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Chapter One: Fated Remeetings

Raven Roth was seated in the center of her bed, meditating, her blue cloak brushing the sheets below her, causing a fold of blue agenst the white. She didn't glance up, absorbed in her own thoughts, when she randomly decided she was done and let herself rest agenst her mattress. She glanced around her room in silence.

Two months had passed since the hassle with Slade and Terra. Raven had a scar that ran along her rib cage, but otherwise was not changed for the better or worse by the incident. She glanced at herself in her small mirror and her purple eyes caught the wisdom and secrets behind themselves in the mirror. At least, that was how Robin described them. She brushed back her straight, short hair and groaned. I don't wanna leave, she thought. You have a date to keep with Robin, she told herself.

She smiled at the thought of Robin. She had been going out with him two months, but she felt that it may as well have been forever. He was so understanding....Get dressed, she snapped at herself. Sighing, she removed her cloak and pulled on her tight black skirt. Robin, she thought, had better be happy that I'm even showing up.

Don't think like that, she argued with herself. You know you like him. What are you, in denial? She guessed she was. After all, she told herself, you never thought you would fall in love. Pulling on her black variation of her normal shoes, she half walked, half floated on her thoughts down the stairs. Robin was waiting for her, dressed plainly in a black t-shirt and jeans. Of course, he still had his mask on.

Robin smiled when he saw her. "You look great. So, what do you want to do tonight?" He brushed back his shaggy, short black hair and took her hand. He wasn't kidding, she did look great. At least in my eyes, he told himself. She looked great to him even when she was a sick or tired and told him to go away.

"I don't care, Robin. You know that." She walked down the last step to stand next to him, and he groaned and smacked her arm playfully. She knew that he didn't care, but she groaned right back and rolled her eyes.

Starfire was standing there and she saw Robin and Raven laughing at each other. Robin said something that sounded like dinner and Raven nodded. Starfire watched them leave and went off to find Beast Boy, trying to fight down the feeling seeing Robin and Raven still gave her. She wasn't anger or even jelousy like she had in the begining, but she was still a little sad.

Beast Boy took her in his arms when he saw her, moving her red hair out of her face as she touched his shoulders. She had that look in her green eyes, a glisten of tears, that he knew meant she was feeling bad about Robin again. He hoped she didn't start crying, because that would remind him of the terible time he'd held a sobbing Terra in his arms...Don't think about it, he told himself. Starfire put in a movie, wrenching away from him, and they sat side-by-side, laughing. The pain of their past relationships, for the moment, was put aside.

Meanwhile, as Raven and Robin strattled Robin's motorcycle, Cyborg sat at his window, watching them while feeling depressed. Isn't there anyone in the world for me? This question had been running through his mind ever since Raven and Robin had gotten together. He had lost all chances with either of the other girls, and Terra was dead...At that moment, for no real reason, he thought about Lecita. She and her little sister Anna were miles away...So why was he thinking about her? He turned away from the window and went down into the darkened garage to work on the body of his car.

Raven felt her hair fly back while she clutched onto Robin. He was flying, and Raven could tell they were headed for the section of the city she and Starfire and, if she wasn't being nasty, sometimes Terra, would browse. It was near Raven's favorite cafe, a tiny gothic place on the street corner. Robin swung around the corner and barely managed to slam on the brakes in time to stop. "I could hardly see it," he said lightly, trying to find something to talk to her about.

Raven straighened the skirt around her pale legs. "Most people pass it by," she said. "Small place, I know most of the crowd. Are you sure you want to go in there? Some of the others are...extremely dark," she finished lamely. She also knew it cost a lot and didn't want to make Robin think fancy dinners were all she wanted from him.

"Sure. Come on, Raven. So what if you know them? And I'm treating, since I wanted to come." Raven relised that she must have said about not wanting him to pay out loud and stammered out how sorry she was. "Raven, I've alread Never mind my wallet." The two of them walked inside the dark cafe, which Robin found rather full considering it's size.

The owner saw Raven and literally ran over to where she stood, still in the shadows of the doorway. "Raven, we haven't seen you or your rather bright friend for some time." He relised that it wasn't Starfire in the doorway and brushed back his brown hair. He wasn't any older than nineteen, Robin was sure of that. His pale skin looked dark compared Raven, but he opened his mouth again. "Who's your new friend?" He asked curiously, eyeing Robin.

"That's Robin. Is my table still avalible or not?" Raven looked rather cross with the owner now. "Seriously, Jack, I'm out for a good time with Robin." She gave him one of her normal killing glares. Without another word to either of them, Jack led them to a small table, perfect for three or four people and hidden in shadows.

