Title: Can't Help It 3/3

Rating: PG

Summary: "I tried her home. Not there" Tony POV and an answering machine message.

Ship: Tony/Kate implied

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story.

Author's Note: This is the last "installment" or whatever you want to call it, of "Can't Help It." I may write another fic to add to this, when I feel like it, but don't expect it so soon. But do expect some other random stories in the future. Maybe not the NEAR future, but the future nonetheless, especially when the new season hits.

Tony POV

It's been two weeks since the ordeal with Ari has been over. Two weeks since I've driven Kate home, and I'm sure two weeks since she's heard my answering machine message.

The message now, seems so... non co-worker like. It sounded to me something that... well something that I wouldn't normally say. I inwardly wince when I remember what I said. "I miss you." It was true, it really was. And I really was worried about her too. But now that we've gotten back into our bantering routing – slowly but surely- I have an urge to just want to erase the message. Not that I could anyway.

"Hey Mr. I'd rather daydream about some random girl I met in a bar than do my work, Gibbs is calling you," Kate's voice broke through my daydream.

I look over at Gibbs desk, and sure enough he was looking at me questionably. He shakes his head after a minute and then tells me to get back to work.

I nodded quickly, to make sure he knew he was heard, and I turned my head to face my computer screen. I pulled up all the paperwork I needed to do and started quickly. Half my mind was on the paperwork, making sure it looked like I knew what I was doing, and making sure I wasn't making any noticeable mistakes. The other half was more like focused on anything BUT the paperwork.

"Wow he's actually getting his paperwork done for once. Got a camera Gibbs?" she mentioned jokingly to Gibbs.

"You know one day, in the near future, when you need me for a favor, I'm going to consider it. Then I'll remember what you just said two seconds ago, and I'll forget about it," I replied sarcastically.

"The day I need you for a favor is the day that you'll actually remember some girl you met at a bar's name," she bantered back.

"Don't you have something better to do than disturb a working man's... work?" I asked, emphasis on working. She smirked at me, but she did get back to her paperwork.

An hour or so later, Gibbs excused himself from us, and went off to the morgue or some place. I was getting bored and restless and my paperwork was almost done.

"Hey Kate?" I ask, breaking the silence.

"Yeah Tony?" she asked, not lifting her head from her paperwork.

"Do you ever wonder..."

"No," she replied cutting me off.

"But you didn't even..."

"Still no."

"You gotta hurt a guy when he's really bored and restless don't you?" I ask, semi-rhetorically. She smiled at me and went back to her work.

She sighed dramatically, "What do you wonder Tony?"

I looked up at her and asked, "Do you ever wonder if you can delete someone else's answering machine messages? By the phone?"

She looked at me questionably and I added, "Like, say, if a cheating husband called the wrong house number and said the wrong things... You know what? Never mind. Forget I asked."

She shrugged and just answered, "Well maybe if that person knew the other person's machine message number thing, but otherwise, probably not."

I nod and we go back to work for a couple more hours. It was finally time to leave and all I wanted to do was eat and go home and sleep. Yeah, sleep sounds real good right about now.

I was really proud of myself. Actually doing my work for once. Sure some of them might be a little late, but hey it's done, right? It really sucks when there's no one killed or something. I mean, it does suck when someone gets killed, but that means no action. Never mind, that actually makes me sound like an insensitive jerk.

I notice Kate gathering all her things together, so I say the first thing that comes out of my mouth.

"Hey Kate you want to get something to eat?" I can't believe those were the first words out of my mouth.

"Yeah sure. Not like I had any plans or anything," she said looking at me, with a hint of question in her voice.

I look down pretending to sort out my paperwork messily, while thinking to myself, what the hell was I thinking. At least she said yes. Maybe sometimes worrying about someone is actually a good thing. Sometimes.