who was that?

Doctor Goodman didn't answer right away. Could he tell them what happened? This WAS like revealing the future to them since they look about as old as they day they married. Jack didn't even exist yet. How did they know about him? Either way, he decided to tell them. Perhaps later he could just use the erase beam and send them back to their time. "J-Jack died."

Robert and Olivia gasped. It couldn't be true. Jack couldn't be dead. Yet, deep down inside, they knew it was true. Olivia hugged Robert and cried on him. Robert looked at Doctor Goodman with tears in his eyes. "When? How?"

"It hasn't really happened yet, at least, not in the time period the two of you came from. It happens when Jack is eight years old, before Sara and Tony are born. He went to school, since he walked there every morning, and when he crossed a street…a…car hit him. They doctors said he wouldn't make it."

Olivia stopped crying for a while when she remembered the dream. "D-Did it happen before Christmas?"

Doctor Goodman looked at them, shocked. "H-How did you know that?"

"I dreamt it. It's what helped me remember." She looked like she was going to bawl loud at any minute. "It was that morning when he asked if one of us was going to take him to see a movie he wanted to see. Robert was running late that day." She clutched at Robert's clothes tightly. "THAT MEANS THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM!!!!!" She cried out loud. It hurt to think about this. She felt terrible all over and she wanted to take the pain away.

Finally, Sara found her voice and what she voiced were her thoughts and inquiries. "Uncle Bernie? Who's Jack?"

Doctor Goodman looked at the helpless children, with their eyes wide and full of questions as too what was going on. "Jack…was your older brother."

Tony and Sara gasped. They had never known about any brother. Why didn't know one tell them!

It seemed as if Doctor Goodman could read their thoughts. "You were never told because you were already so affected by the death of your parent's. I didn't want you to be any more miserable than you already were."

Again the room was silent. But one thing was for sure. Nothing would be the same again…


Derek looked Kurai and saw that he was rigid and motionless. His once emotionless eyes were now filled with sadness and incomprehension. Derek narrowed his eyes. "What's wrong with you?"

Kurai didn't say anything as he walked out from their hiding place. Derek didn't even get the chance to protest, but he soon followed.


While everyone was trying to comprehend what was going on, they saw two boys step out from the shadows. Everyone's eyes widened.

"Kurai Okosan!"


And most shocking of all…"Jack!!!"

Everyone watched as Olivia ran forward and hugged Kurai. She was shedding tears of joy as she hugged him tightly, not wanting to let him go. "I'm so glad! They were saying you were dead! I didn't want to believe it!"

Doctor Goodman looked at Kurai, disbelieving. This was the first time he had seen him, but there was no mistaking the boy in front of him. It was Jack. But…how was he alive? Could that mean that he too…?

Robert joined Olivia and hugged both of them. Tears were still spilling down his face.

Ashley, meanwhile, stepped forward (first time I let her talk, ne? (right?)). "Derek…wha…what are you doing here? I don't understand anything."

Derek looked at her with his lifeless eyes and showed no emotion. "Ashley. What are you doing here with these people?"

"I came to see Tony. We're…a couple now. I've liked him since I saw him and I came to tell him."

Derek moved his eyes from Ashley, to Sara and Merlock. Sara was looking at her parent's and Kurai (Jack), while Merlock was looking at him with hate. Derek wanted to rip Merlock's face off, but he stayed where he was. He was here on a mission anyway. He had to get the last Time Shifter.


"Mother," Kurai said, some life back in his voice. "Father. You're both here."

"Yes," Olivia said through tears. "We're here, and we'll never separate again. I'm so sorry Jack." A tear fell from her eye and onto Kurai. Immediately, he began to glow and every backed away because the light was so intense.

When the light cleared, an eight year old boy stood there, his hair brown and his eyes greenish blue with life. He didn't look like Tony or Sara, but a mixture of the both. He had Tony's hair, and Sara's eyes. "I…remember everything." Crying seemed to be contagious as tears fell from his eyes. "I remember the last time we saw each other and…when I was hit." (A/N: If you remember from episode 1 that I described Kurai as having black hair, it's because when turned evil, his hair and eyes turned black to look like his clothes did)

Olivia and Robert were going to go back and hug him, but Jack glowed again, and when it cleared, a man of twenty stood there (In my story, Sara and Tony are 12. The show didn't tell their actual age, so I made up that they were 12). It was a grown up version of Jack.

