Fushigi Yugi: The Next Generation – Prologue

Fushigi Yugi: The Next Generation – Prologue

Disclaimer: I don't own Fushigi Yugi. Then again, I don't own a lot of things.

Author's Note: I am taking this from the end of the TV series, and excluding the OVAs (perhaps some ideas from them) because I haven't seen them. Here are the pairings: Miaka and Taka, Yui and Tetsuya, Keisuke…and no one. He's a bachelor. This takes place after the events in the book, so it's been a few years. At least, in this prologue.

Yui was cradling her newborn son. He had his mother's blond hair and his father's hazel eyes. He had very little hair, but it would grow eventually. It was an uneventful birth. There were no complications, which was something to be grateful for. Her husband had come rushing from his job as a professor in Chinese Literature at the University. Tetsuya was very proud of how well his wife did during the birth, and at how healthy and beautiful his son was. He needed a name. But, Yui and Tetsuya were in such awe after his birth, that they couldn't think of a name. It was alright. It was only three days since Yui gave birth.

Miaka was at the hospital before Tetsuya. She was there just in case she had to coach Yui. She left Taka alone to do other things, just to get be with Yui. But, luckily Tetsuya got there in time. Keisuke was making fun of Tetsuya the whole drive there. Keisuke was currently an author who wrote stories of fiction set in ancient China. He was a best selling author, when asked about where he got his inspiration from, he would say from the Gods. Miaka and Yui always laughed about that. While, Tetsuya demanded that Keisuke pay him back for all the money he had borrowed over the years, Keisuke taunted him by ignoring his pleas.

Taka had to go pick up his son at the daycare. So, they came after the birth. Yui and Tetsuya's parents were there to admire their grandson. Yui enjoyed the attention that she received from everyone. Miaka and Tetsuya were doting over her. However, it was beginning to get rather stressful for Yui. Miaka was six months pregnant with her second child, unlike the first one; she refused to get an ultrasound to find out the sex of her second baby. She wanted it to be a surprise. Taka agreed with his wife that it should be a surprise. They were hoping for a girl this time to round out their family, but either way they would be happy about the new baby. Keisuke thought that it was a bad idea to have an older son and a younger daughter, but he was only joking.

Yui was rocking her son back in forth. They were now all safe back home from the hospital. Her son was sleeping contentdly in her arms. Yui looked at him and kissed his soft forehead.

'He is so beautiful. I never thought I could feel love like this,' thought Yui.

Yui continued to admire her baby boy. Tetsuya went out to get some things for the baby and her. He also went out to get some food; he didn't expect her to cook. That would be wrong, but Yui said that she didn't mind. But Tetsuya insisted.

Yui looked at her son. Then something strange happened.

There was glowing red symbol on his forehead.

A Chinese character: Loyalty.

Yui blinked thinking that she was seeing things, but she wasn't. The symbol glowed brighter and then extinguished.

Yui started to shake, but it didn't bother her son. He still rested peacefully.

"No. No. Please no," whispered Yui as she pulled her son closer to her body. She held him so tightly, that he protested.

The baby's cries became shrieks, as Yui wouldn't loosen her grip. She thought that he would be taken from her at that moment.

Tetsuya was already home. He heard the baby's cries, and rushed up to the nursery.

"What wrong with him, Yui?" asked Tetsuya when he got up the stairs.

Yui had tears in her eyes. She realized that she was holding their son too tight. So, she loosened her arms.

"It's alright. I guess I didn't know I was holding him too tightly," answered Yui. The baby was calm again and had fallen back asleep.

"Are you sure you're alright?" insisted Tetsuya. He had read about women having some conflicting emotions after giving birth, but this was strange. Yui was fine when he left.

"Yes. I am fine," answered Yui.

"Alright then, I'll put away the things from the store. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes," said Tetsuya with some doubt in his voice. He left his family, and went back downstairs.

'It can't happen to him. It happened to me, but it can't happen to him. I won't let it happen to him' thought Yui as she looked down at her son. She blinked back her tears and swallowed them, and now she was filled with resolution and determination.

This was only a sign for things to come.

Author's Note: How that for a beginning? This is an action/adventure series, but a little slow on the start. It's going to be long and big.