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Ashe was seated comfortable at the table in his private chambers, sipping his coffee, and leafing through the mail that just came off of the mail caravan, "Junk, junk, you may have already won!, junk, junk," when he paused at a flyer that he had come across.

"Pesky husband cheating on you? Nosey neighbor won't leave you alone? Another woman or man steal the love of you life? Worry no more! Have the person causing the problems taken care of quickly and descretly by a trained professional! There is a slight charge, but if you are serio8us about having this person taken care of it should be no problem! Guaranteed to have the problem gone with in seven days or there is no cost! We call this little program A Simple Human Elimination, or for short ASHE. For more information send an avian messenger to Dr. Acmed's Snake Show in the heart of Ylorc. We'll be waiting!"

Ashe was silent for a moment. "RHAPSODY!!!!!"
"Hang on, Darling! I'm writing a letter to Achmed!"
Ashe put his coffee down and stood slowly. He grabed his mist cloak and left with out another word. A moment later a lone figure could be seen on a horse streaking off into the distance.
Rhapsody came out of the bedroom, "Darling do you want to sing Achmed's Birthday card...?" She looked around, "Sam?" She then saw the flyer laying on the table and scanned it quickly. She sighed and put a finger to each of her temples, "I can NOT believe him..." Ylorc

"Sir, if you'll pardon me for saying this, but she is going to kill you."
Achmed smiled, "Well, it'll be good to see her again. The Sleeping Child misses her almost as much as we do."
Grunthor just shook his head and didn't deem that worthy of a response. (A/N: Okay so this was funnier in my mind than on paper.)