Paved Paradise

By: LadyCommish

Disclaimer:  I don't own the lyrics to Big Yellow Taxi or the characters in this story.  If there is an original character I own them

Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you've got till it's gone

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

"Dragonfly Inn, Michel speaking," the haughty French concierge said into the phone.

"Micel, get me Lorelai," Luke instructed in a no nonsense tone.  Michel was always playing games with him on the phone.

"Lorelai is busy.  Can I help you with something?" Michel asked, "If  it's is for a reservation we are completely booked the next six weekends.

"Michel, it's Luke Danes.  One of your investors, Lorelai's fiancé…just get her, I don't have time for this," Luke grumbled.

 "I cannot.  Lorelai is not here," Michel answered losing his high faultin' attitude.  Luke was not very friendly angry. 

"Well, where is she?" Luke pressed.  Michel was not a very helpful employee.

"She didn't say where she was going, only that she didn't think she'd be back today," Michel replied.

"Thanks, Michel," Luke mumbled before hanging up the receiver on the obnoxious Frenchmen.

Luke was nervous.  He was very nervous in fact.  For the last few hours his stomach had been in knots, doing somersaults, and doing whatever other clichés stomachs did when one was unsettled.  He didn't know why he felt as he did, he only knew that it had something to do with Lorelai.

Whatever it was, it couldn't be that bad.  Could it?  Lorelai would have called him if it was something really serious.  Perhaps, he was just overreacting.  He did that a lot where she was concerned, he worried about her constantly.  He loved her that much.  So much it often consumed his reasonable thought.

Just then, Babette bustled into Luke's Diner, "All right, Sweetie.  You can go now if you want too.  I'll finish up here and close the diner for you.  Go be with your Sweetie Pie."

"Huh?"  Luke looked at Babette as if she were crazier than she usually was.  This was strange even for her.  "Babette, I'm not going anywhere.  Where would I be going?"  Luke was really confused.

"Luke Danes, I can't believe you," Miss Patty scolded coming in the diner, "You should be with her.  Lorelai needs you.  I couldn't believe it when Kirk told me you were open."

"Maybe that's because I have no clue what either one of you are talking about.  What happened?  What's wrong with Lorelai?" Luke asked before Babette or Miss Patty could continue their rants.

"Oh, you don't know?" Babette was now the one confused, "I'm sorry, sugar, I should have told  you, I thought she would have called you, oh well, you know now so go on."

"I don't know anything yet.  What's going on?" Luke was growing impatient. "Babette?  Patty?  Someone tell me what this is all about."

"Lorelai's parents were in a bad car accident," Patty told him.  "They were both rushed to St. Michael's Hospital in Hartford. I thought she would have called you."

Luke looked on stunned, "When did this happen?"

"A few hours ago, four at least," Babette answered, "I really can't believe that you didn't know."

"Neither can I," Luke thought, but he said, "Well, would you mind keeping an eye on things cause now that…I have to go to her.  You said St. Michael's right?"

Patty nodded and she and Babette watched Luke rush off to his truck, "That true love," Babette gushed to Patty, before she resumed Luke's former task of washing tables.

Lorelai paced the waiting room at St. Michael's Hospital.  She couldn't believe it.  In a flash her whole life had been turned inside out.  Her father was dead.  Her mother more than likely would follow; she was in critical condition and in surgery.  It didn't seem real.

"Lorelai!" Christopher called as he ran into the hospital with Rory, "Lorelai, what do you know?"

"Mom, how are they?" Rory asked trying to be brave for her mother.

"Rory, sit down, okay," Christopher told her, "Lor, you too. Let's talk." He was so calm, so warm, in this cold.  Lorelai unconsciously leaned toward that warmth.  Christopher embraced her, "Chris, Rory, um, my…Dad, uh, Grandpa, was um…he was killed in the accident."

Rory felt like she had been kicked in the stomach.  Grandpa died?  He was dead?  Killed?  She heard it but it was true…She didn't feel like crying, she thought she would, she felt like…she couldn't describe the feeling.

Lorelai pulled away from Christopher and hugged Rory, "You okay, Babe?" she asked devoid of emotion.

"Yeah, I'm a bit…I'm going to make a phone call," Rory pulled away and printed to the pay phones.  There was only one person she could count on at  a time like this…at least she hoped she could.  He'd told her she could.

Luke made the thirty minute drive to Hartford in fifteen minutes.  He was a bit troubled about why Lorelai didn't call him, but with all she had on mend he couldn't really fault her.  Could he?

Luke parked the truck in the hospital lot and followed the signs admitting and emergency.  Before he reached Lorelai, he almost literally ran into Christopher.

"Luke?" Christopher seemed surprised to see him, "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing," came the reply.

"I came when Lorelai called.  I picked up Rory at school and came here," Christopher said, "Who called you?  Rory?"

Luke shook his head, "No, I heard around town.  Where's Lorelai?"

"She's over there, but I really wouldn't…"

Christopher never finished his sentence, Luke was all ready gone.

Jess Mariano heard his phone ringing through the apartment door.  He fought with his key and got to it before it stopped ringing, "Hello," he said breathless.  No one spoke, "Hello."

"Jess?" Rory finally spoke, "its Rory."

"I know who it is.  Is everything all right? Is Luke…"

"Luke's all right.  I'm all…no, I'm not all right.  Jess, you told me I could count on you," Rory reminded him.

"You said no," he reminded her in turn.

"I know, but I need you now.  Jess, please," she told him fighting tears.

"What is it, Rory?"  Jess asked. If someone hurt her…

"I need you to come to Stars Hollow.  I need…my Grandpa was killed and my Grandma might…and my Mom is really…please, Jess I really…

"Rory, you sit tight okay.  I'm packing some things and I'm on my way.  Let Luke know I'll be crashing at his place with him, okay?" Jess told her in calm voice.  She was relying on him.  This was his test and his last chance and he knew it.

"Okay," Rory agreed, "Jess, thank you."

But Jess was all ready gone from the line and on his way home; to Rory.

Rory headed back to Lorelai when in clicked.  Luke wasn't here.  Hadn't Lorelai called him?  If she had called him, he would have come. Rory made a mental not to check and headed back to her Mom.

                                                              End Part 1A