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When the Love has to End: Epilogue

Surrounded by peach-color walls, lying on the soft, double sized bed with grey covers, wearing a pair of jeans, a long sleeved, brown t-shirt, was a brunette woman, completely lost in her feelings and thoughts.

Hilary's POV

As I see him now… well, he's a really cool blader, years haven't make him lost his abilities, and in fact he has two children to train… but years ago, he was not the man I actually know. My friends used to call him 'Mr. Strict' or 'Mr. Sourpuss'.

But since I started mixing up with Tyson's gang, in which I met Ray, Max and… Kai… everything started to change. I liked that guy… a lot, really. Until the day he confessed me his love. Even now his mind has some secret's I'll never get to know, and I have learned to live with it.

Nowadays, he's my husband. It's twelve years since I started dating him… and he was my first date in fact. But I love him… I love him since he saved my life twice… since he started to show that handsome guy that was behind his cold shell.

I was interrupted by some knock at my bedroom door. "Yeah?" I answer lazily.

"Mum? Dad's calling… he says he has a surprise for you…"

"Heh, I'm coming Gou."

Kai knows everything about me… we've moved together as soon as he started working, as an engineer in a corporation in Japan. We've had two children, Gou, who's ten years old, and Rhylie, who's the little girl of only five.

Sometimes I think I'm the happiest person in the world. I have a home, I have two children, and I have the best person I know at my side… and that's Kai Hiwatari.

Now I tell you a little of the story itself.

I started writing "When the Love has to End" at the beginning of Beyblade season two in Argentina, that was about April, 2004. I started this story by hand, and I was 14 years old in that time. I even drew some pictures about it, and I have them all still if you ever want to see them.

Months passed and then I decided I should publish it. And that's what I did. I got about 15 reviews in the first chapter, and I was surprised to see how much people had liked what was a simple attempting to a KaiHil story. Then I decided to continue it.

I started dating a guy at the middle of the story, and you writers or readers can imagine what happens. The story went to a hiatus. I didn't know what to do when I realized this, and I also realized I had lost many of my readers because of the delay. Then I started to update, slowly.

I had an urge to finish the story so I did something that was a mistake and that was an alternative ending. It was like a fairytale, and you can see in my profile, I hate those.

As soon as I broke up with the guy, I reread the story and I wanted to hang myself from a bridge. And I mean it.

I started rewriting the story, and well, this is how it went. Sometimes crazy ideas came to my mind like for example the TyHil thing, but everything had a solution in the end, and turned perfectly well.

And basically that's the story of my fic. I really hope you liked "When the love has to End"… and I made the epilogue because I had to make something like when the story started. (Just in case, if you haven't realized yet, the epilogue starts as the story starts :P)

And I think that's all… it isn't easy to say goodbye…

I hope you'll be reading the next KaiHilary…. i already started writing it.

See you soon!

Thanks for the support, I already thanked everyone in the last chap.

Bye… lots of love for everybody and thanks for the support