Fushigi Yuugi: The Next Generation – Part 39

Fushigi Yuugi: The Next Generation – Part 39

Disclaimer: I still don't own Fushigi Yuugi.  But, you probably already knew that.  Yuu Watase owns Fushigi Yuugi.  I own this story and the new, original characters.

Author's Note: Everyone happy now?  I'm almost done.  This is the last part.  Sniffle.  It's been a lot of fun for me.  This is the longest thing I've ever written.  I'm very proud of how this turned out.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  I'll tell you my favorite quotes: (Mariko talking about her gambling ring) "Nothing is wrong unless you get caught," and (Kokoro during the test for the Genbu shinzahou) "We're screwed!"  For those of you who have any questions, I'll have a Q & A thing in the forum along with my end notes.  Feel free to ask me any questions about this story.  Thank you to all of you who have reviewed.  I'm thinking of doing my own version of Gaidens or shorter stories that stem off this piece.  There are so many stories that can stem off this piece that they all couldn't be told here.  One more focus on the Suzaku group, then other stories for the other groups.  I've made some plans for the first Gaiden I'm going to do.  Here's the title I've got: Shiro Den – Gaiden 1.  It involves more character development for the Suzaku seishi, namely Shiro.  Either way I'm going to take a little hiatus from Fushigi Yuugi.  I'm sure no one will really mind.  I've worked really hard on this piece.  But, I've really enjoyed writing it.  Do you guys want to read the Gaidens?  Depending on your responses I might actually get started on it, but as it stands I'm behind on two of my fics.   

            The Suzaku group and Ryu were teleported to the entrance of the palace in Eiyou.  Ryu was carrying Mariko who wasn't awake yet.  Odayaka looked at her with concern.  Sei placed his hand on his shoulder to give him some reassurance.  There was the sound of running footsteps towards them. 

            "You're back!  We were starting to wonder what went wrong…" started Tasuki.  He and Chichiri saw Ryu.  Their eyes widened, and they paled over.  Their jaws dropped.  "G—GHOST…LI—TTLE GHOST…TAMAHOME…" stammered Tasuki. 

            "That's impossible, no da.  He would have aged, no da.  Besides, there's something different about his chi, no da," said Chichiri.

            "This is Mariko's older brother, Sukunami Hoshi.  He's the first Seiryuu seishi known as Ryu," said Sei with large innocent eyes and a sweet tone.  He started laughing hysterically.  Sei had been waiting for a couple of weeks to get back at Tasuki and Chichiri for making him break his promises to Mariko.  Besides, the looks on their faces were priceless.  Ryu sighed and glowed the kanji on his forehead.  Chichiri and Tasuki gasped at this.  After Ryu glowed his kanji he gave them both a strange look.   

            "Oniichan…" whispered Mariko as she opened her eyes.  Ryu looked at her tenderly. 

            "It's all right.  Everything is fine.  You did great, Mariko-chan," praised Ryu gently.  Mariko closed her eyes again.  "Where's her room?  I know that she must have one," he said to Odayaka.

            "This way," said Odayaka.  Ryu followed Odayaka to Mariko's room. 

            Tasuki and Chichiri followed Ryu with their eyes as he left the room with Mariko and Odayaka.  They turned their attention back to Sei who hadn't recovered from his fit of laughter.  Chichiri was sweatdropped.  Tasuki was now superdeformed with his head extra large and a vein throbbing out of his forehead.

            "SEI!  WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR FATHER?!  WHO THE HELL IS THEIR FATHER?!  WHAT THE F**K IS THIS?!" shouted Tasuki at the top of the lungs.  Sei was superdeformed in a kitty cat mode.

            "Tasuki, it's obvious that their father was Tamahome, no da.  He looks and sounds just like him, no da.  I think what Tasuki would like to know is, why didn't you say exactly who their father was, no da?" asked Chichiri. 

            "You asked for his name.  I gave it to you.  Sukunami Taka was Tamahome's name in my world.  You weren't specific.  If you wanted a better answer, then you should have asked if Tamahome was their father.  You didn't ask that," argued Sei with a large grin.

