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Chapter One: Just A Thought

Sesshomaru stood looking over the plain with his usual placid gaze. A day before, he had cleared the area of all offending youkai and ordered Jaken to clean up the field.


"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru?" the ugly little toad youkai bowed low.

"I still smell a centipede. Jaken," Sesshomaru said evenly. "You missed one. Fix it. Now."

"Yes, My Lord." The small toad youkai nervously bowed again and hurried off to find the centipede demon.

Sesshomaru sighed wistfully and focused his attention on the claws of his right hand. It was such a pity Inuyasha had to remove his left. Still, Sesshomaru was not one to linger on losses. He knew a time would come when he could simply replace it with another, preferably human looking arm.

He looked out towards the field. After sniffing the air gently he determined it would now be safe for Rin to play amongst the flowers. "Go ahead, Rin. There is nothing to harm you here."

He watched as the little girl giggled with joy and ran off into the field. Sesshomaru's heart swelled with something he couldn't put a name to. "Hmm. Impossible." He shook his head. No, He would never bond himself. He had vowed that after his mother's death. She did not bond herself to Father and she was happy until her unfortunate death, so there seemed to be no reason for him not to following her footsteps.

Sesshomaru's mother had been a demoness of high rank and great beauty. She was well respected in Inuyoukai circles and in the general realm of youkai. She was very proud of her heritage, and refused the hands of all male demons other than his Father, The Lord of the Western Lands. Their marriage had been a contract for lands and power, based on nothing other than sheer lust for supremacy. His Father had been young and reckless, lacking the wisdom he had gained by the time he met Inuyasha's mother.

After Sesshomaru's birth his Father began to take an interest in the small human settlements cropping up across his lands. He would do business with a few humans here and there, take human servants from time to time, and take pleasure from the human women occasionally. Some hanyou children resulted from some of the unions, but Sesshomaru's mother always took care of them. She would not have any half-breed bastards contending with Sesshomaru for Power.

Unfortunately, his mother could sense his Father slipping away from her. Sesshomaru remembered the day his father came back to the den and rejected his mother's advances. She began to plot her husband's demise. Sesshomaru, being roughly eighty years old, was young. He warned his father and watched as his parents battled to the death. His mother's death, to be precise.

For a century or so, Sesshomaru and Inuhiko were inseparable. Inuhiko finally recognized him as his son and heir. Sesshomaru could not have been happier. He went with his father to the different human settlements and learned to do business with them. Until one day a small girl offered his father a sakura blossom.

The girl was a pretty little thing. Sesshomaru remembered thinking how small she seemed and how fragile. After that meeting, the two Inuyoukai began visiting more frequently. They discovered that the little girl was the daughter of the Lord of the nearby castle, and that her name was Haru.

Haru was, from the start, different. She commanded an attention from Inuhiko that Sesshomaru would never be able to. Sesshomaru had always been his father's pride and joy. As Haru grew older, she came with the Inuyoukai on their patrols. Her father was thoroughly disgraced by her when no one offered their hand for her at her fifteenth birthday celebration. Most believed that she belonged to Inuhiko, which in a sense she did. She had become like a sister to Sesshomaru, and Inuhiko lavished almost as many presents on her as he did his son. Sesshomaru never thought his father would take her as his mate.

When his father sent Sesshomaru to deliver the message that Inuhiko offered his hand to her and his protection, Sesshomaru was surprised and felt betrayed that his father would lower himself to mate with a human. Even after all the years his father had taught him to love humans, he still held his mother's view that they were an inferior race. They were made to be pets and nothing more. Inuhiko and Sesshomaru raged at each other for days before Sesshomaru finally noticed it; the Dog Star was especially bright, and was aligned with Venus. From all that he had learned about astrology and youkai magic, he knew that his father's mating to the human girl was destined from the beginning of time. He knew that he could do one of two things; hinder his father's mating and set himself at odds with Inuhiko forever, or accept their conjoined fate and be a part of the new family. He chose the latter.

Months passed and Inuhiko spent less time with Sesshomaru and more time with Haru. Sesshomaru slowly became more jealous. He began to school himself into an expressionless state around Haru so that she would not sense his growing distaste for her. He applied this to all the staff and even his father. Eventually he alienated himself from the entire household, until the birth of his brother.

When Sesshomaru found out about Inuyasha's existence within Haru's womb, he immediately became enraged. What now? Would he share his inheritance with his half-breed brother? Would he be forced to split the Western Lands? Would he be relegated to a lower position since Haru was more beloved to his father than his own mother? Sesshomaru seethed with questions. The more he thought, the more enraged he became until one day his father sent for him.

