A Sue and Her Powers

Hello my friends, I'm Mary Sue.

I know you'll love the things I do!

I can be a prophetess,

Or perchance a scientist.

I can be a psychic too,

And change my eyes from green to blue.

Then when I become irate,

I make my eyes glow red with hate!

I can also read your mind.

There's not a secret I can't find.

Or I can have magic powers,

Turning parsley into flowers.

I can fulfill a prophesy

And make characters OOC.

This last thing is what I do best,

Besides raping canon with no regrets.

So give three cheers for Mary Sue,

There's not a thing that I can't do!

A/N: This is part of a series of poems that mock Mary Sues. Some of them will be generic like this one, others will be more specific to IZ (like poems about Invader Sues, new co-Tallest, and the like). I hope you enjoyed this installment; the next one will be up soon.