"There you are, Raven. Have...fun with your new friend." The owner left. Raven shot her glance around the resturant, trying to avoid Robin's questioning stare. Her eyes locked on the people she knew, then she turned back to face him. "I'm sorry about him. He and I were...Um..." Raven's cheeks became a firey red color. "I guess we were close at one point...I've known him since I was a kid."

Robin lay his hand next to her's on the dark wood. "It's okay. I mean, it's harder for you than me. You had to see me with Star that whole time...And you had no one..." Robin blushed too, and he could tell Raven was trying VERY hard not to lose control over her emotions and blow Jack and the whole resturant to bits.

Bit by bit the blushes faded and the two of them could look at each other again. A teenage girl, tall and clad in black, took orders. They started to talk, and Robin found his mind wandering back to Terra and Slade. He confessed that he still thought about it to Raven, and she listened to everything he had to say. She touched his shoulder lightly. "I know. You still think about it too, huh?" When he nodded, she went on. "It's okay, Robin. We all do, and we can't go back to how it used to be. We both knew going into this that we were going to fight. So just have a good time, okay?" Their food appered and they ate. Raven sat back, having finished before Robin, and was drinking her tea quietly, staring out the window. She could see the street perfectly, and was quite glad no one could see her sitting here with Robin.

Two girls were running down the street towards the cafe. They burst through the door, looking terrified. Raven stared at them and every eye in the resturant turned to the strangers. One of them was clad in a black cloak that was oddly familer...

Robin was startled to see Raven stand up and run over to the cloaked girls that had just burst in. The shorter of the two threw their arms around Raven and the older one started talking to her. They came back to the table and Raven looked at the older one. "Lecita, no one can see you. Take off your hood and talk to me."

The figure reached up and took off her hood. Her dark eyes were set off agenst her dark skin, and the younger one removed her hood as well. Anna smiled at Raven as the tossed back her black hair, which was very short compared to her sister's. Lecita fingered the long black braid nervously. "Raven...We need your help. I need you to..."

Raven flung out her right hand and placed it over Lecita's mouth. She gave the room a quick, quiet glance and shook her head. "Shhhhhhhh...Not here." Raven flagged down the waiter for the bill. Robin sighed with relif when he saw that it was a decent price considering that they had both enjoyed the food. Jack was maning the cash register, and Raven groaned softly from behind Robin. He could see in her face that she didn't want to talk to him again that night.

"Wait outside," Robin told her in an insistent tone. Raven didn't need telling twice, and headed outside with the two sisters, both talking to her at once. Jack looked up when Robin came over. "Leaving so soon?" Jack sneered. "Then show me your bill. I need to add on the cost of Miss Roth's private table."

Robin looked at him. If Raven always had access to that table, then why did she have to pay for it? "Whoa, wait one minute. So you liked her at one point. Is that any reason for you to charge me more than you have to?" Robin looked at him. "I'm only paying you what's on the bill."

"You little runt." Jack's ears turned red. "Yes, I liked her. It's not really any of your concern. You're also right, it doesn't cost extra. She left me for that stupid group, the Teen Titans. You're a part of it, I can tell. Don't let me catch you outside this restuarnt where your girlfriend can't see." Snatching the money Robin held up, Jack turned away from him, muttering.

Robin walked out without another word. Some people have nerve, he thought. Stupid asshole...Fuming, he almost ran right into Raven and Lectia. Anna was standing away from the door in the pouring rain that had just started. "I'm going to call Cyborg...We can't all fit on the motorcycle." Raven held out her hand and Robin dropped a quarter into her palm. Raven, as she waited for someone to pick up, wondered what the sisters problem was. She also wondered if she and Robin had met up with them again by accident. Or was this a fated remeeting?

Starfire answered with her usual good cheer. "Raven? Has something happened? Are you injured?" Starfire rattled on for about five minutes, and Raven had to hold out her hand for another quarter before she could calm her down enough to get in the words, "Put Cy on, will you?"

Cyborg's warm voice came over the connection. "You okay, Rave?" She explained what was going on to him and he started the car, preparing to come to them. Lecita...he thought. For some reason, thinking about her made him happy. Raven flagged him down with her right hand and the three soaked girls climbed into the car, while Robin followed on his motorcycle.

Once at home, Starfire hugged Lecita and Anna at the same time. The girls banged heads and frowned, but they looked around the tower and Anna remarked that it felt like home. Raven saw that they hadn't really slept in days and told Cyborg to go cook while Anna and Lecita were sent up to the bathroom.

When they were at the table with dinner for them and the three titans who hadn't eaten, Lecita looked at Raven and heaved a long sigh. "I'm kinda in trouble. The agency is after me. Plus this guy showed up and tried to burn our house down..." Lecita trailed off and took a deep breath. "I am so screwed. Can I just start at the begening?" Raven, who couldn't understand why Lecita was so close to tears, nodded. Lecita began to tell the story of the last two months.

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