24th of December

"Mommy's under the mistletoe," Harmony pointed out melodiously, Hermione looked up and saw mistletoe hanging above her.

Hermione left slightly exasperated. She wasn't sure if pushing Snape into things would be good, but before she got the chance to respond to this someone called from the fireplace.

"MIONE!" Ron's voice called out loudly. Hermione looked at Severus almost apologising.

"Better get that," Severus said, trying to smile. Slowly Hermione neared the fireplace and kneeled down in front of it.

"Mione, are you okay?" Ron asked worried, behind him shadows of a lot of people were, all yelling 'happy Christmas' to her and Severus, and the two girls.

"Yes, Ron..." She responded vaguely, and faked a smile. She turned her head and saw Severus's retreating back, as he hurried upstairs. Phoebe and Harmony were sitting in the couch, talking. Hermione suddenly felt like crying. "What do you want?" It came out with a sneer, and Ron looked hurt.

"Mione, what's wrong? Has something happened?" His mouth made and 'o'. "You and professor Snape kissed!" The noise behind him died down.

"No we did not kiss," she informed tiredly. "Really Ron, I need to go... Happy Christmas and say hello to everyone..."

"Can I speak with the two girls then, wish them happy Christmas?" Ron pleaded and Hermione turned to the two chattering girls.

"Pheobs, Harmony, Ron wishes a word," the two girls jumped down from the couch, and hurried to take over Hermione's seat in front of the fireplace. Hermione excused herself and decided to talk with Severus. She stopped as she reached the staircase, slowly her gaze turned towards the enchanted mistletoe, perhaps it could still serve its purpose, she wondered and grasped it from the air.

Slowly she made her way up the stairs, pictures filling her mind of how she should do this.

The door to him room was closed, so she knocked gently on the door, and received a muffled 'enter' in response.

Severus was sitting in a chair near the window, reading. Hermione hid the mistletoe behind her back, hoping to surprise him.

"Severus..." She tried politely to start up. She had no idea what to say next, so she just strode towards him, he looked up at her surprised, and she showed him the mistletoe as she held it over his head. "Mistletoe..." she blushed lightly and leaned down towards him. She closed her eyes, hoping dearly he would not push him away. Slowly she brushed her lips against his. His lips felt soft and nice against hers, and she wished she could keep kissing him, but she this bending position she was in wasn't the best in the long run. She straightened herself and gazed at Severus, who was sitting dumbstruck in the chair.

"It's late, I'll tug the two girls. Goodnight... Severus," she smiled vague and left. She blushed as she went down to get Phoebe and Harmony. Had she really just kissed Severus? 'Good God that winter flue must've caught up with me,' Hermione told herself mutely and entered the sitting room.

"Where're you been?" Harmony asked and looked up from her doings.

"Aren't you tired? It's late, come up and get changed," Hermione said, politely avoiding the questioned of her previous doings. Both girls rose from the floor and followed Hermione upstairs.

"Goodnight," Hermione wished once she had gotten the two girls into their PJ' and tugged them under the duvets. The girls wished her goodnight too, and then she turned off the light and closed the door carefully. She stood in the hallway, leaning up against the door to the girls' bedroom. Opposite was the door to hers, and further down was the door to Severus's. She gave a low sigh and turned towards the staircase, there was some ice cream in the freezer she could eat. Why were her actions making her so down? Somehow she felt that she was wrong, that Severus did not return her feelings and that he would demand to be called by his respective title, not to mention he'd avoid her for the rest of the vacation. Maybe it was for the best too. What was she thinking?

She stood in the kitchen, not really thinking of anything, when she heard a sound behind her. She spun around surprised, and met Severus.

"Sev..." he held up a hand to hush her, and Hermione fell silent. Two strides was taking and then Severus stood right in front of her. His eyes glittered as he looked into Hermione's eyes. Hermione was surprised to see the beauty in them this close. Jet black, but soft somehow and sparkling. She felt his warm soft hands cup her face, and slowly, very slowly, he closed his eyes and leaned towards her. Hermione closed her eyes too, her heart was pumping furiously, and then their lips sealed.

It was soft, testing, at first, and then slowly it developed into small sucks on each others lips, a dance between their tongues, small moans escaped them both in pleasure, and Hermione grasped his clothes firmly, to make sure he did not stop.

Hermione stood in ecstasy, succumbing to his mouth and the soft, thin, lips of his, which touched her, and sucked on her lips tenderly. Finally out of breath they moved away, Hermione knowing that if she weren't holding on the Severus she would fall.

Severus stood watching Hermione for indication of what she felt. She hugged him, and she hugged him tightly. Severus was surprised to see her embrace him tightly, and not let go. Slowly he slipped his hands around the woman in his arms, and whispered softly in her ear.

"I think I am in love with you."

"I know I am in love with you," Hermione whispered back and felt Severus hold her tighter.