Chapter 7

At four forty-five, Ephram left his dorm room to fulfill his appointment with Claire. His mind raced with questions of how he should act. Should he act cool, and act as if it was simply a meeting to complete their assignment, or should he finally break down and tell Claire the real reason for his recent withdraw. But if he did, he would have to have a verdict on the relationship, and did he. But wait, what if she didn't even have feelings for him? Maybe she had no desire to pursue a further relationship outside the summer, and maybe he had been killing himself for nothing? But maybe she did have feelings, greater than he knew. Maybe she had been holding back, in fear of being hurt. His head ached with all the prospects that flooded through.

Lost in his own thoughts, he had managed to cross the campus, leaving the dormitory behind and approaching the classrooms. He turned left and made his way inside a large building. The building looked very old, and Ephram imagined it had been there for many years. As he marveled at the plaques and awards that cluttered the inside walls, he began to remember all the reasons why he had always dreamt of attending Julliard. Nothing else could feed his unquenchable thirst for music. Just as his father could never turn his back on the medical world, he could never close the door to the world of music. It was his one true love in life.

"Why can't my relationship with women be as clear as my love for music? I know I love it. There is nothing that can keep me from it, not even myself. Why can't I be the same with the girl I love?" he pondered as he neared the awaited destination. "But maybe I should be." He whispered to himself as he entered the room.

As he entered the large room, he realized he had been beet. Music already poured from the grand piano. Ephram stopped for a moment, drinking in the notes that sang out from the large instrument. Ephram was still amazed by the music she produced. It never lost its awe.

"You beet me," he offered to let her know he had entered the room.

"Yep, I was just working on a few ideas." She repositioned her body to face his way. "How about this melody." She tapped out a simple song, only playing the simple melodic notes. Ephram smiled. She even made a simple melody sound like an amazing work of art.

"I like it," he responded honestly. "I have some blank staff paper," he rummaged in his bag. "Not that it will help you." He smiled.

"Oh my gosh, did Ephram Brown just say something that was almost funny." She said as she cracked the one-million dollar smile.

"Shut up"

"Oh, and then he gets defensive."

"Whatever, let's get back to this, you." He said through laughs. Laying out his staff paper, he began to scribble notes out.

"Can you play that again, and dictate it to me?" he requested as she repositioned herself once more in front of the piano, preparing to play.

"Yeah, it starts on B flat," she began to dictate, as Ephram began to scribble down the music. After completing this, the two took turns in front of the instrument, adding a special bridge, creating a three part harmony, and improvising to add to the overall sound.

"Wow, not bad Brown." Claire poked fun after a couple of hours at the job. "Maybe you do know what you are doing.

"Right back at you, Jones."

So who will perform it?" she asked.

"Well, unless you have it memorized, which I wouldn't put it passed you, me, I guess."

"What are you trying to say, huh? That I can't read?" she giggled, trying to sound serious and hurt, but failing.

"Yeah, you dumb illiterate person."

"Yeah, you know us dumb blind people." She laughed. "We're not good for anything."

"Seriously," he added, "I mean…" he was interrupted by a ringing. "Crap, I forgot to turn that off."

Reaching for his back pocket, he retrieved his cell phone. Scanning the caller ID quickly, he read "number unknown". Quickly he hit on, and answered the call.

"Hello," he said casually.

This informal attitude faded quickly as he heard the voice on the other line. "Oh, hi, how are you?... Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't called in awhile. I've been so busy over here… Yeah, I can't wait either…Hey, I'm sorry I'm kind of in the middle of something right now, can I call you back later tonight… Yeah, sorry my professor gave us this big project to work on… Ok, I'll talk to you later…Yeah me too."

Hitting the off button on his phone, he returned the phone to his back pocket. "I'm so sorry about that. It was my, um my friend who I haven't talked to for several weeks. Um, where were we?"

"So, who is she? You're girl friend?"

"What, no, what are you talking about, what…"

"Ephram, its ok. And I know you're lying. First of all, the whole blind thing, amazing hearing, I could hear a girl's voice, and I know something has been bugging you lately. What is it? It involves her, doesn't it?"

Ephram covered his face. She had figured it out. Of course she had figured it out, she wasn't stupid. And she deserved to know.

"Wow, you're smart. I don't know what she is. I don't know if she is my girl friend or not, but there is something going on there. I'm so sorry. I've been avoiding you, because I didn't want to hurt you, because I have been feeling something for you, but I didn't know what I truly felt for Amy and for you, and I didn't want to hurt anyone, and then I didn't even know if you felt the same way, and maybe I was just being full of myself, and you really only wanted to be friends." He blurted out in one breath.

She was silent for several moments. "Well, you get points for that speech alone." She smiled a weak smile. "I figured it was something like that."

"Claire, I'm so sorry."

"Its ok, I'm a little bummed, but at least you told me the truth. And I'm glad you did. I would never want to screw up anything with her, what's her name?"


"I would never want to screw anything up with Amy, and you acted rightly. When you felt that something was not right, you removed yourself from it so it wouldn't be fueled. You did the right thing. Thank you."

"I can't believe you're thanking me right now."

"Well its me, I'm always a little weird like that."

"Thanks, Claire." He quickly hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Amy sure has an awesome guy." She replied as she hugged him back. "Now about that song."



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