The Answer is Out There—Epilog

The Answer is Out There—Epilog

Author: Meridian

Rating: PG

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"Skinner wants to see us again, partner." Scully sighed, dropping her forehead into her hands. Again was right. Stupid assignments, she groused. Their last one had been the least fun of all. After every single case, especially one where the investigating agents had been found adrift in the Gulf of Mexico, an inquest was assured. Well, is it our fault our so-called guide dumped us?

"Coming, Mulder." Scully switched off her computer monitor, leaving the machine in standby. She had collected her jacket and was about to join her partner in the hall when the most annoying sound in the history of creation came from her computer.

"You've got mail!" Mulder raised a quizzical eyebrow, and Scully groaned.

"I wasn't even on the internet, let alone on that grill-cracking, fricking…" Scully trailed off in her Yosemite Sam imitation to turn her monitor back on. The screen fizzled to life, the standby mode obviously not in function when the picture cleared.

"What the…" Mulder walked over to her side to investigate. The screen was black except for a postcard-like image. It was a picture of a baby, a beautiful, chubby cherub with a small cap of dark brown/black hair on its head. Without moving the mouse, a finger, or typing a jot, the image flipped over, completing the postcard with the message on the back.

Her name is Nemesis.

There was no date, no other words, and no hint as to who had sent this strange e-greeting.

"Who is that from?" Scully nearly smacked her partner. With all his smarts, why couldn't he have overcome this penchant for asking questions she obviously had no answers for?

"I have no idea. What kind of parent would name their kid Nemesis?" Mulder grinned, making a mock-disgusted face. "Or Fox for that matter?" He laughed, shaking his head.

"Ha-ha. Come on, funny girl, let's go face the firing squad." Mulder stood and headed for the door. Scully smiled and moved to switch off the computer once more. As she did so, the image swirled away to a black screen. In the middle, in bright green letters, a message was typed out with invisible fingers.

[Nemesis was her mom's idea. But hey, who in their right mind will argue with a pregnant woman?]

Scully stared at the words on her screen. They disappeared, taking their weak humor with them, humor that was out of place for the complete oddity of their appearance.

[Thanks for your help, Scully. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you and Mulder again some day.]

Silently, Scully watched the computer shut itself off. Somewhere between her desk and reaching the door, she decided not to say a word to Mulder, who had waited outside the door, his back turned.

Hell, I don't know if even 'Spooky' would believe me.

The End

(I know, I know…It's about time! I know! *promises never to procrastinate this badly again!*)