A/N: Again, sorry about this being so short, I was planning on doing a longer one but I think I covered it alright. Thanks for reading!

A bright light was shining down on Monica, a mystical light that couldn't be a human creation and, besides, they were in a dimly lit room. She had no choice but to believe.

'God sent you? To me?'

'Yes, he did,' Monica smiled. 'He sent you angels because he loves you, Susie, and he wants you to see all the good things in yourself, the ones that he sees.'

'How can I?' Susie spat. 'Don't you see that I've lost everyone? I drove everyone away!'

'You didn't drive your mother away.'

'Shut up,' Susie warned.

'She set you along this trail, Susie.'

'Shut up!'

'She died and that's what started off all this hate,' Monica said sharply. 'But you weren't to blame.'

'I should have been there,' Susie whimpered softly. 'Why did I just go off to school like nothing was different?'

'Because nothing was different! It was a tragic accident that no one could have foreseen.'

'No,' Susie said. 'I know deep inside of me that I did something wrong and... when I said goodbye that morning, I didn't mean it!'

Monica took her hand. 'It wasn't anything you did.'

'You don't know that!'

'But I do,' Andrew stepped into the room also bathed in this angelic light. 'I was with your mother when she died, Susie.'

'Andrew?' Susie whispered. 'You too?'

'Yeah,' he smiled. 'Susie, your mother dying was an accident, a tragic accident.'

She allowed a tear to slide down her cheek. 'I should have been there.'

'She wasn't alone,' Andrew assured her. 'I was with her the whole time.'

'I can't help feeling that... I let her down,' Susie explained tearfully. 'Why wasn't I more...'

'Susie,' Monica said patiently. 'You can't think any of what happened was your fault.'

'B..but Kev and Janey...' Susie stammered.

Andrew sighed. 'Are gone, Susie. There is no way you'll find them and God doesn't mean you to.'

'What do you mean?! I need them!'

'No, you need to believe that you can make this on your own,' he insisted calmly. 'You need to survive for yourself, no one else.'

'I haven't got any reason to survive.'

'When you were a child,' Monica said thoughtfully. 'Do you remember what your dreams were?'

'I think I.... I wanted to make something of myself.'

'Then do it!' Andrew said triumphantly. 'God has made you so you can do anything you want. All you need is faith.'

'Faith... So I need to trust things will work out?' Susie said slowly.

'If you do that,' Monica smiled. 'I can promise you things will work out.'

'Can I ask you something?' Susie said carefully.

'Of course,' Andrew exchanged a small glance with Monica.

'Why won't God let me find my family?'

'Because,' Andrew struggled. 'You started doing this because you couldn't cope with your grief, you thought the only the only way you could find peace was to mutilate yourself. That was wrong. You find peace in the Creator, the one who made you as you are. Finding your family would cause you pain and God, He doesn't want that.'

'What we're trying to say,' Monica said helpfully. 'Is to trust us and trust God.'

'He'll show you the way,' Andrew added.

'Are you sure?'

Monica laughed. 'We're angels, I think we know.'