Chapter 1: Half Breeds

Dante yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes. It had been one hell of a day, since he just cleaned out an entire mansion full of demons, and it was not easy. At least it was worth his wild, because the owner was a very wealthy man, and he paid the half-demon hunter a good two million dollars. As Dante leaned back in his chair, kicking his dried blood-covered boots on his desk. As he was starting to doze off, a loud knock at his door made him jump.

"Damnit, why don't people just wait till the next day for this crap?" he said to himself as he reluctantly rose up from his chair and walked to the door.

He opened it, and he was looking right at man dressed in all black. He was african-american, shades covering his eyes. The man wore a long black leather coat, similar to Dante's, but with steel buckles strapping the coat across his chest. A thin sword was sheathed on his back.

"Can I help you out, man?" Dante asked sleepily, sensing this guy was human, but also something else.

"I heard you're the guy who hunts demons down for a living." the mysterious man said, pulling part of his coat behind his waist, exposing a strange looking gun, probably a modified uzi.

"Yeah, that's me. Call me Dante, and what business is it of yours?" he replied.

The man smiled. He whipped the uzi out of his holster and aimed it at Dante's head. Acting with his lightning reflexes, he dodged the shots fired out of the man's gun and executed a perfect kick, knocking the man out the door into the alley. Dante, keeping his cool, quickly ran to his desk and grabbed Ebony and Ivory of the desk and holstered them.

Now, you wouldn't say Dante was exactly prepared for this fight, because he was dressed in his red leather pants and boots and holsters still on his legs, no shirt what so ever. But that didn't mean he couldn't win still. The man in black smiled at Dante's appearence, thinking he would go down easily, boy was he wrong.

"Let's Dance." the man said, smiling. Dante unholstered Ebony and Ivory and clicked the safety off them.

"Think you can keep up?" Dante replied.

The man lept off the ground, sword aiming straight at Dante. Dante dodged this by doing a side somersault in the air, landing perfectly. He fired Ebony and Ivory rapidly while the man ran up a wall dodging his bullets.

"Damn, why can't I hit this guy? What is this I sense in him?" Dante thought.

He fired even more, angry he couldn't hit this man. He lept on the roof on one of the neigboring buildings, dodging the strange man's bullets.

"Argghhh! Stay Still!" Dante screamed, his index fingers hammering on the triggers of Ebony and Ivory. He had to face it, the mysterious man was as fast as him, and that wasn't a good thing.

"Fuck this, i'm gonna need a bigger weapon!" Dante decided.

Dante jumped off of the roof and ran into Devil Never Cry, and came back out holding Alastor, looking quite pissed.

"Ok, tough guy, you wanna put that piss ant gun away and pull out that aluminum pipe you've got on your back?" Dante said, thinking he could cleave that sword like hot butter.

The man smiled, quickly holstering his gun and drawing his sword. Sparks flew everywhere as the two swords clashed together. The two men dodged and spinned and somersaulted everywhere like two acrobats at circus who tried killing each other. As the small war raged on, both men were tired of just dodging each other's blows.

Finally, Dante managed to kick the man's sword out of his hand, both men watching as the sword flew behind the man. Dante lept right over him, grabbing the falling sword, landing perfectly, both swords aimed right at the man. Dante noticed that part of the stranger's sword was moving.

"The hell?" Dante said taking a closer look.

SLICE!!! Three blades popped out of the handle, slicing Dante's hand badly. The man quietly laughed to him self, still standing in front of Dante. Dante stood up, looking at his hand. There was a deep gash in it, but luckily his demonic blood would speed up the healing process greatly, maybe in an hour or so.

"Damn, that hurts." he said to him self as he pointed Alastor at the man's chest.

"Wait. I'm not really here to kill you, just to test you if you're any use to me, if you're really who people say you are. My name is Blade, i'm a vampire slayer, like you, except I specialize in vampires, not demons. I'm looking for help, and I heard you're the man to call." he said firmly.

Dante just looked at him.

"What?! Your sword nearly slices my hand off, you try to pump me full of lead, try to slice me up, and you don't wanna kill me!? Oh no. I'm not doing anything for or with you, don't care what! Fuck you!" He boomed at Blade.

Dante thrust Alastor in Blade's direction, pissed off more than ever. Blade dodged his attack, snatching his own sword out of Dante's hand. Dante had Alastor pointed at Blade, and Blade had his sword aimed at Dante. By this time now, Trish came out in black shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top, looking tired and angry.

"Dante! What in Sparda's name is your problem? Who is this guy? And the way it looks, why were you two fighting at 3:00 am in the morning?" Trish demmanded, sprinting up to Dante, and digging her nails into Dante's neck, putting him in pain, making him drop Alastor.

"Shit, woman!!! Did you know that hurts!!"

"I hardly touched you."

Dante broke free from Trish's grasp and grabbed Ebony out of his holster, aiming it straight at Blade. Blade did not seem scared, suprisingly. Dante pulled the trigger, but Trish quickly reached out and pulled the gun barrel up so the bullet didn't hit Blade.

"Trish! What are you doing?!"

"Well, don't shoot him! You don't shoot someone because your hand got gashed!"

"Well, I see him as a guy who's gonna fuck us the first chance he gets!"

"Why are you being so paranoid?"

Dante remained silent.

"I thought so."

Trish glanced over to Blade, who was resheathing his sword.

"Who are you?" Trish asked.

"My name is Blade. I've come seeking his help, because I have someting of his specialty on my hands."

"I see. Maybe we should discuss this inside. If Dante tries to pull anything, i'll cleave him in half.

"Dante does not rust me."

"Who cares what HE thinks."


Dante was bent on the brink of slicing Blade in half right then and there, but didn't want to get in a small world war with Trish. So he stomped into Devil Never Cry and came back out a few minutes later fully dressed in his red leather attire, with Alastor and Ebony and Ivory at side, hopped on his bike, and rode off into the darkness.


Not very good huh? Well, tell me what I should improve on the way you tell a 13 yr old, cause I am 13!!! Seeya!! Oh, it's Trish who does trust Blade, not Dante!!! Oh yeah, I've changed it, he does use Alastor for the fight.