Olivia and Robert, now looking around 45 like they should have at this time period, went back to hugging Jack. Only that this time, Tony and Sara joined in.

The family was reunited.


Ashley noticed that Derek looked a little different as well. He looked like he had always looked. He especially looked confused. He rubbed his head. "Where am I? What happened?"

Ashley hugged him tight. "Derek! You're back to you're old self!"

"What happened Ash (^_^ No, not from Pokemon)?"

"I don't know. You were acting pretty mean though."


A voice suddenly sounded from all around the house. No one could seem to pinpoint from where it was coming from but Jack could still tell who it was.

"Otosan no Kurai!!"

Episode 9: The Final Battle and Explanations

(Take from my friend ~*~CoSmIc DrEaMeR~*~) Legal thingy: Listen, buddy, I'm in my late teens. Do you think I've accumulated enough RESPONSIBILITY to own a cartoon? I didn't think so.

Everything shifted. All around them appeared black and the house disappeared. (A/N: Okay, please forgive me but the final battle is going to be a bit like the one with the Dark Lord. You'll see in what way it's like it)

Before everyone appeared a black shadow was barely describable. It was slightly oval in shape, and had red, gleaming eyes. When it spoke, it's voice was everywhere. "I knew this would happen," he spoke to Jack. "From the moment you had your first flashback I knew you would eventually remember."

Jack glared at him. "Then why did you keep me?"

"Because I was trying to stop the inevitable. I should have known I couldn't. Know the Throne of Time will belong to you!"

Doctor Goodman burrowed his eyebrows. "'Throne of Time'? What's that? What are you talking about?"

Instead of answering his question, Otosan made all of the Time Shifters appear. Even Bindi was there, floating next to the shadow that was Otosan. She was still under the spell that Kurai had placed on him.

"Bindi!!" Merlock yelled. "Snap out of it!"

Bindi didn't even move.

Otosan laughed. "Fool. She has been exposed to the darkness even more than the others have. No one can save her!" He spoke next to the Time Shifters. "Attack them!"

Flint took out his "dad" and began to attack all of them, though it hurt him to do so. Everyone else just ran. Merlock, meanwhile, attacked Bindi, though not enough to mortally wound her. He just wanted to snap her back to her senses.

"Now I shall stop the continuation of the Reign of Time by infesting the successor!"

Otosan went to Jack and was sucked into his body. Jack once again took the form he had before he remembered, only that he remained in his original age. He still wore the black suit with the red coil going down one leg. Not only did he look different, but he was also more powerful when he was Kurai.

"Jack!" Olivia yelled at him. "Don't do this!"

Jack looked at her and his eyes were shifting back and forth from greenish blue to black, but a voice kept restraining him from remembering. ~Kill them Jack. You know you want to.~

Jack took on the task of choosing sides as he screamed and grabbed his head as if by that way, he could make the pain go away.

The voice continued, filling his head with negative thoughts. ~They don't care about you Jack. You meant nothing to them. Obviously they didn't know about you because they didn't bother to remember after you "died". Destroy them!~

Jack stood, the side of evil winning. "Destroy them…" he repeated the words of Otosan. He raised a hand and blasted Olivia, who was next to Robert.

Another voice invaded his head. You don't want to do this. They're you're parent's. They love you. I promise you that if you fight Otosan, you'll win, and everything will be okay The voice didn't belong to Jack, but it was soothing and it sounded more like the truth than Otosan's did. Jack refrained from attacking again.

