Title: Venomous II, Part I

(A Story in Two Parts)

Author: Phinea Rogue

Rating: PG-13 for now (if it gets more than PG-13, please, remind me to change it to R, I'm not really sure about these ratings)

Characters: especially Severus Snape, then also Voldemort, Tarquinius and some others

All the characters belong to JKR; I'm merely borrowing them (though Tarquinius is mine).

Here is the promised sequel, I couldn't have come with it earlier as I had some problems with my exams and me (and I was quite depressed because of that). This is going to be dealing with Severus mostly and Voldemort and I've decided that there're going to be two parts – one with Severus and Voldemort and the other one . . . you'll see. As I have already said, what I fear most can happen to Severus will happen in this story. I hope you'll enjoy the sequel (if you haven't read Venomous, I suggest you read that first). If there are mistakes, please, let me know what exactly it is as I'm not a native English speaker, but I can learn to be better in English this way. Thanks.

:: :: means telephatic speech

"When a wizard goes over ter the Dark Side, there's nothin'

and no one that matters to 'em anymore . . ."

Hagrid, The Philosopher's Stone

Chapter One

Almost midnight. Quiet and peaceful as most inhabitants of Hogsmeade had already retreated into their cool homes. Those were the respectful inhabitants of the village, those who had tucked their children into beds, had whispered lullabies and fairy tales to them, and then contentedly had settled in their living rooms thinking about the events of another warm summer day. Only the Hog's Head bar remained full of buzzing energy as its customers had began to pour in only some minutes ago, sweeping into the small dirty room in various dark clothes that guarded their anonymity. Thieves, gamblers, dark creatures . . . Harry shivered slightly when a pair of glittering dark eyes settled hungrily upon him. So much like Snape's eyes, but instead of loathing these were filled with hunger. He had never before seen a vampire and the sight of one was enough to nearly spellbind him. A hand shook him, making him turn his attention away from the enthralling creature.

"I assume you weren't listening," laughed the man sitting opposite of him. Harry blinked and looked at Tarquinius Snape, struggling to clear his vision and mind though Firewhiskey wasn't helping him much. Tarquinius's hair had come loose, hanging in damp strands about his neck and face. He tossed his hair back from his grey eyes and laughed. His gaze trailed off to the vampire. "Magnificent creatures, are they? Watch out, Harry, they can easily lure you into eternal darkness."

Harry gulped, painfully aware that if they were to be found drinking in a bar, a certain equally dark, but human creature would make them wish they had never been born. Where had he left his mind when Tarquinius had suggested a secret visit to Hog's Head? There he was, drinking Firewhiskey and knowing well that Snape was most probably turning Hogwarts upside down in search for them like a furious, overgrown bat. He shouldn't have sneaked out of school, certainly not with Tarquinius and not to a bar. But Tarquinius had been so nice to him over the past two weeks, gentle and understanding, playing Quidditch with him. He remembered Snape's face when he had seen them and he could swear that for a moment hurt had flickered in it. Lupin had mentioned that Tarquinius found it easier to interact with Harry than with Snape as if he was that fifteen-sixteen years old teenager who he had lost contact with years ago and now continued as if nothing had happened, he continued right where they had been separated. His real son, in Tarquinius's opinion, was an enigma; he couldn't understand the man he had become. And both Harry and Tarquinius felt the need to escape the golden cage Hogwarts had become to them, to run away just for a while, to enjoy their fragile freedom and lack of overprotecting hands. But now when Harry began to think about it, he knew it had been foolish of them. Death Eaters could be around, hungry to please their master and what could be better than give him Harry and Tarquinius?

"Tarquin, we should return . . ." suggested Harry carefully, but the older Snape waved his worries away.

"Aren't you supposed to be brave, Harry? What are you afraid of?" he laughed and poured himself more alcohol. "There's no bloody ghost spying on us, no Dumbledore, Lupin or Severus."

Yet Harry felt that the barman had surveyed them suspiciously, what if he had told Dumbledore?

"Severus, Severus," sighed Tarquinius heavily and pushed an old, torn photography to Harry. The teen looked at it and smiled. It was Snape, very young, maybe twelve or thirteen, but even at such a young age he was clearly recognisable with the familiar frown, pallid face and long, dark hair. The photo had been torn several times, then glued together.

"This I had with me in Azkaban. Often I tore him into pieces in anger, cursing him, and then I glued him together again. I've never been a good man, Harry, I almost killed my only son and even now he manages to annoy me, trying my patience and I want to hurt him when he bosses me around."

He drank his glass of Firewhiskey in one gulp and poured himself another one. Harry was sure they were going never to forget this evening when they return to Hogwarts. Tarquinius went on pouring his heart out to Harry; alcohol had loosened his tongue and emotions. The teen forced himself to listen, but his attention was drawn back to the vampire like a moth to a flame.

"He's so distant, so scornful . . ."

The dark creature ran his elegant fingers through his glossy, brown curls and an impish smile settled on his pale lips. Harry felt a chill run over him, too deep to be called fear, it was as if he knew something was going to happen, something bad. This vampire wanted something.

"Why can't he understand I feel locked?"

