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Act I: Hymn to Dusk

Chapter 7 Mystic Struggle

--Somewhere North of Domino City—

Erym was very annoyed. Amelia the Relentless had failed to defeat Seto Kaiba. Still, if he took out one of the Guardians, the others would surely fall. "Arko," Erym called softly. The robed man appeared next to his master, and bowed. "Arko, send Mystic out to destroy Yugi Motou." He ordered. Arko bowed, and retreated from Erym's presence.

--Near The Game Shop—

Yugi Motou was not a very happy camper. Lack of sleep, revelations that he was to face off against another ancient evil trying to destroy the world, plus Yami's endless teasing about Tea Gardener, his long-time crush, was making this day very, very bad. 'At least it can't get any worse than this.' Little did he know, it would easily get far worse.

As Yugi walked inside, intent on getting much needed sleep, he suddenly felt a dark power outside his home. It was close by. 'We'd better check it out.' Yami said. Yugi nodded, and went to grab his duel disk, just in case. As Yugi walked out, he caught a flash of movement. Chasing the figure down a few alleyways, he eventually cornered it. Or so he believed.

The figure turned, and pulled its hood down. It revealed a young man with cold grey eyes and blond hair. "Hello Yugi Motou. My name is Amuro the Mystic. I've come here to kill you."

Yugi sighed. Death threats seemed so old once you had saved the world and faced down dozens of these annoying henchmen types before. "You're a Harbinger." He said, not asking, but knowing.

"Indeed, little Yugi. I'm surprised you've heard of us. Well, it doesn't matter. You'll be dead soon. Now, shall we duel?" Amuro asked mockingly.

Yugi smiled, and Yami took over. "Let's duel!" Yami declared.


Seto Kaiba collapsed onto his bed, his mind confused and exhausted. To top it all off, he had a headache. 'This day just keeps getting better and better.' Kaiba thought sarcastically.

A noise at his door caused Seto to sit up, and look directly at his little brother. "What is it, Mokuba?" He asked gruffly.

"Seto, what happened to you tonight? Please, I know it was bad, but tell me." Mokuba begged.

Seto was unwilling at first, but in the end looked at his little brother, knowing that knowing there was a threat was better than being caught unawares. "I was challenged to a duel. For some reason, it was a duel to the death. I won, of course." Seto said, a hint of the cocky, arrogant jerk he was showing, "After the duel, some weird guy calling himself Erym appeared and called me Torment's Child, and that we would meet again."

"Seto, maybe Yugi and the others know more about these guys than us. We should see what they want tomorrow." Mokuba pointed out.

"Maybe, Mokuba. You know I don't believe in that ancient Egyptian mumbo jumbo. But, if they can give me information on beating that guy, then I guess we should check it out." Seto said, before bidding his brother good night and falling asleep.

--Back to the Duel—

"I'll go first!" Yami declared. "I draw! I'll start off with Big Shield Gardna in defense mode, and I'll place one card face down. Your turn!"

Amuro stared at the high defense creature and smiled. "I'll start off by summoning Manju of the Thousand Hands! This card allows me to get one ritual monster or magic card when it's summoned! I choose, Contract with the Abyss!" A card popped out of his deck and he grabbed it. "I'll place 2 cards face down, and now you may go."

Yami drew his card and looked at the current situation. His opponent had a weak monster out, but 2 face down cards. 'This is going to be tricky.' Yami said to Yugi. Yugi didn't say anything, but Yami knew he agreed.

"I'll start off by placing my Beta the Magnet warrior in defense mode!" A small metal warrior appeared crouching behind it's shield. "Then I'll place 1 card face down, and that should do it."

Amuro smirked, and drew his card. "I'll play Harpies Feather Duster! Say good-bye to all of your face down cards!" He laughed.

"Not so fast Amuro!" Yami interrupted. "I activate Magic Drain! This forces you to discard another magic card in order to keep Harpies Feather Duster in play!"

Amuro glared at Yami, and chose not to discard. "Very well. Then I will play Contract with the Abyss!" A form appeared in front of Amuro. "I sacrifice my Manju and my Archfiend Soldier to summon my almighty Dark Master Zorc!" A towering fiend appeared on the field, glaring at Yugi's monsters.

Yami shook, that beast was more powerful than any he had in his entire deck! Amuro's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Pharaoh! Prepare to feel the wrath of Zorc's special ability!" A dice appeared overhead. "When I roll this die, it can destroy 1 of your monsters if it hits a 3, 4, or 5, all of your monsters if it hits 1 or 2."

"And if it hits 6?" Yami questioned, probing for a weakness.

