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AN: Yeah, so I kind had a huge urge to write this fic before I finished Lost and Found (my other Yu-gi-oh fic) thanks to lots of duels these past few days. This fic will be longgggggggggg. As such, I'm splitting into acts. That way you can keep track of where you are. Plus, each act is like a mini fic. I'll be including as many characters as I can, the opponents will be Ocs, probably most if not all of them. Some of the characters may die in a later acts, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Act 1: Hymn to Dusk.


In a time long ago, at the dawn of the ages, before the mortal wars of the Shadow Realm, there existed an older, more ancient force. Chaos. This force challenged the might of the 3 Egyptian gods, Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and The Winged Dragon of Ra. They appeared at once, the soldiers of chaos, and the Three led them. The Three warriors of Chaos, who even alone laid waste to the land, but the Pharaoh, empowered by the Egyptian gods and aided by his loyal sorcerers, fought back.

Their war stretched for years, with the Chaos slowly taking over, and all the while, the true Chaos waited for its entry upon the world. The gods knew of this great enemy, and fought to prevent its arrival. However, the forces of chaos were too great and numerous for even the pharaoh to combat. Finally, in a last, desperate gamble, the gods placed their powers within three individuals. The High Priest, the Pharaoh, and a Tomb keeper, these three warriors, guardians of the spirit, people, and earth were granted the might of the gods themselves to challenge the terrible force that plagued the world. However, the Three were able to summon their Master, who in turn devastated the world. But the three mortals, imbued with the power of the gods fought him in one last, terrible battle that shook the earth. No one knows what transpired in the battle, save that the three gods had lost so much power that even when called upon later, during the Shadow wars; they still had lost far too much strength. They had only fractions of their true power. And the mortals who had been imbued with such power had no memory of the battle, for that knowledge was destined to remain hidden, until the time when it would be needed again.

And so the world turns and changes. People pass away, the three warriors grew apart, and soon were torn apart through bitterness and war. This is the way the world turns, and legends are forgotten. But the enemy has not forgotten us, and it waits. It watches, and plots its arrival. Soon the setting of this age will come, and the darkness will encompass this world in its grip. The three must be united, or we will all fall.

--Somewhere in China—

"My lord, we have located the final piece of the orb." A black robed figure said. The one he addressed did not turn from his view from high in the mountains, but nodded his response. "And the cards. Have they been made to the specifications of the scriptures?" The one addressed as lord said.

"Yes my lord, Pegasus was kept unaware of the production. As you ordered." "Excellent. Soon, we will have our revenge. We have spent over 5000 years recuperating, waiting for this moment. I want all of our people in place at Domino." "Domino, my lord? Forgive me, but I thought" "Don't think then, Arko. Do what you are told. We must wipe out the guardians of earth, spirit, and people before they can realize who we are. We will not underestimate them again. Is that clear?" "Crystal, my lord." With that, the black robed figure faded into the shadows of the ruins. The figure turned towards the east, where he knew Domino lay, exposing eerily black eyes from underneath his hood.

"Soon, vengeance will be mine!"

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