A/N: Alright, starting another newbie but I really wanted to do this one. Sorry the first chap is so short and doesn't feature our favourite angels, I just thought it'd be good to introduce dear old Susie first. Feedback appreciated.

Susie Osbourne hung her apron on the hook and walked out through the Roadside Café waving vaguely at a few regulars as she went.

As she got outside the bus sped past on its way to town and she inwardly cursed knowing that waiting to take that last order had caused her to be late. Still, there were a few hours of sunlight left and her favourite 'thinking' spot was nearby, she may as well make the most of it.

Of course, she mused as she walked, she could spend all night up here and no one would notice. There was no one to notice. Why was it that she'd ended up like this? The Hand of God? Yeah, right, if there was a God he'd look after her, stop her doing all these bad things, make her happy.

But, no. Everything had been taken away from her, all her family was gone in one way or another and she was an eighteen year-old waitress working in a crummy café. It wasn't the life she'd planned for herself.

What had she planned for herself? It was so long ago it was difficult to remember. She'd had the usual childhood-type dreams of being famous, being rich but kids didn't realise that none of that mattered, all that was important was being happy, being contented.

Most girls her age were still in school, doing the adolescent pointing and wolf-whistling thing but she'd had to grow up fast. She envied their innocence but, in a way, she was grateful she knew the harshness of life and wasn't living in some sort of fantasy land.

She wasn't blinkered, she knew she'd been the cause of many of her problems. She'd driven her father away after... well, after the thing and he'd taken Janey and Kev with him, the letters had dried up pretty quickly.

Maybe that was all the forwarding addresses, they'd got mislaid along the way. Or it could be that they stopped writing, maybe her father had stopped them, maybe they'd stopped themselves.

True, she hadn't been the best sister, going off the rails like she had but she'd needed their support not desertion.

And that day, when Janey had caught her in the act, Dad had gone so mad, how could she expose a young girl to something like that? Then he'd packed them up and left without a word, the house had seemed so deserted and she hadn't the will to go on.

So she'd dropped out of school and, when her small stash of money had run out and the house had been sold behind her back, she'd got this stupid job.

Of course she missed her family but the truth was they were better off without her. Janey would be running around a garden somewhere scraping her knees on bricks and Kev would be in his new bedroom putting together model trains or maybe he'd have moved onto ships or aeroplanes. He always was a smart kid.

Unlike her, eh? What kind of monster got their only comfort from ripping into themselves? It was too scary to think of the long-term, terrifying to imagine what her arms would look like by the end of it all. If there ever was an end to it all.

There would be an end sometime, even if it was the predictable ending.