(A/N: I'd advise you to play "Power of Love" from the Sailor Moon soundtrack if you have it. I'm not sure what CD it's on exactly but it's a Sailor Moon song and it's REALLY good. It'll make the moment better. I'll include the lyrics here and you can borrow them if you want)

(If you don't have the song, get it from SwapNut. If you don't have SwapNut, download it. It's free and it's like Napster, only better because you're songs are "shared" and not taken away. People can download your songs while you're listening and you can STILL listen to it. Just go to http://www.swapnut.com/ and go to download. It's also fast to download and you can get practically anything. Note that the songs are all MP3's and they work on RealJukeBox or on Media Player)

There comes a time, when you face the toughest of fights

Searching for a sign, lost in the darkest of nights

The wind blows so cold, we're standing alone

Before the battles begun

But deep in your soul, the future unfolds

It's bright as the rays of the sun

~You! What are you doing here?!~

I'm here to stop you once and for all. You've terrorized all the Time Lord's and it's time someone stopped you. This is revenge for making me kill my parent's by corrupting my mind so many years ago

~And I'd do it again if I had the chance! You can't stop me! I'm invincible!~

That's where you're wrong. The power of love is much stronger than your evil!

You've got to believe, in the power of love

You've got to believe, in the power of love

The power of love

Jack began to scream again. Olivia and Robert were there with him. They held his hand. "It's okay Jack," Olivia soothed as tears streamed down her face. "We're here with you."

By then, all of the Time Shifters had transformed back into their normal selves, thanks to Flint and everyone. Just like when they battled against the Dark Lord, they had to convince the Time Shifters that they were loved and that they were their friends.

The black shadow of Otosan no Kurai was loosing inside Jack, for there was a greater force inside of the boy.

For he had the power of love on his side.

Blazing emotions, there's a light that glows from you're heart

It's a chain reaction, and nothing will keep us apart

Stand by my side, there's nothing to hide

Together, we'll fight till the end

Take hold of my hand, and you'll understand

What it truly means to be friends

Jack glowed, the light coming from his left chest side, where his heart was, and in that instant, Otosan left Jack's body and Jack transformed back.

"Damn you all!" Otosan cursed and spat. "I am invincible! You can't all beat me!"

Jack grinned. "That's where you're wrong." He looked back at all the Time Shifters. "Attack him all at once!"


You've got to believe, in the power of love

You've got to believe, in the power of love

The power of love

It gives meaning to each moment, it's what our hearts are all made of

You've got to believe, in the power of love

The power of love

All of the Time Shifters sent their attacks at Otosan, blasting him away for good. He broke apart, then dissolved into nothing…never to be seen or heard of again.

Everyone immediately went into a tight embrace as the surroundings went back to normal. (A/N: Okay, the last battle sucked but it seems to fit with what will happen)

For a while, everyone talked. Derek no longer held rancor at Sara and Merlock for loving each other. He learned that he would probably find his own true love one day.

Meanwhile, Jack, Olivia, Robert, and Doctor Goodman pondered over what would happen now. They knew too much about the future already. But so far the future wasn't affected. How was that possible?

The screen turned on and Ms. Gray appeared, looking like her old self again. She was finally over the death of the Time Lord (I'll bet that's his real name, not what Flint called him "Old geezer" or something like that). "Everyone, come to the headquarters. There's something I found that will interest all of you." She didn't seem shocked about Jack.

It seems that the time has finally come came the same voice from before.

'Who are you?' asked Jack.

You'll soon find out

Everyone listened and went over to see what she wanted.


Once there, Ms. Gray led them to a secret room that no one had ever noticed. Instead was a throne with the same symbol of time as on top of the headquarters (that clock that has the two rings and two glowing balls circling it). Next to it was a flying, mechanical pig with a television screen.

Ms. Gray walked over to it. "I was quite shocked when I found it. It seems to explain why Jack, Olivia, and Robert are here." She pressed a button and everyone watched as the previous Time Lord appeared on the screen. Flint was the only one who had seen his true form.

