06 : Strange

By: Kokoro Kakera HP

Disclaimer: Yugiou, (Manga, anime, products, etc.), belongs to Kazuki Takahashi

Author's Notes:
It's almost the end of highschool!

Aibou - partner

She chuckled weakly. "Am I being weird? Hnn, Kaiba-kun?"

"More so than usual." He murmured, noting the kun she'd added to the end of his name. "I should just leave you here since you seem to have so much energy all of a sudden." Instead, Kaiba carefully readjusted his grip on Anzu so she was pressed up a little closer to his chest.

"Kaiba?" Anzu whispered.

He kept his eyes on the double doors at the end of the hall.

"Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!" The chant echoed ceaselessly throughout the parking lot of Domino school.

The helpless victim to where the chant was directed at simply curled up into a ball and tried to be as small as possible.

"Come on, entertain us!" One boy's leg bent back, preparing to kick as hard as he could.

It was after school hours and any teachers that could have stopped the abuse were either at home or watching diligently over students in detention.

"Stop it!" The voices hesitantly stopped, and two pairs of heads turned to see who it was that'd interrupted them.

The bundle in the center of the circle of delinquents stirred.

"You'd better stop that! I saw you from the school windows and it won't be long until the other teachers I called see you too!" Anzu's eyes flashed with steady confidence and anger. "You'll regret it if you don't leave!"

The boys didn't move and stared the girl down, waiting for her to waver, even the slightest. When she didn't, they grudgingly snorted and made rude remarks about nosey bitches before turning and leaving the parking lot and abandoning their victim.

When they'd finally left, Anzu exhaled the breath she'd been holding during the entire confrontation. In truth, she had really been the only one who had seen the boys' attack, but she hadn't thought there'd be enough time to call someone else before they did something terrible. She slowly approached the shivering form.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked softly. "It'll be okay soon." She walked right to the person and gently reached out. "Hold on, okay? There'll be help soon-"

Kaiba glanced at Anzu from the corner of his eye - he had been doing so from time to time to make sure she wasn't on the verge of fainting or anything else equally troublesome. A deep frown was etched on her face and he wondered if it was because of the stress of her situation, or because she was experiencing some pain. He sighed, feeling annoyed that it was probably a better idea to ask, rather than wait for her to keel over from whatever she was suffering from - if that really was the case. "Mazaki. Are you in pain, or do you always look like you've just eaten a lemon?"

"What?" Anzu glared at Kaiba. "No! To both those questions! I was just...thinking about something that happened a long time ago." Anzu shifted where she was seated. A little ways away, on her right, Kaiba sat on the opposite side of the car seat. "And in case you might be wondering, with that pompous attitude of yours, no, it wasn't anything to do with you."

"Why you would think that I'd care about someone as insignificant as you thinking about me is a mystery." He murmured.

"I heard that!" She growled.

"That was the point." He said flatly.

"Gnaannn!" Anzu supressed a cry of frustration and fumed quietly. 'Weird, weird man!' The messages Kaiba's words and actions gave were so contrary. Here he was, insulting her, yet less than an hour ago he had actually carried her from the school all the way to his limo. Not only that, but had also given gruff instructions to head for a clinic to the baffled chauffer who had greeted him just in front of the school gates and ignored his offers to carry her instead.

Anzu sighed and bowed her head a little, feeling immensely uncomfortable. She didn't even know Kaiba that well. She'd certainly seen a lot of him - mostly on television, as the man WAS the CEO of a powerful company that sold products worldwide. The only other times she saw him was when he challenged Yugi to duels and during school because he incidentally shared one of her classes. Seeing as she really didn't know him that well and that Kaiba probably knew her even less, Anzu wondered what had possessed him to help her. 'Would it be weird to ask though?' She glanced as discreetly as she could at him, looking for something decipherable in his facial features she could use to infer whether saying something or not would annoy him. 'I can't tell anything just by looking at him.' She realized with slight awe and disappointment. 'Even the other Yugi is easier to read than Kaiba...'

"Did you get a look at the guy who attacked you?" His voice was calm now.

Anzu blinked with surprise at the question before casting her eyes down forlornly and shaking her head. "He put something over my eyes. I had no idea." She let out a shuddering breath as the incident came back to her. 'I wish Kaiba was still making me angry... it's better than this...' Her arms curled around herself and she squeezed her legs tightly together. "I was completely helpless." She whispered. "I couldn't even fight him." She stared at her fingers, which were still tinged at the tips with blood from her attacker. Her hands were shaking violently. "I scratched him. He let me go and I ran." She hiccupped as repressed sobs resurfaced from her chest. "I thought he would actually-" She shut her eyes, as if willing the terrible prospect away.

She gasped when a large hand enveloped her stained hand. "K-Kaiba?" The boy had scooted over so that he was only a few inches from her. Anzu swallowed hard, squeaking when he brought her hand up near his face and inspected it.

"This is his?"

"Y-yes." She stared at him. "What are you-?"

"If this is your attacker's blood, then you can use it to identify who he is." Kaiba looked thoughtful. "It'll only help if they already have the same blood in their directories to match with though."

"...It's better than nothing. If it means catching that person..."

