Title: Passion

Name: Joy

Email: SleepingBeauty2@ziplip.com

Rating: R (Explicit imagery)

Summary: The first time for Max & Logan.

Setting: Logan's apartment

Author's notes: This is it guys. This is the last installment of the Timing

Series. I am glad you liked it. And yes they finally get it on OK. Everybody happy now? I will say there may be a sequel series. Probably not as romantic though.


Logan stood with his braces on by the pane glass window in the dining room. He had fixed a beautiful dinner and had everything on low in the oven waiting for Max's return. He had dressed up and gotten out candles, although he expected her anger to last hours before returning. He wished to take back things he had said and things implied.

It was hard to wait for her, but he remembered the words to a song his mother and sister used to sing:

"If you wait for me then I'll come for you;

Although I've traveled far

I always hold a place for you in my heart…


Your touch

Your kiss

Your warm embrace

I'll find my way back to you

Please say you'll be waiting."

Logan was doing his part. He was waiting, and he would wait forever if need be. He loved Max tremendously. In hindsight, he realized that because he hadn't made overt overtures toward a sexual relationship, she believed he didn't want one. He felt that his sexual history prior to the shooting was inconsequential, since nothing would ever be entirely the same in that department. For him, there was no one but Max, and at that moment he felt like a virgin all over again. He had to admit he coveted this new virginity more then the last, because now he was going to give it to his beloved.

After leaving Logan's, Max had headed home. She hid in the bathroom balling her eyes out under the shower. She had never balled before-- she never let herself. The hurt was so intense, and she wasn't sure where it had come from. However, she knew it wasn't all the argument with Logan. She knew all she had to do was go back over of to his place, and he would be there with open arms. He would kiss all the places that hurt and hold her. Pride kept her from returning right away-- Logan hadn't even tried to call her or page her. Max took several deep breaths outside of Foggle Towers before returning to her beloved. They'd talk this time, and it'd be better. She'd listen and so would he. They'd be OK. This wasn't un-repairable.

Max opened the front door slowly and slid into the apartment, not sure where to find Logan. She didn't want to call his name only to have him not be there. She moved quietly about the apartment until she saw him by the window. The table was set and he was dressed up.

"I was going to give you another hour or so before I tried calling or paging," Logan said to her reflection in the glass. "Are you hungry? There is food in the oven," he said, this time turning around.

Max stood very still for a moment, unsure how to respond. She expected him to be defeated in his wheelchair. She found him a little less approachable in his braces without a lap to crawl into. It was dumb she knew, but she still felt it. She bit her lip.

// He is planning for us to stay in and he put on his braces. Subtle apology. //

Logan began to approach Max, slowly since she still hadn't said a word. "Can we go sit on the couch? I really just want to hold you for a little while." Max nodded as they moved into the living room. Once they were seated, she climbed into Logan's lap the way she had wanted to originally, which Logan took as a good sign. He brushed her hair to the side so he could kiss her neck. "I love you, Max. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you to let us spend time with your friends. It's just I want to know all of you, so I'm jealous that they get to see you in a way that I don't. While we were fighting, I wasn't really listening, so I didn't hear what you were really saying until after you left."

Max curled into a tight ball and began to cry. She was crying in front of Logan, but it seemed all right. He rocked her back and forth humming an unfamiliar melody to her. It was the song that he had remembered earlier. He didn't expect her to apologize and he wasn't in a position to push for it. She had come back of her own accord and that was all the mattered.

Logan continued to sooth her hurt. "I don't think you're an unfeeling monster. And I don't ever want to hear you refer to yourself as that or as a bio-engineered killing machine again. Or genetically enhanced killing machine or any other kind of killing machine. OK. You are my beloved," he whispered into Max's ear. She nodded. "One last thing, I do want to make love to you. My spinal cord injury won't prevent us making love… I've dreamt of us for months… I know everything works…at least in part." Logan cupped Max's face in his hands and kissed her, "I wanted to take things slow so that we wouldn't just be having sex, but really making love. Do you understand?"

"Show me the difference," Max whispered back.

"Let's eat first. I plan on this taking a long time and I don't want hunger to be a reason to stop," Logan said to Max with a childish smile.

