Title: Can't Help It

Rating: PG

Summary: "I tried her home. Not there" Tony POV and an answering machine message.

Ship: Tony/Kate implied

Author's Note: First fan fiction story. Sorry if it's cheesy.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story.

Tony POV

"Heard from Kate?" Gibbs asked, and I looked up, startled.

"No," McGee replied. "I tried her home. Not there," I added with a somewhat annoyed tone.

I look back down at my paperwork. "Gonna give her a paddle?" I ask Gibbs.

"Huh?" Of course, McGee just has to ask.

"It has to do with the creek Kate and I are up in." I smirked and let that sink in.

Well would have been in. Where on earth is she?

Looking back down at my paperwork, my mind drifted towards the conversation I had with her answering machine five minutes ago.

FLASHBACK—5 minutes ago

Ring! Ring!

All I kept hearing in my head was those damned rings. Finally I got the answering machine. The answering machine. I now hate the answering machine.

"You've reached Kate Todd. I'm not at home right now, leave a message and I'll get back to you."

I made a face at the phone before I heard the beep. At the sound of the beep, I took a deep breath, and said what I have been rehearsing in my mind for awhile now.

"Kate, it's Tony. Boss is getting worried about you. Frankly, so am I. Where are you? I better warn you, you and I are up the same creek, pal. And we don't have a paddle," I then lowered my voice so that McGee couldn't hear me. "I miss you. Wherever you are, just be safe, all right?"

With that I hung up. I sighed. Apparently, loud enough for McGee to hear.

"Tony?" he asked hesitantly.

"Get back to work McGee!" I said in frustration.


I don't think I can help it. I'm worried about her.