A few hours later they were drinking a coke together in their kitchen. "I can't believe we actually finished all of this." Jinny grinned.

"Yeah." CD sipped her coke while she glanced through the apartment. "It looks so perfect!"

Nate nodded. "Yeah it got pretty late though... I should head back home" He glanced over at CD for a split second and then took a deep sip of his coke, not wanting to leave yet.

CD also didn't want him to leave so once again she went with him to the entrance of the apartment.

"Can't you stay?" She begged him with her eyes.

"I want to.... you have no idea how much." He sighed.

"Gimme the idea ... " she whispered.

He didn't need to hear that twice and pressed her against the doorframe and gave her the most thorough dental checkup ever.

CD felt his strong hands and enjoyed every second of the kiss although she knew that Jinny could come down here any second.

Then they had to break the kiss for air again and he looked deep into her eyes. "We'll see each other again tomorrow, right? We can do this... I go home, we both get some sleep, then we'll see each other again... a few hours apart... we'll survive." He said reassuringly but didn't even believe his own words.

"I don't think so .. I'm addicted ... " She said. "Uhm, by the way, don't you wanna have your shirt back? I'm mean I think you're cute in mine but out on the street it could lead to misunderstandings." CD grinned and had already taken off the shirt she was wearing.

"Whoa baby. You're giving me thoughts I shouldn't have right now." He whispered but handed her her own shirt back.

"You mean standing topless in front of you right here? You have a problem with it?" CD smirked and still didn't put the shirt on.

"Oh god... don't tempt me Candace." He whispered and leaned in to steal another passionate kiss from her.

CD grinned and kissed him back. When they stopped to breathe she put her shirt on as well. "Better this way?"

"No." He sighed and gently and quickly kissed her lips. "Come with me." He knew she couldn't leave Jinny alone now but he wanted her to be with him.

"There's nothing else on earth which I would rather do than to be with you, but I can't leave Jinny, not tonight." She sighed too and her eyes got this sad look.

"I know baby." he sighed. "But I can't stay either." He leaned his forehead against hers. "Hey, take your cellphone with you to bed. Turn the sound off. I'll call you later, okay?"

"Okay ... " she smiled. "Thanks for everything!" Her lips met his again but just for a second.

"Hey partners, right?... sure thing." He smiled and pulled her close to kiss her again. He knew they'd see each other again in just a few hours but it felt like an eternity

She hugged him tight and sighed. "I guess Jinny will be suspicious when I'm away with you for so long."

"Yeah." He sighed. "One last kiss and I'm gone." He whispered and kissed her in a way that made her crave for more already and then forced himself to turn around and walk away. But he turned around again and smiled at her and blew her a kiss before he walked out completely.

CD sighed. This last kiss had made her knees go weak. She caught his blown kiss with her hand and put it right to her heart. Then she turned around and went back to the kithcn, where Jinny was waiting for her.

to be continued...