Gir's Chicken
By Invader Hera
Disclaimer: I don't own any Invader ZIM characters. Jhonen Vasquez does.
I also don't own the song, "His Cheese Burger". Veggie Tales people do.

(Sung to "His Cheese Burger".)
He said to her, "I'd like crispy chicken,
And I may like some mayonnaise as well."
She said to him, "I can't give you either."
He said, "Isn't this Chicken Bell?"
She said, "Yes, but a hamster ate it all; we open tomorrow at ten."
He said, "I am extremely hungry, but I'll dance like a monkey 'til then."
'Cos you're crispy chicken!
Just his yummy chicken!
He'll dance for yo-u!
He will dance for yo-u!
Oh, you are crispy chicken!
Just his tasty chicken!
O-oh, he will dance for you!
He went back to the base 'til sunrise;
He bothered Master once or twice,
When he noticed the Scary Monkey Show;
The show was on at this time.
How could he not watch this episode?
He really needed something to do.
Oh, chicken, please do not get angry,
But, I think he's forgotten 'bout you.
You were once his chicken!
Just his precious chicken!
He's gone for no-ow!
I do not know ho-ow!
But, you were just his chicken!
Just his lovely chicken!
He's forgotten about you!

He still loves you, crispy chicken with all his heart!
It is only TV that tore you tw-o apart!
And if the world suddenly had no TV,
He would return, and him you would see!
He'll always love you, chicken, for the rest of eternity!
And he would monkey dance for you,
Funky dance for you,
Funky, monkey dance only for you!
You're his crispyyyyyy chiiiiiiickeeeeeeen!