Here is another "guess the POV" poem. I hope you enjoy it.

The Definition of Whole

There was a time when I lived,

And I enjoyed what life had to offer.

But, in a flash, it was gone,

Leaving me shattered and broken.

The life that I knew,

The life that I loved had ended.

How can I live like this,

A shadow of who I was?

How can I still be me

When a part of me is gone?

But time has a way of moving on,

And so did I.

I found a new place, a home,

And people who accepted me as I am. . .

As if I was whole.

But I can't tell them,

Or make them understand. . . .

Because, you see, what I lost

Is what they take for granted.

And while I again stand strong

In body and in soul,

I know what is missing,

I know what I lost,

And I can never again be whole.

So I live on with my memories.

And, now, I finally see,

I'll never again be whole like I was. . .

But I found the place where I'm truly meant to be.
Author's Note:

I just wanted to say thanks to my reviewers. I wasn't used to getting reviews until I began writing TT poems. So, thanks to Alys, Raven A. Star, DarkWolfBlade, BlackShield, Fireruby, Toast, Tsunami-Dono, Life Sucks Get Used To It, Alia G. L, Amber Skye, Audi Katia, Gothic-Angel13, ScarletAngel68, Suzaku's Rose, dana1313, Phantom Tamer (though I don't know where your reviews went), RavenSiriusBlack, M (whomever you are), and Golden Girl 2002. Whether you reviewed once, or have me on your Favorite Author/Favorite Story/Author Alert list and review everything I post, I appreciate it.