They ate the meal quickly but not frantically. Logan turned on some music and approached Max for a dance. As he held her close, she could see a new confidence in Logan's eyes.

"Why do I get the feeling that you have something up your sleeve? You look way too sure of yourself," Max asked.

"Well, tonight you put to rest the last of my fears. We had a big fight and you took off, but you came back. I guess the confidence is I'm under your skin, and you like it that way," he whispered brushing his lips against her ear.

Max's body shivered at the slight contact. Logan liked the reaction he got, so he nibbled at her ear lobe. Her body began to go limp in his arms. He danced them to his bedroom, continuing to keep up the assault on her ear. Her breath wavered as he sucked and bit at the tiny piece of hanging flesh. He decided to try something he hadn't done since high school on Max. He moved back to her mouth and slid his hands from her lower back to her rear. His hands rested a minute, then held on as he pulled up. Max's eyes opened a minute in surprise. He giggled a little and opened the bedroom door. Max walked through and Logan followed close behind, pinching her rear again to get a rise out of her.

Logan sat on his bed idly playing with Max's fingers, "Are we ready for this?" he asked with fear and desire in his eyes.

Max understood his concern, "I promise not to run away or hide." Max said, running her fingers through his hair, "Besides, if I do, you know where to find me." Logan chuckled as Max smiled.

This was it and they both knew it, both wanted it. They moved slowly, everything slowly. Logan stared at Max wantonly, thinking of how long he'd wanted to show her how he felt in such a way. Max knew he was going to make love to her, and she honestly had no idea what that would be like. He was going to set the pace. She didn't want to be in charge.

"Max, I know we haven't talked about this, but…you just have to treat me like a virgin. I'm not sure how this is going to work. I know there're some positions I should avoid due to my injury…"

"The positions I can probably guess, due to the work we have done in therapy. Let me know if you need to avoid something," Max said and then got bashful. "I -- I guess it would be good for you to treat me the same way. I mean, like a virgin that is. I mean, I'm not a virgin…it's just…this feels real." They both were blushing slightly at this point.

They kissed softly and slowly at first, rubbing arms and hands over each other's bodies. Logan lifted Max's shirt off. He had forgotten how amazing it was for another to give fully of themselves. In her bra and jeans, Logan took Max in by touch, smell, and sight. Logan caressed the length of her body. This was going to be a long. Logan was going to make her whole body feel alive. She lay on his bed, thinking of the countless times that she had pictured this moment. She never realized how amazing it would be having Logan press his body against hers like a lover, a husband, and not a one-night stand. In the morning, she would wake up in his arms and eat breakfast with him, rather than sneaking out the door.

Logan shifted his body slightly and his braces clanged together. The sound jarred them both. "I guess I should take them off, huh?"

"Let me," Max said "and I get to take off your shirt too." Max flashed a sweet smile, as he just watched her lovingly. She unlocked the braces and removed them from his legs. She figured she would remove his socks too. Logan laughed. "What?" she asked with the same childish sweetness as before.

"My socks? They could've stayed on."

"Well, that would look silly. You naked except for your feet," Max said as she lay back down beside Logan and gently removed his T-shirt. She ran her hands over his chest, which took his breath away.

"Max…I'm really scared," Logan mustered. She looked at him puzzled. "I'm a grown man, but I have no idea… I mean, this is the equivalent to my first…I know I already said this…I just don't want to disappoint you," he said looking down.

Max looked at him for a few moments and then said, "I need you to look at this as somewhat of a team sport." At that Logan laughed. "As a team, we're taking this adventure. Besides, you don't give me enough credit as a partner here. I've been reading up," she said, very proud of herself.

"You're kidding."

"Nope. Kendra has all these books on massage, plus she is obsessed with sex. She has several manuals lying around our place. I did my homework, Professor Cale, and I think I can satisfy you even if you can't come."

"Really?" he said with mock disbelief.

"Uh. Huh."

"Have you been talking to Bling by any chance?" Logan said with a bit of fear.

"No, but I will admit, it might be good to get your PT's opinion on positions."

"Sorry, but I can't deal with you talking to Bling about our sex life."

"So, we are going to get to have one?" Max chided.