            "WHY YOU SMART ASS?! WHY ARE ALL THE NEW SEISHI SUCH SMART ASSES?!" exclaimed Tasuki.  Hono'o shook her head at her father's display.  She took out the tessen and calmly fanned him with it.  She didn't burn him with it; she just fanned him with it.

            "Calm down, Papa.  You'll take years off your life if you kept yelling and carrying on like that," said Hono'o gently.

            "WHAT?!  HONO'O, STOP THAT!!" snapped Tasuki as he grabbed the tessen out of her hand.  Hono'o shrugged her shoulders.  "BETWEEN YOU AND SEI, YOU HAVE TAKEN TEN YEARS OFF MY LIFE!!!" he shouted.

            "Me?  How did I do that?" asked Hono'o cluelessly.

            "BECAUSE YOU MADE ME WORRY!" fired back Tasuki.

            "About what?" asked Hono'o innocently.

            "ABOUT YOU!  YOU WERE SICK!  YOU WEREN'T SAYIN' NOTHING!!" bellowed Tasuki.

            "Oh, I'm all better now," said Hono'o cheerfully.

            "That's 'cause you got your powers back," remarked Shiro.

            "WHAT?!" shouted Tasuki.

            Hono'o held out her palm.  Shiro tried to dodge the fireball, but it became a swirl encased him anyway.  "OUCH!!!" cried out Shiro as he ran for cover.  He now knew better than to piss off Hono'o.

            "What did he mean by that, no da?" asked Chichiri.

            "It's confession time, Hono'o.  Tell him or we do," warned Sei with a smile.  Hono'o looked at Kawa, Shitsu, and Taki.  They all had large grins on their faces and nodding in unison. 

            "Oh, great.  Fine.  It's a long story.  But, I'll summarizes for you.  I'll start with that Zhenyou.  It turned out that he was actually an illusionist named Zai Rei who attacked us during the summoning ceremony.  As Zhenyou she took my powers earlier, and used them.  Actually, she drained my chi.  It really weakened me, and wasn't able to use my powers.  I've been relaying on the tessen, but since my life force was drained I wasn't going to be able to use the tessen for very long.  The reason why Miss Zhang was attacked was because she's really Taiitsukun," said Hono'o.

            "Correction, Hono'o, Zai Rei was a four elements witch and a mistress of illusion," corrected Sei.

            "Don't worry.  She's been taken care of," said Shiro.

            "I'm going to take a nap," said Shitsu.

            "Me, too.  I'm dead tired," laughed Taki.  Shitsu and Sei laughed at his pun.

            "That's not funny!" exclaimed Kawa.

            "Not funny.  At all," agreed Shiro as he glared at Sei, Shitsu, and Taki.  They stopped smiling right away.

            "Don't worry.  We're fine," reassured Shitsu.

            "What are they talking about, no da?" asked Chichiri.  Hono'o was desperate to get the attention off of her that she was willing to say anything.

            "Sei, Shitsu, and Taki were killed by Zai Rei during the attack.  About half the seishi were killed by her, but the gods resurrected them when everything was stabilized," answered Hono'o.

            "But, we're fine now," Taki immediately reassured Chichiri and Tasuki.

            "IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE?!" demanded Tasuki.

            "Can I say it?  Can I?  Can I?!" exclaimed Sei excitedly.  The other seishi shrugged their shoulders.

            "What, no da?" asked Chichiri.  He was starting to lose his patience with them. 

            "Suzaku was with us the entire time.  He's been inside Mariko's body her entire life.  In fact, he went back into her body for the time being.  He said that he would stay until she recovered," said Sei with a large cat-like smile.

            "WHAT?!!!" Chichiri and Tasuki shouted in unison.  This was really getting to be too much for them.  They were now superdeformed.  The younger seishi were looking at them strangely and were also superdeformed.  The younger seishi had sweatdrops.

