Title: Gravitation

Author: Shinigami Liliz Black

Summary: Harry is a becoming a talented singer until he bumps with his ex-boyfriend. H/D slash!Angst!

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are created and owned by JK Rowling, and various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warning: slash!

Pairings: Harry/Draco

Category: Angst/Romance.

Status: BETAED by Starry

Notes: Song 'I wish' and 'It could be easy' from Luis Fonsi. This story was written two years ago but instead of Harry was Draco. Both Harry and Draco are OOC. Angst!Harry. Fight the feeling from Luis Fonsi, Sleepless Beauty from Gravitation and Real Emotion from Koda Kumi (FFx-2) Those are my fav song!

Chapter One: I wish

Just as he does every morning, he picked up his guitar and sat in his room's large window, looking at the sight around him. In his house, he always liked to have a beautiful garden to cheer him every morning and rip the memories away.

Today he was finishing a song he started weeks ago after remembering his painful past. He let the sound of the guitar -- played by the movement of his fingers -- refresh him and relaxed.

The song was supposed to be for the man he still loves and miss with all his heart but since his sexual identity was not supposed to be revealed, to the public he have to act as if he's singing to girls.

"I wish I could look in your eyes and be strong," he whispered following the rhythm, "To say I don't need you around anymore."


He growled suddenly stopping playing his guitar and picking up the telephone. "Hello?"

"Hey mate," said the other person on the phone. " Starling just called me; he wants you to sing on his restaurant to celebrate their 15 years of good service tonight. You better say yes because I told him we will."

He rolled his eyes and answered, "You never change Jeremy."

"It had been a month since we don't sing! You know how hyper I am."

"All right Jeremy, we will. Be sure to remember the rhythm I taught you weeks ago."

"Don't worry, Ced and I have been practicing."

"Really? Or you were just practicing 'another' things?" He heard a gasp and the laugh of another man from the other side of the phone.

"Of course not! Honestly Harry!" he laughed. "Be sure to be there at six."

"I'll be." And he hung up.

Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, sighed. He looked at the window where his guitar rest on the window frame. Years ago, our savior used to date a charming boy until Voldemort was killed. Harry, after finding his ex-boyfriend, dumped him by the cause of Voldemort's word, his rage was so intense that he managed to disarm him and snap both their wands. Their battle was wandless and Harry beat the shit out of him after trying to strangle him to death with his own hands.

Harry managed to cast the Killing Curse without his wand, reflecting all his hate in it and finally getting rid of the Dark Lord but the Killing Curse weakened him for weeks and deepened the scar on his forehead instead of vanishing it.

After many congratulations and yelled of victory and peace, Harry found out everything in the wizardry world remind him of his beloved. He thought of becoming an Auror or a Quidditch player when he found it all uncomfortable for his taste. He talked with all his friends and decided to live in the Muggle world and far from the magical community.

Just as he decided this he remembered his ex-boyfriend and himself had bought a flat over the Muggle World, decorated with all their likes. After splitting up, they never decided who will stay with the house. That's when a week later he received a single letter saying:

Stay with the flat, I could care less.

He got so mad that be destroyed the letter as soon as he read it. Dammit couldn't he understand that the house will be full of memories; Memories of them both? He headed downstairs and prepared some hot coffee. With the mug on his hand he sat the grand piano near the balcony. He looked at the marvelous white keys and placed the mug on the table besides.

He let his fingers touch the white key and a single note rang out. In the book stand, was a paper spelling 1000 Words and lots of rubbishing notes that even I, the author wouldn't understand (even though, I play piano.)

His fingers began to move graciously around the white keys, letting the serene slow notes washed his thoughts away. He felt his lips whispering the lyric as he admires the house. The living room was a cozy elegant place with fluffy white sofas, square thick crystal low table and a flat plasma 50' inches TV. Besides the white sofas was the entrance door.