"Then it destroys my monsters. But the chances of that are slim. So go, dice roll!"

As the dice bounced along the ground, it hit a 3. Yami's eyes widened as Zorc fired a powerful blast of energy, annihilating his Big Shield Gardna. Amuro smirked. "Now then, I think I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon! Blow away his face down card!"

Yami winced as Magical Cylinders was destroyed, but he still glared defiantly back at Amuro. "Now, Zorc! Destroy his magnet warrior with dark crush!" Amuro declared.

The alley shook from the explosive power of Zorc, but Yami stayed on his feet determinedly. "Is that all?" Yami questioned

"Not quite. I'll lay one card face down. Now I am done." Amuro said with a sneer.

As Yami drew his card, he was a little worried. He was facing down a monster with 2700 attack points and with the ability to destroy monsters. He looked at his cards and placed a card face down and Gamma the Magnet warrior in defense mode. "Your turn." Yami said evenly, but with a hint of fear in his voice.

Amuro smirked, catching that hint of fear, and using it. "ZORK! USE YOUR SPECIAL ABILITY NOW!" He yelled, and again the dice fell. This time, it hit a 5, annihilating Yami's magnet warrior.

Amuro smiled in triumph. "Now I'll play this card face down, and now attack Zork!"

The Dark energy impacted Yami, and he fell to his knees, weakened by the powerful assault as his lifepoints dropped to 5300.

Amuro continued his triumphant look as he ended his turn. As Yami drew his card, he knew what he had to do. "I summon Dark Blade, in attack mode!"

An armored warrior appeared on the field, its sword at the ready. Amuro laughed at the monster's puny attack when compared to Zorc. "That's it?" Amuro mocked, but Yami merely glared and continued on.

"I'm not done yet Amuro! I play the magic card Riryoku!" Yami said with a victorious glint in his eyes.

Amuro looked at the magic card with a hint of fear, but asked, "What does that do?"

"Riryoku," Yami answered, "Cuts your monsters attack in half and adds it to my monsters attack strength!" As they talked, Zorc felll to his knees as black energy was siphoned off into Dark Blade.


The black clad warrior cut Zorc down, but Amuro still smirked as his life points went down to 6200. "NOW I ACTIVATE MY FACE DOWN CARD!" Amuro yelled.

Yami looked in shock as a trap card flipped up, showing a group of people moruning. "Meet my trap card, Reverent Silence! It destroys all monsters on the field when one of mine is destroyed!" Amuro laughed insanely as Dark Blade was obliterated.

Yami ended his turn, looking worriedly at Amuro's field. It was empty, but Yami had only 1 card face down. Amuro smiled, and drew his card. His eyes seemed to widen at what he drew, and he put a monster face down in defense mode and ended his turn.

'Why didn't he attack?' Yami wondered.

'Maybe he was afraid of the face down card we played.' Yugi interjected.

Yami saw that as logical, and proceeded to draw his card. "I summon Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts!" A large horned animal appeared at Yami's side. "Gazelle! Attack his face down card with Claw of Destruction!"

Amuro smiled as Yami's card slashed the face down card. "FOOL! YOU'VE ATTACKED CYBER JAR! It destroys all monsters on the field!"

A large mechanical jar appeared, and sucked in the gazelle, and then it was destroyed. "Now let us pick up 5 cards, and reveal them to the other. We will now summon all level 4 or lower monsters that can be summoned." Amuro explained.

Yami got Dark Magician, Kuriboh, Queen's Knight, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Alpha the Magnet warrior. He placed Kuriboh in defense mode along with Queen's Knight and Alpha.

Amuro showed him Shinato's Ark, Mad Dog of Darkness, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Holy Life Barrier, and Sinister Serpent. He put Breaker and the Dog in attack mode, placing the Serpent in defense mode.

Yami placed one card face down, and ended his turn.

Amuro drew his card, and began laughing once he looked at it. "This is it Pharaoh! Prepare yourself for my most powerful Ritual Monster!" While he laughed, Shinato's Ark appeared.

Yami, recognizing what that meant, shook. "No.." He whispered in fear.

"NOW MEET SHINATO, KING OF A HIGHER PLANE!" Amuro said as Breaker and the Dog disappeared in flash of light. In their place, was Shinato. Yami looked in awe of the 3300 attack point monster.

"This is it Yami, prepare to meet your fate!" Amuro declared.

AN: Reverent silence isn't real. I made that one up, cause it sounds cool and I didn't know any card that did that. Holy Life Barrier, in case anyone asks, is real. It's just a Japanese card.