            "It's a miracle.  If it wasn't for Suzaku, Mariko would have been still born," said a voice from behind all of them.

            "MOM!" shouted Sei in a happy tone.  He ran up to Yui, Keisuke, Tetsuya, and Soki.  Tasuki and Chichiri's jaws dropped when they saw the former Seiryuu no Miko.  Yui had aged very well, and was very elegant in her form.  Yui embraced her son tightly.  "Mom, I can't breathe," he said.

            "You scared us," said Yui softly.

            "I'm sorry," said Sei.  Yui let him go.  "How is it possible for you to come here?" he asked.

            "The borders between our worlds were weaken, so we were able to pass through," said Keisuke.

            "Let me introduce all of you.  Tasuki, Chichiri, you already know my mother, Kajiwara Yui.  This is my father Kajiwara Tetsuya.  This is my godfather, Yuuki Keisuke.  And the little gaki is my brother, Soki," said Sei as he ruffled Soki's hair affectionately. 

            "Don't call me that, Sei," whined Soki.  Sei picked up Soki and flipped him upside down.  "MOM!  STOP HIM!"

            "Yuuki Keisuke, no da?  You're Miaka's older brother," said Chichiri.  He remembered Keisuke from the first summoning of Suzaku.

            "Yes," said Keisuke with a nod.  He shook hands firmly with Chichiri and Tasuki. 

            "Where are you going, Mom?" asked Sei.

            "I'm going to check on Mariko myself.  Sei keep an eye on your brother.  Make sure that he doesn't break any of Emperor Boushin's things," said Yui, "Show me the way," she said to Hono'o.  Hono'o nodded and showed Yui to Mariko's room.

            Sei walked up to his father in an anxious gesture.  Tetsuya had his hand out to shake hands with his son.  Sei smiled, and he was happy that his father was treating him like an adult.  Tetsuya gave his son a firm hand shake, but Tetsuya pulled Sei into a firm embrace.  Sei hugged his father.  Kouji was there with Shiro.

            "See?  He's not embarrassed to give his father a hug," said Kouji.  Shiro gave his father a pained look.  Everyone laughed at this.

*           *           *

            "Here it is, Lady Yui," said Hono'o respectfully.  Hono'o didn't know why, but she admired Yui.  Yui smiled and went inside to find Ryu sitting in a chair next to Mariko's bed.  Mariko was sleeping peacefully.  Ryu looked up at Yui.

            "Aunt Yui?  I'm so glad to see you," said Ryu as he stood up to give his godmother a hug. 

            "How is she?" asked Yui.

            "Odayaka says that she's just asleep," said Ryu.  Yui smiled at the mention of Odayaka's name.  She knew how the young emperor felt about his miko, but Yui had a feeling that Ryu wasn't going to take it very well. 

            "Go and see your Uncle Keisuke and Uncle Tetsuya," said Yui. 

            "All right, Aunt Yui," said Ryu as he gave his sister another worried look and left the room.  He quietly shut the door behind him. 

            Yui walked towards Mariko, and gently smoothed Mariko's dark hair.  She sat down in the chair next to Mariko.  Mariko opened her green eyes to look at Yui.

            "Aunt Yui, it's good to see you," said Mariko softly.  She tried to get up from bed, but Yui gently pushed her back down.

            "You did wonderfully.  I think your mother and father would be very proud of you.  I know for sure because I'm proud of you," said Yui softly and sincerely. 

            "Thank you, Aunt Yui.  You have no idea how much that means to means to me," said Mariko with a smile.

            "You rest now.  You've earned it," said Yui, "I'll stay until you fall asleep."

            Mariko went back to sleep with a sweet smile on her face.  Yui hummed a soft lullaby that she used with the children when they were younger.

            Tasuki caught Hono'o walking back from Mariko's room.  There was still something that was that was still bothering him.  He had to ask her something.  He walked back with Hono'o silently.  Finally, Tasuki decided to speak up.

            "What's wrong, Papa?" asked Hono'o beating him to the punch.

