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Chapter One – Orphan

"No! Niko! I don't want another student! Keith is enough trouble!" 14-year- old Trisanna Chandler said to her teacher.

"Tris, you have to take her on. Whether you like it or not. You're the only weather mage in these parts. It is your duty." Replied Tris' teacher, matter of factly.

Tris rolled her eyes. "Fine." she said, "So where are we going?"

"You'll see..." Niko replied mysteriously.


An hour later, they arrived at a hut at the edge of the city, near the beach. They approached the door.

"Knock on it, Tris"

Reluctantly, Tris knocked on the dusty door without arguing; she knew Niko had a problem with unhygienic places and things.

The door creaked open slowly. Inside, a girl about Tris' age stood in rags. Her hair was sprinkled in sand and her face was almost undistinguishable under all the mud and dirt. Tris almost flinched looking at her.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"To talk to you." Tris said.


"We believe you may be a mage." Niko said.

The girl scoffed, "I don't think so. Don't bother me again." She slammed the door shut.

"We'll have to think of another way to get her to trust us." Niko said determinately.

Tris was sceptical "She probably never will though."


On the way back to the house of Senshi Roken, the only fire mage in the city of Campeth. A village woman approached them. She looked to be about sixty.

"You shouldn't go near that place. She's cursed you know." The woman said.

"You mean the girl who lives in that hut? What happened to her?" Tris asked.

"Yes, her parents were killed by a band of robbers while she as at the beach. She couldn't afford their house anymore so she was kicked out. She lives there now." – The old woman pointed to the hut – "It belonged to her grandfather, he was a fisherman. Soon after that, a giant tornado swept through the city, destroying most of the houses. Surprisingly enough, that rundown old hut was still there! Would you believe it?"

The woman paused for breath. "Some people say things happen when she's angry or sad. We're trying to get that hut knocked down. Won't be long now 'till we're rid of her for good!"

Sensing the old woman's irritation, Tris asked, "Does she have a name?"

"Yeah, it something to do with a shell, Cornell or Coell or something... or maybe it's Corell? Yes, that's it, Corell! Corell DiVito. Now listen to me. Stay far away from that, that place. Stay far away from her!"

As suddenly as she had appeared, the woman walked back into her house, muttering something under her breath.

Niko and Tris were both troubled by the old woman's story, but neither of them said anything.


Tris twisted and turned, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't' get to sleep. Finally, she got up and decided to explore the streets.

The city of Campeth was beautiful at night. In every window there was always a candle shining in the dark, even if the people were asleep. Tris soon stumbled into an alleyway. She walked deeper and deeper into the passage.

"Stop right there!" Said a voice.

Tris squinted into the darkness and saw the faint form in the shadows. The figure lit a candle, the light illuminated a face.

Tris gasped. "You!"


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