Everyone knew Faith and Mr Onizuka had been, well, dating was a strong word for it. Everytime they got close, trouble would flare up somewhere around the globe. Faith was getting pretty sick of airline food. She was also pretty sure she was cursed.

Thats why she was so nervous sitting out on the back porch. His arm was around her. She had turned just a little bit, supporting her weight with one hand on his (muscley, firm)thigh. Her other was reaching up, sliding across his (very firm) chest to his (oh so broad) shoulders. Their (moist)lips were getting closer... closer... She parted her lips slightly in anticipation. Her breath trembled in her throat. His breath was hot on hers.


She jumped, the top of her head clipping Eikichi's jaw. "Chikusho!"

"Mr O" someone called from inside, knocking on the window, "There's someone in the lobby to see you"

1.5 drabble. Haven't done anything on this in so long, I thought I'd try to work to a conclusion.