            "I want to know why you just didn't tell me about what happened," said Tasuki through his teeth.  He was trying his best not to lose his temper.  Tasuki only did that for his daughter, and no one else.  Chichiri, Kouji, and Ling always told him that his weak spot was Lei. 

            "Because I didn't want you to do anything, Papa.  You've always taken care of things.  Always.  I just wanted to do something on my own for once without you rushing in trying to fix things.  You always do that, Papa.  I'll never grow up if I just let you take care of everything for me," finished Hono'o with a sigh. 

            "You sound like your mother.  She said something like that a long time ago.  She says it all the time.  The first she said it was when you were learning how to walk," said Tasuki thoughtfully.

            "Yes, mother said that you would run and catch me before I even fell on the floor, and that you had the furniture padded.  She said that you didn't want me to get hurt, but also if I never fall, then I'll never learn to get back up on my own.  I love you very much, Papa, but someday I'll have to grow up," said Hono'o.  She handed him back the tessen.  Tasuki took it from her, and smiled lovingly at his daughter.

            "Someday, when I'm gone this will be yours.  You're the only one who can use it anyway.  I also think you should have told me about Miss Zhang a long time ago.  I wouldn't have stopped you," said Tasuki.  He thought about it, and he knew that she thought that he was going to forbid her from going to Miss Zhang's.  Tasuki thought it was a good idea that she be able to defend herself. 

            "Don't worry about Miss Zhang, Papa.  Um…Miss Zhang was Taiitsukun," said Hono'o with a little squeak as she braced herself for another overreaction from her father. 

            "WHAT?!  OH GREAT!  THIS IS WONDERFUL!!  I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!  WHAT THE F**K IS ALL THIS?!" shouted Tasuki.  He was superdeformed again.  This was really getting to be too much for him.  Hono'o stood there wincing.  She chose not to say anything.

*           *           *

            The others were still outside when the other mikos and seishi finally arrived from Mt. Taikyoku.  Yoko, Miwa, and Amai were running up the stairs in front of the palace. 

            "Who are you, no da?" asked Chichiri.

            "I'm the Seiryuu no Miko.  These two are the Byakko no Miko and the Genbu no Miko.  We're looking for the Suzaku no Miko," said Miwa taking a deep breathe when she was finished.

            "She's sleeping now, Miwa-sama" said Sei from behind Chichiri.  "Let me introduce you, Chichiri.  This is Kinomoto Miwa, the Seiryuu no Miko.  This is Soohoo Yoko, the Genbu no Miko.  And this is Okano Amai, the Byakko no Miko.  This large crowd are the other seishi," he finished.

            "I guess there's a lot of introductions in order, no da," said Chichiri.  He didn't realize how big the number twenty-eight was.

            "We were invited to stay here by Emperor Odayaka.  None of us wanted to say no to him after what we saw him do," said Inochi with a slight sweatdropped. 

            "Yes," agreed Yogensha quickly.  Chichiri was looking at them strangely.  Tasuki and Hono'o were back.  Tasuki was so shock at the number of seishi that he was superdeformed. 

            "Hi, everyone," said Ryu as he went through a wall.  Tasuki and Chichiri were both superdeformed.  Ryu thought that this was funny, and he was laughing hysterically.  "I'm sorry.  I know I shouldn't be laughing, but the looks on your faces are priceless."

            "Father, we came back to check if Hono'o and the others were back.  We figured since the ground had stopped shaking and the eclipse was gone that everything was fine," said Lingsu running up the stairs.  He stopped when he saw the freaked out look on his father's face when he was looking at Ryu. 

            "Hi," said Wangshi to Omoi and Kai.  They looked at him and Lingsu.

            "Are you guys twins?" asked Omoi.

            "No, we're triplets.  God, you guys couldn't even wait for me to catch up with you," said Tiaowo in an annoyed tone.

            Omoi and Kai were superdeformed with large eyes.

            "You two look familiar, no da," said Chichiri all of a sudden. 

            "These are the sons of Seiryuu seishi, Amiboshi," said Ryu. 

