The next morning, Ephram came downstairs the next morning. Sarah was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper with her cup of coffee.

Ephram grabbed a cup by the coffee pot and grabbed himself some coffee. "Good morning."

Sarah peeked from behind the paper and said, "Did you two have a good time last night?"

"Excellent actually. Our trip down memory lane was really fun."

"I see. Can I ask you a question, Ephram?" Sarah asked. She looked concerned as Ephram turned around to look at her.

"Sure. Anything." Ephram said with a hint of hesitation. He walked over to the table and sat down.

Sarah put the paper down and looks at Ephram with all seriousness. "What do you think you're doing?"

Ephram raises an eyebrow. He knew what Sarah was getting at, but he didn't want to let her know that.

"You waltz into L.A. six months ago, sweep Madison off her feet, and get Jake so emotionally attached to you that there's no going back. You've gotten those two so caught up in being a happy family, they can't even see straight."

"So that's what you think happened?" Ephram was trying to stay calm, but was having a hard time doing just that. "I seem to remember being left out of my son's life for the past 4 and half years, not even knowing he existed and now you're mad at me for being a part of his life. Well, I'm sorry. I love Jake. I have missed out on way too much time in his life and I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for it. As for Madison, sweeping her off her feet never happened. We went through months of heartache to get where we are today. I know exactly what I'm doing, if you must know. I'm taking care of my son and loving the mother of my child, who is also the love of my life. Is there something else I should be doing?"

"Are you planning on marrying Madison?" Sarah asked.

Madison heard the commotion downstairs so she headed towards the kitchen to see what was going on.

"Yes, I am." Ephram said.

"When?" Sarah asked.

"When Madison and I are ready to get married." Ephram replied.

Ephram looked at his watch. It was time to pick up Jake from his dad's house. "As much as I have enjoyed this conversation, I need to get Jake. Thanks for the coffee and company."

Ephram leaves the kitchen and catches Madison walking toward the kitchen. Ephram smiled as he noticed Madison. He walks up to her, "Morning, Baby." He kissed her ever so softly on the lips. "I gotta pick up Jake you want to come with me? I was gonna take him to the mall."

"Uh, I think I'll let you guys bond. Have fun okay." Madison kissed Ephram. "I love you."

"Love you too." Ephram gave Madison one last quick kiss and grabbed his jacket and left.

By the time Ephram left, Sarah was walking into the den from the kitchen, where Madison was standing.

"Do you care to tell me what was going on down here between you and Ephram?" Madison said matter of factly.

"I was just talking to him." Sarah replied.

"I distinctly remember hearing your voice raised. Why were you yelling at Ephram?" Madison folded her arms and cocked her weight onto her left leg.

"I was trying to determine what his intentions were." Sarah explained.

"His intentions, mother? We're not in high school and college any more. We're adults. And for that matter, we know exactly what we're doing. You know that it's been a long six months for us. We're finally happy and together and you will not ruin this for me, Jake or Ephram. Ephram is a part of my life and Jake's and you are going to have to get use to it because that's the way it's going to be. Got it?"

"He's going to break your heart. He's not ready to marry you." Sarah tried to rebut back.

"Well, I'm glad. I'm not ready to marry him either. We've only been together a few months. We need to be together more before we get married. Ephram and I understand that." Madison explained.

"So you're willing to get your heart broken again by this boy." Sarah repeated.

"I can promise you there will be no hearts broken this time." Madison said confidently.

"Well, I hope you can keep this promise better than your last one." Sarah replied. Sarah was referring to the time Madison promised her that Ephram would never enter her or Jake's life.

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