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Chapter 3

Tyson had no interest In training so he started to thinking (if it's possible) what to do to avoid training. Suddenly he was hit by leaflet.

-Kai, look! Amusent park! Let's go there, it will be fun! Please. Please, please-


-Kai please. We don't need to train. We are already the best players.-said Max.


-Kai, please-Hilary joined boys.

Kai looked at them and saw their begging eyes.

-Ok. You win.


-I agree but Tyson has to run three laps around park. It was his idea.- added Kai ''I also want to have my fun''

-Buuuuuu- howled Tyson and started running,

In amusent park.

-There are many various attractions! Where are we going first?- asked Max

-To something really fast!- screamed Tyson

-How about Hyper Coster- suggested Ray.

All group started to going to Coster. Tyson was sitting with Max, Kai with Ray and Hilary with Kenny. After few rides they decided to go to Haunted House.

-No! I don't want to go there- shouted Hilary

-You're not scared, arent't you?- teased her Tyson

-Of course not!-

-So prove ot to us!

-OK. ''What have I done! I hate places like Haunted Houses, they are so scary! I hope that there will be very dark. I can't give Tyson any satisfaction that I'm scared and he's not!''

Blade Blakers went inside. Hilary already had gooseflesh. Suddenly big skeleton appered in front her. Hilary jumped and run to door. But they had already been closed.

-Let me out of here- screamed really scared girl.

Everyone started to laugh .She went back to boys. They went another few metres and they saw a wolf. It was running to them (of course everyone exept Hilary knew that it was hologram) Girl was so scared that she jumped at Kai, closed her eyes and started to pray. She was embaracing him harder and harder. Boy was looking at her strangely and he pat her in a consoling way.

-He disapeared. You can let me go now.

-Oh I see. Can I hold you like that. I hate places like that, please.

''She looks really scared''- thought Kai.


With Kais help Hilary managed to end.

-It was great! One more time?- asked Tyson and he looked at Hilary with big grin.

-No!!!- screamed Hil.

-One time is enought- Kai interceded for Hilary.

-Let's go to this big Devilish Mill.

Kenny decided to stay, because he was afraid of hights. Blade Blakers have really great time untill the mill stopped. They heared somebodys voice:

-Don't worry! We know what is wrong! We will repair it after 4 hours.

-Aaaaaaa!!- shouted Tyson- We will die here!

-Don't worry. It's only breakdown!- Ray started to calming down Tyson, it was effective.

-Maybe we can play something?- suggested Max

-Yeah good idea. Let's play Truth or dare!- screamed exited Hilary

- I first. I first, I first- shouted Tyson.

-Whatever, just stop screaming!

-Max, Truth or dare? -Truth!

-To whom of our group you feel really warm feling?

-It's really stupid question!- screamed Max.

-Person who won't do dare or answer truth will have to take off one piece of clothes.- said Ray

-The only girl here is Hlary so the answer is Hilary. I'm sorry Tyson if you are dissapointed it's not you.-answered Max

-Haha very funny!

-Now me. I pick dare- said Ray

-You have to eat this gum- said Tyson and he showed Ray the gum under his shoe.

-Bleeee- screame Hil

-You're crazy!- added Ray and he take off his band.

-hehehe it was funny- laughed Tyson- Kai your turn ''It's my revenge''- thought Tyson.

''Truth or dare, if I pick true he will choose really stupid question so''


-hehe kiss me


-WHAT? You are ill !!- screame Kai and pick up his T-shirt showing his sexy and muscular chest -

-So now me, truth- said Hil.

-Do you love me?

-I hate you, happy? Now I change the rules each person can asked only one person. And choose who!

-Great idea. Tyson truth or dare?

Tyson was really in bad position.


-Oh and now if somebody don't do dare or truth he will have to take of all clothes.

-You can't talk about food for one week


-From now!!

Everyone like that idea. Without Tysons grumbling their life will be like heaven.

-Tyson truth or dare- now it was Rays turn


-Are you still pissing in bed?

-N..No- answered Tyson. But nobody believed him.

-Hahaha- laughted Hil- I pick Kai

''Why she picked me''


-Kick Tyson out of here!

Kai smiled.

–With pleasure.

Tyson was really frightened. Kai stood up but he couldn't do anything because mashine was working again.

-You are lucky- said Kai and Hilary in unission


When they got out of it they went to exit. They have to much attractions for one day.

Our next chapter will be about Maxs and Rays plan. It will be very funny