            "I don't believe this!  I've had enough.  I'm going to go and lay down somewhere," declared Tasuki.  He was now really tired of all the surprises that was coming all at once.  Chichiri let out a ragged sigh. 

            "DA!" agreed Chichiri. 

*           *           *

            It took a few days for everything to settle down.  Everyone was comfortable in the palace.  Mariko was finally up and about.  Her uncle decided that it was time for some discipline from him.  Yui and Tetsuya would be there back Keisuke up.  Ryu decided to practice with some of the other seishi from the other groups.  Tasuki and Chichiri were present along with some of the other seishi and mikos nearby.

            "Mariko, we must discuss your little gambling ring at school," said Keisuke with his arms crossed over his chest.

            "You know about that?" asked Mariko innocently.

            "She has a gambling ring?" Tasuki asked out loud.

            "Her father is Tamahome, no da," said Chichiri knowingly.

            "Never mind.  It explains it.  Forget I asked," said Tasuki.

            "HAHAHAHA!  Finally, the great and power Sukanami Mariko gets caught," said Miwa happily.  She was rubbing her hands together in eager anticipation.   

            "You should be ashamed of yourself.  You don't even need the money from it," said Yui with disapproval.

            "You shouldn't be doing things because you're bored and need a challenge," in toned Tetsuya.

            "I've had some time to think about it, and I've decided to shut down the gambling ring.  It was getting boring anyway avoiding the principal and Miwa.  It was fun at first, but it's not as much fun anymore," said Mariko.


            "NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted another voice from down the hall.  Inochi came running down the hall.  "What am I suppose to do without my bookie?!" he cried.

            "Didn't you lose a lot of money anyway?" asked Yoko.

            "You shouldn't be gambling anyway," said Amai taking Inochi's hand, "We have to get you some help when we get back to Tokyo."

            "Darn it.  I can't get in on it now," said Sei.  His parents glared at him, and he looked away from them.

            "Don't worry.  I've got a new venture.  With the profits from the gambling ring, I'm going to scalp tickets.  You want in on it, Sei?" asked Mariko quietly so that none of their parental units could hear them.

            "Sure.  I'll help you for a cut," whispered back Sei.  Mariko gave him a wink.  Sei held out his hand for a handshake.  Mariko shook hands with him to close the deal.

            "This has been the best summer vacation I've ever had," said Yoko.

            "I agree," said Amai.  Amai and Yoko continued talking.  Miwa was whining about how awful Mariko was.  Mariko was teasing Miwa. 

            "I heard everything you said about me, Tasuki," said Yui quietly.

            "Um…you did," gulped Tasuki.  Chichiri and Keisuke started laughing.  Tetsuya glared at the man who called his wife a "bitch."

            "No hard feelings, Tasuki.  I chose not to take it personally.  I remember what I was like.  I remember it everyday, so that I don't repeat my mistakes," said Yui.

            "Um…I'm sorry about that," said Tasuki. 

            Yui gave him a smile.  "She looks so much like her mother," she said softly as she gazed at Mariko who was getting into a verbal fight with Miwa.  Tasuki and Chichiri nodded in agreement.  Sei realized that there was something left for him to do.  He went to go look for Odayaka.  Tasuki and Chichiri were surprised to find out that the people who defeated Zai Rei were Odayaka and Hono'o.  Odayaka and Hono'o acted like they did nothing special.  The other seishi from the other groups treated them with a certain amount of awe.  Sei knew how Odayaka felt about Mariko.  Odayaka had to take care of some business over the past few days, but Sei knew that he was avoiding Mariko.  Odayaka knew that Mariko was going back, but Sei knew that Mariko could come back to Konan at anytime.  He knew his best friend better than any mortal being, the only being that knew Mariko better than Sei was Suzaku.  Sei found Odayaka in the same garden where Mariko had that first emotional outburst about her parents.  Odayaka had stopped there after having tea with his mother.  His mother was very excited to hear everything that happened.  Houki was very proud of her son.  She remembered that Odayaka wasn't just Hotohori's son, but her son as well. 

