Disclaimer: Okay, I do not own Harry Potter-verse nor do I own Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango. These characters all belong to someone else, but I am just using the Harry Potters to tell the Meteor Garden story. I hope you guys enjoy!

The 411

Okay, for those of you who don't know, Hana Yori Dango is a Japanese Comic. A while back, there was a Taiwanese drama created based on this comic called Meteor Garden. This is the Meteor Garden story played out by the Harry Potter series characters. Got it?

I have made some changes and all. For those of you who know Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango, here is some character profiles. For those of you who don't know the original story, this info is just for background:

MG= Meteor Garden HYD= Hana Yori Dango

HP Character- Luna Lovegood
MG- San Cai
HYD- Tsukushi
Luna Lovegood is somewhat of an outcast. Her character is very independent and she is very headstrong and stubborn. She is emotional and has a bad temper. She lives with her widowed father who is the editor of the Quibbler. They are poor but happy.

HP Character- Draco Malfoy
MG- Dao Min Si
HYD- Yomdoji
Draco Malfoy and his family decided to change sides during the war. Draco changed because he "became good" and grew close with Harry, Ron, and Oliver. His father changed because he knew the Good side would win. Either way, the Malfoys are still the most wealthy and powerful family with much influence. Lucius is hard on his son but rarely sees him since he is often away on business in America. Draco Malfoy is hot-tempered and cold to people other than his buddies. He is the leader of F4 and is often moody and keeps to himself. However, he is sensitive inside, it's just that no one knows it.

HP Character- Harry Potter
MG- Hua Ze Lei
HYD- Rui
After the war when Harry, Dumbledore, and the rest of F4 help to defeat Voldemort, life has chilled for Harry. He is quiet and free- spirited, but is a mystery to people, even his friends. His past still haunts him a little which may be why he is so private. He is in love with his childhood crush, Cho, who is away in Taiwan modeling.

HP Character- Ron Weasley
MG- Mei Zuo
HYD- Akira
Ron is very outgoing and somewhat goofy. Ever since the war he has shown his true colors, attractive personality and cute looks. Many girls love him, and he loves them back. A party-animal at heart, Ron cares for his friends and is the funny one in F4.

HP Character- Oliver Wood
MG- Si Mon
HYD- Soijiro
When war erupted, Oliver left his position as Keeper of the Puddlemore United reserve team to fight with his old friend Harry. Even though he is no longer a professional Quiddich player, the girls still go wild for him and his devilishly good looks. His policy is that a girl only remains interesting for one week. He is the playboy in the group.

HP Character- Ginny Weasley
MG- Xiao You
HYD- Yuki
Ginny Weasley is Ron's younger sister, but let's look past that in this story. She is close friends with Luna but attends the Ministry's School of Post Wizarding Studies, so rarely sees her. However, she does work with Luna at Mrs. Figg's Bakery, and the two girls remain close despite the fact that they don't go to school together.

HP Character- Colin Creevy
MG- Qing He
HYD- Kazuya
Colin is Luna's neighbor and close friends with her and Ginny. He is very goofy and more than just a little clueless. At Hogwarts, his father was a milkman so his family wasn't not very well-to-do, but now his father entered the Wizarding the World and opened a Muggle shop and is now quite rich. The Creevys are obviously new money, but still rich all the same.

HP Character- Cho Chang
MG- Jing
HYD- Shizuka
Cho Chang is a young Chinese-British girl with almond shaped brown eyes and long raven colored hair. Her smooth complexion, exotic beauty, and athletic build make her one of the most famous models in the world. She is very close to F4, especially Harry, but despite his undying crush on her, she sees him as a younger brother-type.

There are more characters, but these are the chief ones for now. Just FYI, F4 is the name that Draco, Harry, Ron, and Oliver call themselves. They are the notorious rich and snobby F4 that rule the school, every guy envies them and every girl is in love with them. They are very close to one another. When the war began and their lives were risked, they swore that they would be Friends 4ever. And so they will be. This is the story of how their perfect and pampered lives cross with Luna Lovegood, a poor but spirited girl who will stir up all kinds of new things in their lives. What's going to happen? Only time and those of you who know the story will tell.