How many times in your life do you look back at a specific moment in your life and wish you had not done something that you did? How many times have you replayed events over in your head trying to make sense out of what happened? How many times have you looked back at your prior relationships and gone "what if"?

Well, Ephram Brown came to that exact point in his last year at Juilliard. He looked around his class full of other pianists and felt out of place. It wasn't because he was not an excellent pianist, because he was, he knew it and everyone else knew it – his classmates and professors. But the trouble was that even though he was fulfilling every goal and dream he had hoped for something was still missing. A piece of him was missing that had not been able to be filled in over four years. The missing piece was a piece of his heart. Sure he had had plenty of girlfriends. He even dated Amy Abbott, the girl he chased for two years in high school, but they both realized in the end that being together was not in the cards for them, that being friends was the way they were meant to be.

For some reason though, the past few weeks had been rough, maybe due to senioritis, but as each day went by it was becoming increasingly difficult. Ephram already had a job lined up after school to work with a production studio in LA where he would work with directors and producers to create scores of music for films. He kept thinking that once he got out to LA, he would get so bogged down with work that this feeling – this empty feeling – would subside. The only thing that Ephram did not know was that the feeling would grow stronger than ever in LA.

In the mean time in Los Angeles, Madison had finally made a name for herself in the recording industry except not as an artist. She gave up her band when she realized how good at promoting she was. She had been working for a big record label for the past two years. What she didn't realize is that her past was about to collide with her future and there was no stopping it. In three days, she would be having a meeting with a production studio regarding one of her bands that she was promoting to pitch one of the band's song for a movie.

What Madison and Ephram didn't know is that both of them were going to be in the meeting.