"Everyone, if you are seeing this tape, it is because my time as the Time Lord is finally over. I can finally rest and rejoin my parent's." He sighed. "I have a favor to ask. Show this to Jack Goodman. He is the next in line as successor for Time Lord. It is a high responsibility but he has been chosen as Time Lord from before he was born. He possesses the soul of one of the Eternal's, the ones who long ago governed time, but couldn't because their souls were stripped of their power by Otosan no Kurai. They were reborn into selected humans and when the time came, they had to take over the throne and govern time. Otosan was the one responsible for turning that boy into the Dark Lord because he wanted his objective met so he could finally rule time. He wanted to destroy me most of all. If I died, then the successor could not be found. However, he didn't anticipate that I would make this tape and leave it for all of you to find." He paused. "Hopefully he has been stopped, and if not, stop him at once. He won't stop until he governs time as makes it into what the Dark Lord wanted. As for Jack and his parent's knowing the future, do not worry. It won't affect the tapestry of time. It is something that was foretold since the beginning of time. Now Sara and Tony can have their parent's back. Their parent's were also sent to the future so that Jack could be with them like I couldn't, for Otosan had made me kill them like he'll try with Jack. Why he killed them when they had nothing to do with governing time, I don't know. Perhaps I never will." He paused again and this time sighed. "Good luck Jack. Govern time fairly and responsibly." Then the screen turned black.

Everyone was in shock. They hadn't expected this. No one had.

Ms. Gray spoke directly to Jack. "It seems you have a job to do from now on. The past changed, put the future will stay intact."

Jack thought about this before he finally nodded and headed over to the throne. He knew he had a responsibility. He could feel it.

Good job, my boy. You found my tape and now I can go and join my parent's

Before Jack got to say anything, the voice was gone. He could feel that too.

Jack sat on the throne and instantly, he felt at home.


After that, things went back to normal…almost. Sara and Tony got to be with their parent's whenever they wanted to, and now they even had a brother to look up to and joke around with.

However, there was still one person who was not satisfied with everything.

Merlock went to look for Ms. Gray. "Ms. Gray, there is something I need to know." He paused as she looked at him. "Was I REALLY made by the Time Police?"

Ms. Gray's eyes went wide, to say the least. She hadn't expected this. She closed her eyes and sighed. "You found the record then."

Merlock shook with rage. "Why? Why did you do it?"

Ms. Gray eyed him. "Did you happen to read ALL of it?"

"Of course I did!"

"Did you read the bottom where it said "Project Canceled"?"

Merlock's rage look turned into one of surprise. "Project Canceled?" he repeated.

Rather than tell him, Ms. Gray led him to the computer room and clicked on the Top Secret file. Again the same thing that Merlock saw popped up. However, Ms. Gray clicked on the flashing "Project Canceled" part and a summary of words written by Ms. Gray many years ago flashed. She let Merlock read it:

We, the time police of the 25th century, have canceled this project, thinking it was not very humane to play god and make copies of the once existent vampire race. While the scientists of the 24th century did a fine job in their research, it was not a very kind thing for the last remaining member, Merlock, as well as for the clones, to have to suffer with this sort of thing. Now the only way the almost extinct vampire race can come back is for Merlock to marry, even if the person is human. They have a 25/75 (50% being mixed, 25% being fully human, and 25% being a full-blooded vampire) chance that their child will be a full-blooded vampire.

Merlock backed away, at a loss for words. Ms. Gray was smiling. "I think you need something explained to you." She turned the computer off and began. "In the 24th century, scientists were researching the DNA of a new race of vampires that was just recently discovered. They were able to crack the code, but the scientists died before they were able to make their clone. For a century, the vampires lived peacefully, finally away from the clutches of the human scientists…until the day when Otosan no Kurai attacked them and destroyed everyone except you. You were saved by the time police at the last minute and brought with us. You grew up with us and then decided to become a time detective. During the time you were 5 (he was 3 when his parent's and race were killed), we discovered the unnamed documents and we decided to name them after you. We even decided to continue the research but later decided that would be playing god and we went against it, canceling the project."

Merlock said the only thing he could. "I'm…sorry."

Ms. Gray smiled at him. "It's all right. It was only natural for you to doubt, especially since you didn't read the 'project canceled' part of the report. But now you know that you did have parents and that they loved you, but sadly Otosan no Kurai killed everyone except you. How you survived is something only you can answer. We are also trying to find some survivors since if you survived, then others could have too. We'll let you know if we find anyone. You don't have to worry about it. Just enjoy the life you'll have with Sara."

Merlock smiled at her. "Thank you." He bowed and left to rejoin Sara.

The rest of their lives were peaceful…

The End

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