            "You're thinking about her, aren't you?" asked Sei as he went up to Odayaka silently. 

            "What?" asked Odayaka.  Sei had actually managed to surprise him.  Odayaka smiled at him.

            "Mariko.  You're thinking about her.  I can see it on your face," said Sei as he picked a lotus flower. 

            "I thought this would have never happen to me.  I'm usually in control of my feelings.  There's definitely something wrong with all this.  She's the daughter of the last Suzaku no Miko, and I'm the son of the second seishi.  My father loved her mother very much.  It's like history is repeating itself," said Odayaka. 

            "Just because it didn't work out for them doesn't mean it can't work for you two.  Mariko doesn't like to show her feelings because that's the way she grew up.  She's just as afraid as you are.  I think if you ask her, then she might actually feel the same.  I've kept it quiet.  I'm sure I'm probably the only person who knows how you two feel about each other.  I've also done you a favor by not saying anything to her brother.  That's why you're still in one piece," said Sei with a smile of encouragement.  "Besides, as her best friend, I want nothing but the best for her.  I want nothing, but happiness for her.  That's what you are," he added with an even larger smile.

            "Thank you for the vote of confidence," said Odayaka. 

            Sei left him alone for a little while.  Mariko was walking back to her room, and ran into Sei on the way back.  Sei didn't say a single word to her.  Looked at her, and turned his head in the direction of the garden.  Mariko looked at Sei strangely.  She decided to see what he was gesturing about. 

            "Odayaka," said Mariko.  She suddenly felt uncomfortable.  No.  She felt shy.  He was standing near the wall.  He was looking at the sunny sky above him.  He stopped suddenly like he was surprised.  Mariko smiled.  "You don't like being surprised, do you?  Now, you know how us mere mortals feel," she said with a soft smile.  She was trying to lighten the mood, but Odayaka had a serious look on his face.

            "Are you going back home soon?" asked Odayaka cautiously.  He had a feeling that Sei had directed Mariko to him.  Odayaka didn't want to look sad.  He wanted her to be happy.  He had no right to keep her in Konan.  Odayaka knew from experience that power was limited, even for the Emperor of Konan.

            "Yes, I have to go back to school.  I have a life back in Tokyo.  But…I wouldn't mind coming back here.  Not at all," said Mariko softly.  She didn't know the odd feeling that she was having.  It was something that ate at her from the moment she had seen Odayaka talking to his council about the problems that Konan was having.  This was before they were even formally introduced.  Mariko was so comfortable with Odayaka.  "I'm sorry I didn't say anything about my parents sooner.  I thought that if I didn't say anything then I wouldn't have been judged, but it was before I knew how much pressure you were under to be the best.  I'm the same way," she added. 

            "I told you before I don't believe in a lot of things.  I don't believe in romantic love," Odayaka said.

            "Neither do I," agreed Mariko.  They both knew the history that their parents had. 

            "At least we still agree on that, Mariko," said Odayaka.  He refused to face her.  His face was emotionless.

            "I told you I believe in things that make people happy, Odayaka.  The reason why I don't believe in romantic love is because it's something that can fade over time.  With romantic love one is never sure if it will last.  I believe in true love.  That is something that transcends everything.  I mean everything.  Class.  Even death.  It can transcend two worlds," whispered Mariko. 

            "We have to find something to live for.  I chose you," said Odayaka softly. 

            "I chose you, too," said Mariko softly.  Mariko held out her hand, and Odayaka took it.  He pulled her closely.  "We're both blind and stubborn people.  But, we're the winners in all this.  I can come back anything I want.  I don't even have to wish it," she said. 