Inuhiko accused his son of needlessly destroying some of the young trees in the forest. Sesshomaru replied that he was helping the other, older trees to live, and that the little saplings would choke out the older trees, which had more right to be there. The two Inuyoukai began talking about what would happen with the birth of Inuhiko's second son. When Sesshomaru was finally reassured that he was still heir to the lands, and that his position was not jeopardized by his brother's existence, he immediately became much friendlier to Haru and Inuhiko, though he still kept his guard up.

It was then that Inuhiko created Tetsuiga and Tenseiga. He did this so that both his sons would have an equal heirloom from their father, but ascribed the favored sword of the two to Sesshomaru. The sword of Life was more precious to Inuhiko, because it was a sword made by Totousai for use by one from the underworld. Only Sesshomaru would be able to wield it, plus it would contradict the deadly nature imbued by his mother. The Tetsuiga he would give to the weaker son, for the hanyou would need more help in surviving and would face greater enemies than would ever dare to challenge Sesshomaru. Balanced by the two swords, Inuhiko thought the brothers would bond very nicely.

When Inuyasha took his first breath, Sesshomaru was there. When he opened his bleary little eyes for the first time, Sesshomaru was there. When he first wiggled his cute, peach-fuzzy little ears, Sesshomaru was there. Sesshomaru held him within his first hour of life and gave him his first ear rub. Sesshomaru loved his brother on sight, and decided he would do anything for him.

When Inuyasha was old enough to bumble around on four legs, Sesshomaru taught him how to pounce. He noticed that Inuyasha was a bit too forward and liked to attack things almost as big as the silly puppy himself. Sesshomaru tried to guide him to smaller prey, but only ended up with shredded grasshoppers in his lap for his efforts. Inuyasha was too rough for such little bugs and did just fine with rabbits, which were about his size anyway.

When Inuyasha was able to operate fully on two legs, Sesshomaru taught him the basics of fighting. He taught him how to punch, how to block, how to kick, and other such basic martial arts. He taught him how to use his claws and teeth in battle. He taught him about special powers. He even let him poke holes in his arm to teach him about healing ability.

It was then that everything changed. Inuyasha was twelve years old and was staying with his mother's people when they were attacked. His mother was killed by the mob of angry villagers who thought it indecent for a Lord's daughter to have anything to do with a demon. Inuhiko died defending his mate and his son. Sesshomaru always blamed the death of his father on Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru was thrown into running the Western Lands by himself. He was too young and other demons contested his authority. He remained strong, and still gave protection to all humans in his territory, but he no longer did business with them, or frequented their places of habitation. Sometimes he killed humans who dared to approach him. All of this was for his Father and Haru's death.

As the years passed his cold countenance hardened and he became more embittered with each passing snow. After six years Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's paths crossed. Inuyasha still blamed Sesshomaru for not helping his parents. He attacked Sesshomaru and was put down immediately by the older youkai. When Sesshomaru saw that Inuyasha had become a hardened criminal who killed for pleasure and took from the weak, he disowned Inuyasha and regarded him as he would any other opponent, saying that her was not worthy of their father's blood. Enraged, Inuyasha attacked again. This time Sesshomaru brought him within an inch of his life and left him to heal and think over what Sesshomaru had said. A few years later Sesshomaru received word that Inuyasha had been killed while attempting to steal the Jewel of Four Souls. He simply shook his head and continued to walk on.

Every day Sesshomaru grew stronger. He became known as one of the most ruthless youkai in the entire realm. If anyone even dared to suggest opposing him, they were soon dead. He cleared his lands of intruders and returned peace to the land.

One day Totousai approached him at the Castle and presented him with his Father's gift. Sesshomaru did not appreciate the Tenseiga. How could it be useful to him if it couldn't kill? It was pointless. When Totousai told him about Tetsuiga he lusted after it fiercely. He could use such a powerful sword at his side to rule his lands better. Thirty years passed and he still searched, aided by a small toad youkai with the Head of Staves. Finally he met up with Inuyasha who had been released from whatever spell had kept him asleep, not dead, for the past fifty years. He had had a few dealings with him, which put him at the present time.

He stood in the field watching Rin play and wondered how much time he had lost to idle thought. "Come, Rin. We have much ground to cover if we are to make it back to the Castle in time for the festival of the Dog Star." He turned and began to walk in the direction of Ah Uhn.

Rin giggled happily and followed quickly, "Yes, Seshomaru-sama!" She hopped onto the dragon which was led by Jaken the Toad youkai. Sesshomaru set the pace for their journey and decided that tonight would be a good night to study the stars.