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Chapter 12: Newlyweds

Sesshomaru ran a finger over the crimson drop, smearing it acrossRin's shoulder. His golden eyes darkened and he frowned, noting the consistency of the blood. 'Too thick. A human's blood does not coagulate so quickly.' He brought his hand to his nose, and inhaled the scent of wolf's blood, and a small amount of Rin's sweet scent.

"Quickly, Wolf. Give me that rag." Sesshomaru extended his hand Kouga gave him the rag. "If there is no proper marking, as I suspect, the girl is still free to choose her fate." He wiped the smeared stain from her shoulder. Beneath was not a bite mark, but a small scratch that no longer even bled.

Hakaku approached the Taiyoukai. "Lord Sesshomaru, I would be glad to renounce any claim I might have on her, since even though we are not technically mated, our blood has still been mixed. Let the scratch be a mark of intent, and let us fight for the lady. When you win and subdue me, remove my mark of intent with your own Mark."

Sesshomaru surveyed the young wolf closely. "This Sesshomaru would surely kill you." He looked down at his claws, "All the same, what must be done must be done. You say you have a claim of intent?" He watched as Hakaku nodded and Kouga established a circle of wolf youkai around the pair.

"Sesshomaru, if you kill him, we'll kill you." Kouga stared down his old adversary, yet his voice indicated that he had no desire to kill the Lord of the Western lands. In fact, he was quite sure a war would erupt over this whole bond if it was not handled correctly.

Sesshomaru nodded and let his hand begin to glow. His energy whip lashed out and struck the air beside Hakaku as he prepared to attack with his poison claws. Hakaku dodged skillfully, but that was all he could do. Not once could he put a hand on the Taiyoukai. Sesshomaru kept him at a distance, until he saw what it was he needed to do to put the argument to rest. He rushed in and plunged his poison claws into Hakaku's stomach. The wolf howled in pain and slumped forward onto Sesshomaru, gripping the stony youkai's shoulder.

"I understand now…" his breathing racked his body. "Mark…her…" Hakaku drew a quivering breath and fell forward onto Sesshomaru, his blood pooled on the ground beneath the two demons and the smell of death pervaded the air.

Sesshomaru drew both his Tenseiga and Toukijin, prepared to fight the foolish wolves who had not yet guessed what he was going to do. "Do you care to lose any more blood today, Ookami?" Some of the wolves snarled and leapt at him, and with a single swing of his sword he put them all down. The remaining wolves stood back and looked to Kouga.

He flicked his tail in impatience. "Sesshomaru, I don't want a war with you. Tell me you had a reason for killing my men."

"My only reason is their impatience, insolent wolf. Keep your men at bay and let me do what I must. Rin, come here." He sheathed both his swords.

The young girl approached silently, her eyes shining with unshed tears. "Sesshomaru-sama." When she had finally reached his side, she dropped to her knees. "My Lord, forgive me for making this so difficult."

A single claw lifted Rin's face to look up at Sesshomaru. "Rin, get up. The Lady of the Western Lands should not be seen groveling so. It is beneath your distinction to do so. You shall bring yourself shame." His firm hands raised her by the shoulders. "Remove those ridiculous furs. Kouga, get her the yukata that she wore under her court robes. My Mate shall not go naked nor dressed beneath herself." He stroked her cheek and softly looked into her eyes. "Rin, can you forgive me for not understanding? For not telling you sooner?"

She leaned into his palm and pressed his hand to her face. "How could I ever hold anything against you, my Lord? I adore you and always have." She stood silently as Sesshomaru removed the woven belt and the jewelry from her waist and neck. He dropped them on the blood soaked ground beside Hakaku's empty, open eyes.

"Then remove the furs, my Rin."


She pulled the sheath off over her head, and rolled the leggings off each leg, and when she was finally standing bare in front of Sesshomaru, he reached out to take her in a deep embrace, clutching her to himself and lifting her head to accept his mark. He dipped his head to her shoulder and dug his fangs into her shoulder, carving into her flesh.

Rin screamed as energy poured into her, searing her soul and burning her insides. She leaned back in his grasp in a semi-conscious state of mind. Sesshomaru took his clean hand and cut at his own shoulder. The blood welled up out of the wound.

"Rin, drink." He lifted her to the cut, and she absentmindedly lapped at the shallow cut, the look in her eyes far gone. "Drink, I said!" He pressed her closer and she began to come to herself, a deep thirst awoke in her and it seemed she could not get enough of the warm, salty liquid that soothed the burning inside of her.

Sesshomaru observed her with care. 'Father always warned me this was difficult. Humans aren't made to take this easily. I hope this works without the ink. I hope she lives.' One of the dangers of taking a human mate was that sometimes they didn't take and they died. Or worse, went mad. Suddenly he noticed Rin had gone limp and that she was no longer breathing.

"No! Rin! Stay with me!" He laid her on the ground delicately, and looked deep into her wide, dilated eyes. "Rin, Come back."

Rin was hovering in between what she supposed was pure heaven and death. In one direction there was an incredible illuminating light that wrapped itself around her. She looked down at her hands, and the little coils of light were sinking into her, melding into her skin and pulsating inside of her. She turned to look into the other direction, where the soul scavengers waited for her to give up and let go of her mortal self. "Sesshomaru-sama!"

No sooner had she opened her mouth than she came rushing back into the present, with Sesshomaru staring deep into her eyes, commanding her to come back. "Yes, My Lord." He smiled down at her and she began to weep.

"Shhh. It's okay Rin. I'll be with you forever now. There's only one thing left to be done. And that can wait until you've rested and restored yourself." He pulled her closer to himself. "Kouga, get me that robe."

Kouga came out of the stupor he was in, seeing the deadly assassin kneeling in the dirt, bloodied and mated to a human. "You killed my men. They cannot be revived."
Rin turned to the wolf and smiled, "Of course they can. He has Tenseiga, remember?" She looked to Sesshomaru and he nodded. He unsheathed his sword and swung it in a wide arc over the bodies, dissolving the little soul stealers and returning the souls to their rightful owners.

Hakaku blinked his eyes and sat up looking for the Lord and the young girl. What he saw was barely a few feet from him sat the Taiyoukai with the naked human clutched to his chest. He smiled. "I see it worked, did it not, My Lord?"