"I said there's a chance. It's not definite." Anzu faltered visibly.

"Maybe... but... it's still a chance." She murmured. She inched back towards the window and paused, realizing something. She shyly looked up at Kaiba. "Um..." She blushed. "You're still holding onto my hand."

He promptly dropped it as if it were a hot coal, looking annoyed. He moved back to his side of the limo seat.

"He didn't have to look so disgusted." Anzu felt indignation spike within her, but seeing as Kaiba was going out of his way to take her to a doctor, she concentrated on looking at everything passing by her window.

"You weren't sexually assaulted in anyway?" The doctor asked calmly.

Anzu shook her head. "No. I got away before he could do anything."

"Do you recall what he looked like?"

She shook her head again. "I was blindfolded."

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

"No. All he did was grab me. I'm the one who hurt him." She gestured to her bloodstained fingers. "I came here to see if the blood on my hand could be matched with my attacker's somehow so I could find out who he is."

"I'll take a few samples. Make sure you go to the police about this - I'll send the samples to them as evidence once a report has been filed."

"Nm. I'll go to them after this. A friend insisted that I be checked for any injuries first."

"Why don't I then? Some don't notice they've been hurt until very much later, when a seemingly harmless wound has become serious without attention."

"Okay." Anzu agreed quietly.

"He's still here?" Anzu was surprised to find Kaiba's limo still parked outside the clinic. She stood where she was, bewildered by how the man was acting and wondered what she'd done to deserve such kindness from him. 'Saving his and Mokuba's lives. Right. This is still awfully nice of him-'

The window rolled down and Kaiba's irritated face appeared. "What are you standing there for? You look like an idiot trying to mold. Get in already." The window rolled up again.

"Nice? Did I really think that about Kaiba?" Anzu growled under her breath. "I must have been in a state of shock or something to say a dumb thing like that." She glared at the window where Kaiba's face had previously been as she walked towards it. She stood just in front of it and waited.

The door opened and Anzu took a small step back to give it room to swing out.

"What are you waiting for? Get in."

"The police station isn't far from here. I'm going to walk." Anzu announced. She smiled gratefully at him. "I know how much a bother this must have been for you, but the debt or whatever you're doing this for, has already been repaid."

"I've already reported the attack for you."

"What?" Anzu blinked. "You've already...?" 'What an efficient guy...'

"Stop wasting my time Mazaki and get in. I'm sure you don't want to walk home alone with a stalker looking for you."


Kaiba let out an impatient sigh and reached out, grabbing her wrist and dragged her into the car. Anzu, flabbergasted by Kaiba's actions, simply let him do so with little protest.

'I wonder what he's thinking about...' Anzu, having seated herself comfortably stared at Kaiba, sitting on the opposite side of the car seat - her on its right, him on the left. His face was slightly turned to look out the window and it gave her a chance to study his profile while she sorted out her thoughts about him. 'A handsome man... undoubtedly, but more often than not, it seems like that's his only positive trait. Today... he acted weird. Really weird and no matter how many times I try to explain his behavior... I simply can't find a logical answer for it. Not without suggesting that he did it just because he wanted to- BUT THAT OF COURSE MAKES NO SENSE!'

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Because I don't get why- wait what?" Anzu blinked rapidly to clear her head and gather her bearings. "Who's staring?"

"Am I really that interesting to you Mazaki? And here I believed Yugi was your only infatuation."

"Don't flatter yourself!" Anzu tried to fight the sudden flow of blood rushing to her face. "You just wish that was true!"

"Don't say such idiotic things." He scoffed, averting his eyes from her.

"Idiotic? Why you-" She snarled, rising up from her seat - never mind that the car was still in motion, hands clenched in tight fists. Eyes blazing, cheeks flushed from fury and embarrassment and hair strands in her face, Anzu was a sight to see.

If Kaiba had noticed this, he gave no indication. "Here's your stop." He smoothly interrupted her before she could go on.

"What?" Anzu froze.

"Get out. It's your stop." He said flatly.

"Well- good! There's few times I remember being happier than I am now to leave your car!"

"Believe me Mazaki, the feeling is mutual." Kaiba's eyes were slightly narrowed, telling Anzu that he was getting close to being angry. "Now will you get out, or do you need an escort to guide you?"

"Grrah!" Anzu spun around, deciding not to even dignify his insult with another and slammed the door behind her as soon as she'd gotten out. "The nerve of that man! Thinking that there's even a remote chance that I thought of him that way after the way he treats everyone!" She growled as she stomped toward her house. "Who could like a cocky guy like that, one with a stick firmly wedged up his-"

"-As soon as I get home Mokuba." Kaiba said patiently into the phone. "I'm sorry for running late today, I was...engaged with some important business. ...No, everything's fine. ...Ya. I'm on my way home right now. Sit tight for a little while, okay? See you." Kaiba hung up and sighed loudly. He looked at his cell phone wearily. "Late, because of her of all reasons." He leaned back in his seat, allowing his head to fall back a little. He hadn't even needed to go as far as getting her mad to make her forget about the attack for a little while. He couldn't remember a single moment in his life where he'd acted as idiotic as he had in the past two hours.

"How stupid."