The Musician

            Ephram walked down one of the long corridors. He had only been at Julliard for a day and was not familiar with the long halls. He had been told of a back room with great acoustics where he could practice his piano. As he approached the room he could hear music coming from the room. He was startled by the melody. He had thought the room would be vacant. He listened carefully. The song was amazing. People had always told him how great a pianist he was, but the notes coming from the room far exceeded his own talents. He found himself leaning against the door listening contently.

            Should he go in? The new setting was still somewhat intimidating. But his professor had told him the room would be perfect for his practice. He quietly pushed the door open and slowly walked into the large room. It was used on occasion for small recitals or lectures. The piano was at the far end. He peered over at the large instrument and the musician playing. She seemed to play the piano as if it were a friend. Each chord was struck with amazing feeling. Her hands made their way vigorously up and down the instrument. Unconsciously, he began to walk closer to the girl. He was fascinated by her amazing ease. The employment with the piano seemed as easy as taking a brisk walk. Ephram stood transfixed behind the girl through several works. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, there wasn't anything the girl could not play.

            "Um," Ephram cleared his throat. He had finally found his voice. "You are amazing. How long have you been playing?"

            The girl jumped and turned in her seat. "I didn't know anyone was listening. Um, I've been playing since I was four. My grandfather had a grand piano in his living room that I would always play around on. What's your name?"

            "Ephram. Ephram Brown. And you?"

            "Claire Jones. Nice to meet you." She held out her extended hand.

            "Nice to meet you." Ephram looked at the girl. She was beautiful. Her long brown hair fell across her shoulders. She had a beautiful clear complexion. "Would you like to grab something to eat with me? I hear there is a nice café across the street." The reason he had ventured to this back room had left his mind.

            "Sure!" She answered in a cheery voice. "I've been practicing for over an hour. I'm starving." The young girl rose to her feet. She lifted an object from the bench next to her that Ephram had not viewed until now. She quickly opened a fold up white cane and placed it in front of her. "So, let's go."

            "Oh, ok. Uh, let's go. Do, do you need any help?" A nervous tone had taken over his voice. She was blind. How had he not noticed this before? She had played so amazingly. It had never crossed his mind that she could have been blind. Of course it hadn't. Why would it?

            "Oh no, I'm fine. Thanks. Come on!" The girl walked across the large room and made her way to the door. Her white cane extended out in front of her.