Disclaimer: All recognizable "Lord of the ring's" characters are the exclusive property of J.R.R.Tolkein. I don't have official permission, but I'm not being paid for any of it either.

Description: Sam's thoughts when he thinks that Frodo is dead.

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Samwise the brave

As I weep, as I mourn,

I think back to the morning,

That this hopeless journey began.

The ring, It must be destroyed,

But how?

It must be thrown into the fires of doom,

But who?

Who will go on this quest of doom?

I will said a small voice,

And in that choice,

He made a promise. A promise to fulfill,

A quest, a journey, to destroy the ring,

But did he know the ring would destroy him?

And leave his best friend alone and lost?

Bringing my thoughts back to the moment,

I look at the lifeless form of Frodo,

A part of me dies,

A part of me denies,

The truth that lies,

In front of my eyes,

I can't leave, though I know I must,

I can't forget the quest, though I wish I could,

I know what I must do,

I slip the small chain that holds the ring,

From around your neck,

And I place it around mine own neck,

Now the burden is upon me,

Now the burden is removed from you,

Now you can rest and lay this quest aside,

I walk away, but I turn around for one last look,

You look so peaceful, so innocent,

I run back, I hug you,

You are gone. Forever gone,

Though I wish it weren't so,

You finally went where I cannot follow,

It is so hard to walk away from you,

But I must continue on,

I must be brave,

I walk away, I don't turn back,

Yes it is hard to walk away from a lifeless friend but I am brave,

I am Samwise the brave

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