            "I love you," whispered Odayaka.  It was almost inaudible.  It didn't matter.  Mariko could hear him loud and clear.  Odayaka gazed at the reflection of himself in her eyes.  He no longer saw himself as a poor substitute for his father, rather he saw himself as the man who loved Mariko.  He loved that.  Mariko placed her hands on his cheeks.  With her fingers she traced the contours of his face as if she was trying to memorize everything about him.  The last part of his face that Mariko's fingers went over was his lips.  Mariko placed a soft promising kiss on Odayaka's lips.  Odayaka didn't wait for her to say that she loved him.  It wasn't required.  He wasn't required to say it either, but he had to because it was something that had been with him for a long time.  Since the day Mariko had burst into the council meeting and took that arrow for him.  They were just strangers, but he felt he knew her when she stared into his eyes. 

            "I love you.  At least, I'm awake for this kiss," whispered back Mariko as they kissed again.  They smiled at each other as they parted and laughed.  This was something new for them.  This was something that neither of them had ever experience.  It was something that they never expected to happened.  This made things only sweeter. 

*           *           *

            "WAIT A MINUTE!  YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THEY'RE IN LOVE!  I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO PROTECT MY SISTER!" shouted Ryu at the top of his lungs.  Sei was superdeformed and in cat mode.  Everyone had heard what Sei had said in regards to Mariko and Odayaka.  The Suzaku seishi were especially happy.  Everyone was, except for Ryu.

            "You said to keep her safe.  I did that.  You said nothing about her falling in love. You should have been more specific.  Besides, it's not like I could have stopped it, and Odayaka's better at protecting her than me anyway.  So, there," said Sei as he finished off with sticking out his tongue at Ryu.  Ryu was now fuming.  Chichiri and Tasuki took a step back away from him because they were afraid that Ryu's temper matched his father's.

            "You have five seconds, Kajiwara, before I hunt you down and hurt you," warned Ryu as he calmed back down.  Tasuki and Chichiri were surprised at the sudden change of mood Ryu had. 

            "I'll take the five seconds.  Catch me if you can, Dragon Boy," said Sei as he took off using his super speed.  Ryu calmly made a spirit ball. 

            "Not in the palace, Ryu," said Yui.  She really didn't want to see any blue spirit ball flying around; it brought back bad memories.  Ryu let out a growl, and decided to pursue Sei using his teleportation.  Everyone else let out a sigh of relief after Ryu left to go after Sei.

            "By the way, Lady Yui, I believe these are yours," said Miwa as she handed the earrings to Yui.  Yui smiled, but before she could say anything another voice spoke up.

            "No.  They're yours now.  I know that she's no longer qualified for the position of miko.  Moreover, you've earned them," said Amiboshi. 

            "Amiboshi," said Yui.  Her eyes filled with tears.  She remembered Suboshi, and his devotion to her.  She went up to Amiboshi to hug him.

            "Lady Yui," said Amiboshi.

            "Father," said Omoi.  Kai couldn't say anything because Omoi had him in a headlock. 

            "Hello Amiboshi.  It's been a while," said Tasuki. 

            "It's good to see you, no da," agreed Chichiri. 

            "Who would have thought that you guys were enemies at one point," commented Hono'o.

            "Then all is right in the world," said Yui.  She handed the earrings to Miwa.  Miwa smiled at Yui. 

            "No!  Not everything is right in the world!  HONO'O FLAME HIM FOR ME!" shouted Sei at the top of his lungs.  Yui and Amiboshi started laughing.  For some reason, it seemed only natural that a Seiryuu seishi go after a Suzaku seishi.

            "Hmm…" Hono'o said as she held out her palm, but she put it down. "You told me to be more responsible with my powers," she said with a big smile.

            "AW!  NOW YOU DECIDE NOT TO FLAME ANYONE!  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" shouted Sei as he came running back.

            "Fine," said Hono'o as she held out her hand.  Her father handed her the tessen.  "LEKKA SHINEN!"

            Ryu and Sei were superdeformed and burnt to a crisp.

            "You didn't have to flame me!" cried Sei. 

            Hono'o looked at Ryu instead of Sei.  "You know for some strange reason that felt right.  I have no idea why," she said. 