Logan raised an eyebrow and began the seduction a new. No pressure, Max understood that things might not be conventional. Luckily, he was among the group of men who could still have an erection after the accident. He figured he would find out tonight if he could ejaculate. Practice, he had been told, would help, but it was unlikely he would ever be able to have children. // Cross that bridge later. //

Max touched Logan's chest and back. He quivered at her touch. "You're amazing," he groaned in her ear. He began to kiss her ear loop setting Max to moan. "I don't think I have heard anything better in my life," he said.

"Heard what?" Max said playfully.

"You moaning. And that I caused that."

She bit her lip and looked down, "I meant it." Logan was so turned on by the sight of Max that he rolled them both over so he was on top of her. His desire was now evident, but still restrained. He kissed her lips and neck, his body fitting perfectly with hers. When his arms came to her bra strap, she begged, "Take it off…Please!"

Slowly, all clothing were shed while still kissing and holding gently. He kissed down the length of her body, caressing as he went. He found favor with her breasts, teasing her nipples. She moaned and his body tensed in response. Max's moans were more arousing than anything else. His desire built as he hoped beyond hoped that his fears would be sated.

Max sensed an inner struggle in Logan and decided to jumpstart his engine a bit. Abruptly, she sat up and took hold of him. Before the action registered in his brain, she was giving him head. His body jumped and tensed, as she sucked him gently. He let forth a groan that let her know she was on the right track. It aroused her immensely as he grew harder in her hand as she stroked him. His breath was haggard and excited. She unceremoniously stopped and laid down again.

His eyes were filled with desire and anticipation. He chose first to respond in kind to Max's gesture. She was moaning equally well as he kissed and sucked her. She bit hard on her lower lip so she did not scream.

Logan gazed at Max's face and body with great approval before lying on top of her, naked for the first time. They both groaned at the contact. He kissed her lips lightly as she instinctively rocked beneath him. He kept the kisses light and gently as Max positioned him into her. Logan thrust into her a little at a time until they both got used to the feeling. Soon, she started to move up and down. Logan was amazed at the sensations he did have and how much he had taken for granted before. But now he was with her, so by definition, it was amazing.

They moved in unison, slowly building intensity. "Do-do…ya… mind… ah… me… agh… on… top?" Logan said breathlessly, trying to be a conscientious lover.

Max kissed him softly, gently shifting her hips rhythmically. "Don't… change… anything for… agh… a minute… ah… or so… OK." He smiled at the realization that despite his "handicap" she was almost to the edge, teetering. He made one wide circle with his hips and thrust deeply into her, to get her attention. Her eyes went wide and she blinked rapidly. Logan rocked a bit faster as their breathing sped up.

Soon, Max could no longer move and she audible gasped and moaned low, satisfied. Logan gasped in and out as he kept up the motion faster and faster. //Please… God, the release. // She continued to moan at his actions and then she groaned, "Oh, Logan." Much to his amazement, he did feel a great release, but not like before. He gasped several times, groaning a lot himself.

Max's arms encircled Logan, pulling him closer. He slid out of her and lay by her side. "OK… That's not what I expected to see," she commented on the still very erected penis.

"Oh, one good side for you of the paralysis is I can stay hard for hours with the continued stimulation… of sorts."

"Really?" Max asked curious.

"Yeah. He has been up and sore for hours. Like the night we tried to choose your dress and then the evening you wore said dress. I was very glad for the napkin in my lap."

"Well, right now I just want you to hold me close and we can relish in the knowledge that practice makes perfect," she said as he hit her with a pillow. "And someday, I will be allowed to hook my legs round your back and ride you for all your worth. After all, I'm an exuberant girl as Bling said."

"You were listening to our conversation. I knew it…You lied to me… Argh…"

"Forgive me?" Max said with a devilish look in her eyes.

Logan proceeded to pin her to the bed, kissing her with great fervor. Max tested the validity of his statement about his stamina before the sun rose. He held her in his arms, wondering what he ever did to deserve her love. She touched his chest, feeling the heart beneath beating for her. There was no outside world; no friends or foes; no pain and joy; no poverty or wealth. There were just those four walls holding them. Nothing else mattered. They curled together and slept.