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Chapter 1

It was another boring day in Bladebreakers live. Kai. Ray, Max, Kenny and Tyson were training with their blades. Hilary was sitting on a bench. She was very bored. ,,I'm terribly bored''-she thought-''What a pity that I can't play with them. Wait a minute why can't I?''

-Guys! I want to learn ho to play with blades. Can you teach me?- she shouted very loud. Everybody looked suprised but after few seconds Max, Ray and Tyson indicate their fingers Kai's direction.''Hmm It's a good idea Kai will be the best one to tech me. Tyson is too stupid,Max too hyper and I don't like Ray''-thought Hilary.

-No way- said Kai.

-Why?-asked Hilary.

-Kai. In my opinion it's very good idea. Think about it, she won't complain anymore- started Ray but when he saw Kai face wich told ''I'll kill you''he stoped but after few second he aded- you are the captain so you must teach her.- he finished with big grin on his face.

-No!-shouted Kai

-But Kai.-started Hilary but Kai cut her




-Please, please, please- Hilary dtarted begging Kai. Kai lokked at her and saw her puppy eyes

-...No- IN that moment Hilary squated and she grasp Kais hand

-Ow Please, please, please! I won't be a problem! Please!I'll do everything!- Everybody was silent at that moment.

-Everything?-asked Kai


-Ok. You win.But you own me a favour

-Great!- Hilary shouted and she hugged Kai.

-We have to buy you blade now.

-Hurray! I love shopping! -,,Why did I agree?''-thought Kai

-Ok. You will go for the blade and we will finish our training.-said Max

-Let's go-said Kai and he started to going to shop with beyblade gadgets.He was walking very fast so Hilary had to run after him

-Bye guys! See you later.- she shouted in hurry. When they reached their destination Hilary couldn't decide what color should be her blade.Suddenly Kai screamed:

-What are you doing! I have no time to sit with you here for another hour so decide now!

-Ok, ok I'll pich this blue.

-Good. Now We're going on the beach . I'll learn you there how to beyblade. -Yeah!-said very exited and happy girl. Kai was walking very fast, Hilary had to run after him.

-Kai please slow down.

-No- he said but he slowed down.-

,,He's very stubborn''- thought Hil. After a moment they were on the beach. Hilary's training started. At first she had to learn how to throw out the blade. She didn't know how to do it so after a while Kai was very irritated and he shouted:

-Not like that! Try to concertrait!

-I can't! – Hil was very angry.

-Grr I'll show you!- Kai came behind Hilary and he grab her hands in his to help her. They were now in very ankward position but Kai didn'y see that.Hilary was embarrassed.

-Thanks, now I know how.- she whispered to him. Her lesson ended so their went back to their houses. Hilarys home was near the beach so after a moment they were near it.Suddenly it started to rain so Hilary to asked Kai to stay untill the rain stop raining. Kai couldn't answer because they heard somebodys voice.

-Oh Hilary, I'm glad that you come back-

It was Hilary's mom

- Is he your boyfriend?-She pointed at Kai

-Come hear boy we don't want you to soak.

-Mom he's not my.. MOM!- Hilary couldn't finish because her mom pulled Kai to house.

-I see darling that you thind very good looking boyfriend.

shock-Kai and Hilary.

-Mom, please -And he's so sweet. -''What?! Nobody ever called me sweet''-thought Kai

-Mom stop!!!

-And he's so mysterious. Oh darling you have ideal boyfriend.- Hilary grabbed Kais arm and pull him upstairs.

-Supper will be soon . We won't disturb you untill then..-screamed Hilary's mom when they were on stairs. When they reached Hilarys room Hilary apologised to Kai:

-Kai I'm very sorry about my mom.She's always like that.-Kai didn't comment it.

- Make yourself comfortable.-Hilary started- I've got great idea. We know each other very long.


-I suggest we get better know each other.


-To know each other better. Stupid question.We can ask a question about us. You first.

-Why did you join our group?

-... I hadn't got any friends so I stick up with you.- Hilary seemed to be sad when she said taht but she shaked off very fast.

-My turn.Hmm. Tell me why you're so distant and cold?

-It's my grandfathers fault.-said Kai when he said that he semmed to be in thought.Hilary realised that she shoudn't ask this question so she got up and said:

-I'm sorry. I shoudn't ask this question.-suddenly she trip and land on Kai who was sitting on bad. At that moment Hilary's mother came to room.When she saw them she said with the tear in eye:

-My daughter is mature.-she decided to leave but when she was outside she said- Supper is ready.

Kai threw off Hilary and came downstairs. Hilary had to shake off.

Hilary was sitting next to Kai and her parents were sitting opposite them. Hilary's father lokked closer at Kai and asked:

-What's your name boy?

-Kai Hiwatari

-How old are you?

-I'm 17

-Have you got any plans for future?- Kai didn't expect this question

-When I was younger I wanted to be the best beyblader in the world and I reached this title.

-Hmm How long did you know my daughter?

-About 3 years.

-And have you got any plans about her? -Kai and Hilary fall off their chairs.

-I don't have any plans.-said Kai

-I don't believe you Kai. Don't lie to me. Tell me did you sleep with my daughter?- Hilary was angry and fed up with her family so she shouted: -We're going outside.-she pulled Kai through the door.

-It stopped raining.-said Hil

-I'm going back to my house.-said Kai and did what he said -See you tomorrow Kai –screamed Hilary and she came back inside.

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