            Chichiri gave Tasuki a look.  Tasuki was superdeformed with large eyes.  "That's my girl!" he said happily.  He was proud of her carrying on the tradition of flaming someone who at least looked like Tamahome.  "Da!" sighed Chichiri as he shook his head.

            "Hey, there's something going on with Mariko.  She said to come to a window, but to stand back," said Odayaka with a concerned voice.

            Everyone went to a window.  Mariko was standing in one of the gardens near the windows.  Her eyes were close. 

            "It's time for me to leave you, my child," said a voice from within her.  She was the only one who could hear Suzaku.

            "Yes," whispered Mariko.  She felt a warm feeling in her chest.  There was a ball of fire that came out of her chest.  The energy picked her off the ground.  The fire surrounded her, but it didn't burn her clothes or her body.  The fire spun her around three times, and stopped midair.  Mariko closed her eyes.  When she opened them again, there was Suzaku holding her by her arms.  There was a sigh of awe from the spectators at the windows.  Suzaku brought Mariko back down to the ground.  He kissed her softly on the cheek.  He stepped away from her.  Mariko took two steps back from Suzaku as he turned into his beast form, the celestial red phoenix in all its glory.

            The red phoenix launched into the air as he flew into the sky with ground shook slightly and the trees' leaves were rustle by the gently breeze that his beautiful wings made.  Everyone looked with awe as Suzaku, the God of Fire and Love, took off to the sky.

            "GOODBYE SUZAKU!  I'LL MISS YOU!" shouted Mariko as she waved her arms.

            Suzaku passed over all of Konan that day.  Every man, woman, and child saw their god.  It is a day that is still remembered.

~*ClareBear's Omake*~

Because this is the last omake for this series.  *sniffle*  I gave you some very special guest.  Coming from God space, I bring you the four gods of Earth and Sky.

Suzaku: I'm tired.

Byakko: What are you talking about?  You didn't show up until the end.  Just like the rest of us.

Suzaku: You weren't trying to keep your miko alive personally until then. 

Genbu: I'm just glad it's done.  Of course, being gods we knew what was going to happen.

Seiryuu: I like my first seishi better this time than the last time.  At least, Ryu doesn't want my job.  Nakago had a god complex, while Ryu just has a sister complex.  As long as he doesn't want to be a god, I don't care.

Suzaku: ClareBear has so many people to thank.  First off, she would like to thank On-line Chinese Tools.  That's the site she used to come up with all the Chinese names of almost all the seishi.  Come on now, folks.  Where do you think those names were coming from?  ClareBear typed in random names and got the names out that way.

Byakko: Next ClareBear would like to thank the sites that provided excellent information for her: Fushigi Yuugi - The Fire of Suzaku's Wings and Tomo No Miko's Fushigi Yuugi Page.

Suzaku: Hey!  One of those has my name on it!

Seiryuu: Why are you so vain and tricky?!  Then again, it reflects your seishi.  Also, ClareBear would like to give honorable mention to Beyond FY Chronicles, Legends, and Tales.  The character development of Shiro wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration from this site. 

Suzaku: I'm vain and tricky?  I'm so insulted.  By the way, I've got a photo album of all the years I've spent with my little Mariko.  Here's a picture of her running away from the former Seiryuu no Miko when she tired to put those buns in her hair.  Here's a picture of her and the my first new seishi fighting with your first new seishi, Seiryuu.  They beat him good that time.  Here's a picture of Mariko with her gambling ring operations, and teasing your miko, Seiryuu.  I really like this picture…

Genbu: How many pictures do you think he has?

Byakko: This could go one for seventeen more years.  Why were we wondering where he was?  It was better when he was gone.

Seiryuu: Yes.  ClareBear would like to thank her roommate for putting up with her temper tantrums, her beta reader, and all of you who have reviewed this piece.  We have to go, and avoid Suzaku now.  He's such a braggart. 

Suzaku: Here's a picture of her beating Chichiri to get the shinzahou…hey…where are all three of you going?

All three in unison: A PLACE FAR, FAR AWAY FROM YOU!