Ahead the living room was the creamy-white cabinet kitchen and the four mahogany-chair table with a beautiful candlestick floating inches from the roof. Everything in the kitchen was white, creamy and silver. Just beside the kitchen was the stairs leading up.

"And a thousand words, Call out through the ages; they'll cradle you, Turn all of the lonely years to only days," he whispered and continued, "They'll hold you forever."

He finished playing and sighed, feeling less tense than before. He looked at the clock marking eleven o clock.

"Better get in form before six."

Jeremy, his friend since he arrived at the Muggle World was the one who helped him on his career. He met him over a karaoke bar, fascinated how the lad played his electronic guitar. Sure Harry dated him but after months of uneasy feeling both split up and continued being best friends. After that he was the one who pointed at Harry he was a good singer and his song could touch someone's heart.

Jeremy slapped his back, grinning. "Ya ready?" Harry answered him with a smile as they wait for their number in the changing room.

"Richard says there are lots of fans outside, Harold," said a funny Greek accent voice. Harry groaned at the name Harold and looked at Ced, his drummer.

Cedrurilic Troyen, who Jeremy Stolles was currently dating, was a man of curly brown hair, pale skin and honey eyes, born in Greece. Even if his facial didn't detail him his accent did. He was glad Jeremy found someone good for him. Jeremy, with his messy dark sand locks and blue-greenish eyes, can sure conquer man's eyes.

Harry chuckled at the sudden thought: The Seekers, all gay singers. 'Of course! Ced and I are bisexual! Not gay!'

"What's so funny cowboy?" Jeremy asked, tugging his white baggy polo shirt. Harry eyed Jeremy's raised eyebrow and sniggered. The lad was dress in tight blue jeans and tight black sleeved shirt with a jean jacket on top of it. Ced, on the hand, had silky black pants and long sleeved blue shirt.

"Nothing really." He stood up and stretched the tight black leather pants he chosen to wear and approached the black stage's curtains. He looked at the public out side looking at the first three numbers. Some arrived earlier, other were currently arriving and sitting silently.

One of them was a couple that drawn Harry's attention. The woman has smooth black hair and hazel eyes. Her mate was what captured Harry's attention; his back was to him but he could see his messy and silky white blonde locks reaching his shoulders. He was clad in black turtle neck sweater, dark blue tight jeans and his hands were pale.

The gorgeous white blonde man turned and sat down. Harry gaped, his blood freezing as he looked at the cold steely eyes of Draco Malfoy, his ex-boyfriend. He covered his mouth, leaning at the wall beside him and dropping to his knees.

"No!" he whispered weakly. "He's going to hear the song!"

"Harry?" Jeremy suddenly asked seeing the raven man kneeled on the floor. "You okay?"

Harry shook his head looking terrified. "What is it kiddo?" Ced asked kneeling beside him. "You see like you saw a ghost."

He looked at the curly brown locks man beside him. He shrugged his shoulder suddenly feeling icy feeling down his spine. Ced was three years older than Jeremy and Harry, who were both the same age at twenty.

"He's here!"

"Who?" Ced asked.

"The one I wrote the song!"

Jeremy raised his eyebrow. "You mean Malfoy?" Harry nodded shakily. Jeremy approached the curtains and looked at the tables around the stage. Just three tables down Draco Malfoy sat with his date, looking arrogant.

"Yo! Boys, you're next! " Richard yelled. Harry shook his head and clung Jeremy's legs

"I can't sing!" Jeremy's heart twisted seeing this terrified side of Harry.

"You have to Harry! There're lots of fans waiting for ya!"

"We'll be helping you Harold," Ced whispered.

"Don't call me Harold!" he hissed and Ced laughed.

"That's the Harry I know!" Ced said as Harry stood up. Jeremy gave him his guitar and grinned.

"Let's show him ya Gryffindor side!" Harry took a deep breath and stepped into the stage.

Harry tried his best not to flee as he felt two icy silver eyes looking at him, searching for an answer. He adjusted the microphone as Jeremy picked up his guitar and entered followed by Ced settling on his drums.

