This is for John Westcott, who has confirmed my suspicions about showers. And keep in mind, no one ever specified what KIND of shower Nightwing was supposed to be in ;) I just thought to myself... what's an uncomfortable place for a guy to be in?

Since I control the universe, this takes place when Donna is alive. Or will be in the future. It takes place in the timeless vacuum of my mind, lets say.

And it's like 424 words, instead of um... 250 or 300, like it was suppothed to be.

April Showers Bring...

Nightwing had been forced into the shower. He was just passing down the hall of Titans headquarters, minding his own business, avoiding certain hormonal people in Gotham, when Roy and Fish Face had just come up behind him, asked what he was up to, and shoved him into the rec room.

Stuff started raining down upon him, and there was a thunderous roar of manly hoots and hollers. "Hey, guys, what's going on!" He knocked the confetti out of his hair and glanced around at the strange gathering. Vic, Tim, Wally Kyle Rayner, Superman, and an uncomfortable looking Connor Hawke in costume and grinning like mad-men. "Um... what is this?" He hoped nothing kinky was going to happen.

"It's a shower, dude!" Roy blew into his little party horn, then shoved him towards the guests. There was a large table with gifts wrapped in pastel paper and ribbons and meat/cheese platters.

Nightwing glanced around in embarrassment. "Um... guys don't have showers, guys."

"We're trying the whole sensitive-male thing." Tim scratched his neck. "Metrosexual and stuff."

Superman handed him a beer, and he hoped he'd wake up.

Sadly, there was no waking. After the cheese squares, sliced pepperoni and little quiche things that no one would admit were tiny quiches, they started opening the well-wrapped boxes on the table. Roy handed him another one. "This one's from... The Big Guy."

Superman grinned. "It's also from You-Know-Who."

Trying to will himself to stop blushing, Nightwing tore the pale green paper off, and opened the small department store box. "They SELL these? Isn't there a copyright?" He held up a tiny Super-sleeper, complete with red cape blanky.

Superman shrugged. "The money goes to charity."

Quietly, Nightwing placed the outfit on top of the baby monitor, swing, two yellow blankets and car seat he'd already unwrapped. This was too freaking weird.

Wally quickly scribbled a name and an item on a list he was keeping. "Wow. You like to live on the edge, y'know? Don't give a guy a Kryptonite ring, then buy his grandkid a Superman Sleeper!" He grinned, until he saw everyone in the room staring at him. "What?"

"Grandkid!" Tim cried out, unable to contain himself.

Roy's face was as red as his hair, trying to hold it in. Finally he couldn't. "DUDE! Batman's gunna be a grand-bat! He's OLD! BATMAN'S OLD!"

Everyone in the room burst out laughing. For the first time in half an hour, Nightwing forgot to be embarrassed.

A small night-blue box dropped into Nightwing's lap.

"NOTED," a gravely voice responded.