The vampire drew a slow breath, and licked his lips. ::Sweet Harry, come out, come.::

Harry startled at the voice in his head, and averted his gaze. They really shouldn't have come; vampires were obviously as dangerous as Death Eaters were. Snape would kill them; he would skin them alive. Again he glanced at the dark creature, but his eyes fell on a man walking over to them. He stopped at the table, his onyx eyes burning with cruel flame of barely suppressed anger. The familiar cold smile was hovering on his lips as he faced them. With slow deliberation he crossed his arms, letting his black robes settle around him like a dark shadow. His eyes narrowed slightly when he spoke silkily,

"Well, well, well . . . Are you too enjoying yourself? Might I inquire as to why you two gentlemen left Hogwarts without a single word . . ."

Snape's voice trailed off in a question while his dark eyes shot daggers at both Harry and Tarquinius. The vampire kept on watching them, an amused expression lighting up his face. Snape tossed some coins onto the table and grabbed Harry's arm, dragging him outside. Tarquinius first followed obediently, but outside the bar in a sudden burst of energy he came to life, whirled around and slammed his son against the wall. Harry gasped, frozen to the ground, when Tarquinius began shaking Snape furiously. Since his release from St Mungo's, he had never behaved violently. Snape pushed him away and aimed his wand at him. With a sneer playing on his mouth, he advanced on his father, pressing his wand against his broad chest.

"Father," he whispered softly, "you are not locked in St Mungo purely because of my good will. You have agreed not to drink, to follow your healer's instructions and to behave. You are my responsibility. Either you follow my rules or you return to hospital. Do I make myself clear?"

Snape lifted his fine dark eyebrow waiting for an answer. Tarquinius's icy grey eyes darted from the wand to his son's face while he felt another wave of anger building inside him. "Severus, I'm physically stronger than you . . ." he hissed through his clenched teeth. Harry stepped back, wishing they were back at Hogwarts, or at least that the two Snapes would stop glaring at each other. However, they seemed like wanting to quarrel right there and right now. Tarquinius grabbed Snape's right hand firmly watching with almost forgotten satisfaction how he cringed, how his dark eyes began to glitter dangerously and how he tried to free his hand. When he let go of his wand, Tarquinius pulled him closer.

"I told you I'm stronger, Severus!"

"Are you?" laughed Snape maliciously, his voice lowered to silken whisper, "You can't resist a drink, or master your emotions. How remarkably strong of you!"

Before Harry could voice his opinion about the prudence of taunting Tarquinius, Snape found himself flung to the wall with such force he was sure he heard his bones rattle. "What do you want? You have no idea how difficult this is!" roared the older Snape while the younger one slumped to the ground. "You imprison me! Your bloody ghost is constantly spying on me! Dumbledore treats me as some filth, acting as if he were your father!"

For a moment he paused to take a deep breath before continuing. Harry noticed that Snape's eyes were unfocused and he was biting his lower lip.

"You scorn me!"

Snape shook his head slowly. "I do not," he whispered.

"But you do!" yelled Tarquinius, "I see it in your eyes, how you disdain me! You take care of me, you spend all you have on me, but you don't find me worthy to let me through your walls! You're so distant. You tell me what to do, where to go, where to live, you manipulate me. I've had enough. ENOUGH!"

Trembling in anger and frustration, Tarquinius spun around and left, disappearing into the night. Harry braced himself for whatever was to follow. "Harry's more like a son to me!" came one last cry from the older Snape before he was gone, making Snape flinch. Harry's heart skipped a beat when those ominous dark eyes bore into his, piercing them with their hatred and repugnance. He knew all too well the dangerous glitter and trembling of the lower lip and instinctively his fingers tightened around his wand in his pocket. Snape rose slowly from the ground, wincing slightly in pain, and straightened himself to tower above Harry like a deadly Dementor. He grabbed Harry's arm, but the boy thought he did it only to steady himself, he wasn't rough with him. However, when he took hold of him again, the grip was firm and angry, urging him back to the castle.

They didn't talk on their way back, the only communication was Snape's grip on Harry's collar making him feel like a little schoolboy and urging him to hurry up. The air around them was tense with mutual dislike and Snape's hatred was almost touchable, material, dark like the night. In the Entrance Hall he found himself thrown down to the floor and horrified, he struggled to get away from Snape who had his wand pointed at him. The Potion Master's face was paler than usual; his eyes colder and darker, as the tip of his wand touched Harry's forehead.

"If I could . . ." hissed Snape viciously, making Harry back away from him quickly. He had an evil expression in his face, which he had never seen before. Too dark, too evil, accompanied by a diabolical smile.


Harry sighed in relief. Dumbledore stood at the staircase looking worried and puzzled. "What are you doing?"

Snape lowered his wand in obvious disappointment and turned to face the headmaster. "Headmaster, I suggest that Potter be punished for his misbehaviour. Not only did he leave Hogwarts without permission, but I also found him drinking alcohol in a bar. As it is, might I suggest . . ." he stopped in mid-sentence and his hand flew to clutch at his left forearm, cursing under his breath. Dumbledore hurried over to him.

"Is he calling you?" he exclaimed anxiously.

"Yes! Now when I have the pleasure to punish this insolent brat!" snapped Snape angrily and hurried to his dungeons closely followed by Dumbledore. Harry sighed in relief again and smiled broadly, hoping that Voldemort wouldn't be nice to Snape tonight. In his last vision he had questioned him mercilessly, opening his older wounds and Harry could tell that Snape wasn't yet healed. "Serves him right!" he whispered and grinned.

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