The screams at the back made him grinned, one of the saying 'Harry you're mine!'. "Good evening," he whispered trying his best to avoid the icy stare. "The Seekers are glad to be part of this celebration."

People clapped harder than they did for the rest. "Today, my fellows here and I had been composing a new song that I would like to debut here with all pleasure."

"This song comes from all the things we have to suffer everyday for love." Jeremy have him a thumbs up and both began playing.

"I can still feel your body laying by me, sometimes is like you never left." Jeremy winked at him. 'You're doing well' he mouthed.

"I never thought I could miss someone like this, but no one else can ever take your place, I close my eyes and see your face."

"Everyday I wake up thinking how will I get through this; I'm losing my faith…" Ced began his entrance.

"I wish there was something to get over you; I wish that my heart would remember were through."

"I wish I could see you walk by and ignore you like someone I once knew."

"I wish I could look in your eyes and be strong, to say I don't need you around anymore." His eyes closed, letting the song touched his heart. He didn't felt nervous; in fact, he forgot Malfoy was eying him.

"I wish I could find someone new and forget you; Wish I never met you, I wish I could move on."

"But though I try there's nothing left for me to do, there's just no getting over you." The fans behind clapped harder and Harry smiled.

"Girl you know I never meant to hurt you; I know how much I made you cry,
I never thought you'd ever say good-bye." Draco, from the table, checked Harry out. For the past three years Harry had grown strong and broader; he was not the thin four eyed scar boy. Yeah sure, the scar was still there but his glasses, where silver square framed and his skin was tanned.

"I was so wrong and I admit, forgive me I regret it; If only all this pain could bring you back again." By the way the leather clung to Harry's thigh and lower waist he can say the Raven boy turned out to be something very gorgeous and sexy. No wonder why he's in every top ten sexiest Muggle singers magazine!

"Everyday I wake up thinking how will I get through this; I'm losing my faith…" Harry here let go of his guitar and clung to the microphone. Draco had to admire his strong tanned fingers gripping the microphone stand like dear life.

"I wish there was something to get over you; I wish that my heart would remember were through." He turned his gaze to the green orbs he fell for years ago and still has them on his dreams. Emerald and deep, showing every bit of his emotions like and open book; Harry was always like this; for sure the raven man hadn't change emotionally.

"I wish I could see you walk by and ignore you like someone I once knew."

"I wish I could look in your eyes and be strong, to say I don't need you around anymore."

"I wish I could find someone new and forget you; Wish I never met you, I wish I could move on."

Harry let go of his guitar again and clung to the microphone "But baby I still love you!" His notes cling high and people began to clap as he moved with the rhythm around the stage. Draco felt a warm yet cold feeling spreading around his veins. He never had felt like this in years. He could feel his mask weakening, almost dropping down, and letting his emotions slipped out.

"I wish there was something to get over you; I wish that my heart would remember were through." Jeremy followed the lyrics with Harry.

"I wish I could see you walk by and ignore you like someone I once knew."

"I wish I could look in your eyes and be strong, to say I don't need you around anymore." Harry let all his sorrow on the last words. Fans screamed excited and melted as Harry winked at them.

"But though I try there's nothing left for me to do, there's just no getting over you."

Starling's restaurant seems about to collapse as people stand up and clapped harder as Harry and his fellows bowed. "Thank you!" Harry said and left the stage, noticing Draco did not move, instead he followed his movements.

Backstage, Jeremy hugged Harry so hard that left him breathless. "You were so great! You should have seen Malfoy's face! For once I swore I caught him off guard, with his mask down!"

Ced grinned at him and said, "I saw him checking you out."

Harry looked at them both and sighed. "Just forget it!" He pushed pass by them and slammed the door of the waiting room shut.

Jeremy's lower lip trembled and Ced placed his hand on his left shoulder. "He needs some time alone, Jerry."

"Where he is?" both Jeremy and Ced jumped. Draco stood inches away from them, glaring with his cold grey eyes at them…


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